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Oh, Crap! It's Mother's Day!

Personally, I like the title as a matter of fact I think I'll leave this site up for my son who has to be constantly reminded that Mother's day is a coming and yet he still forgets! This year (2011) it falls on the 8th. Gee, I can see him now running frantically to CVS to get me a card or yet again scrambled eggs with toast and grape jelly. (Sigh!)

May 03, 2011
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Spicy Meatloaf Sandwich

Hey! I was just looking for a Superbowl Sunday idea and this looks great! I'm sooo tired of wings and brats. Somethimes I stuff my meatloaf with a good pepper jack cheese. This is going to be a spicy Sunday, I better make sure I have lots of cold beer on hand:)

Jan 25, 2010
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Classic Mac Salad

I think I would like more veggies for color and crunch. I would add zuchhini (yellow & green) and red or green peppers. You could also use fresh or frozen (thawed not cooked) green peas.

Sep 01, 2009
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A Picnic for the Fourth of July

I know it's a bit late, but here I am.Unfortunately CHOW ended up in my spam file and I discovered it while I was cleaning it out. Situation rectified.

First off, these look like country styled ribs to me, ( I've never seen baby backs that meaty) hence the oven approach. However, the recipie does look delish so I will be trying it this Labor Day weekend. However, I will be using the grill (last days of Summer and all that) with country styled ribs and will let you all know the results.

Sep 01, 2009
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Bogus Recipes

I am relatively the "new kid on the block" so as to say ( I just signed up today). So you can well imagine my surprise when I clicked on "Cayetano" thinking it was a new condiment or recipie that I might be interested in (I didn't even bother openng "Glitter, "meat of a girl" or "voluntown"). If I wanted to see porn or suggestive material there are other sites out there I can go to. Perhaps, you could put a Report link that would better help you identify these miscreants. Based on this, I'm almost afraid to click on any other link for fear of what it may reveal or even share this site with others.

Apr 20, 2009
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