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Bikinis and Boardwalks

Oh let's behave. Twas an honest mistake. Never eaten at Casa Rio nor Mexican Manhatten another one around from the real old days.And yes its in San ANTONIO ALSO.

Jun 18, 2015
HollyDolly in Texas

5 Guys does SUCK

The Five Guys in the Forum at Olympia Hills in Live oak is pretty good. Haven't had anything bad,but it isn't cheap. Chester's Hamburgers in Universal City which is a San Antonio chain has similar fries to Five Guys.They both remind me of the fries my mother used to make. I do like Chester's poppy seed hamburger buns. But yes,you're right it is a fast food joint. Here we have H.E.B. grocerystores. The one here in Schertz they turned into an H.E.B. Plus,which is their answer to Walmart right across IH35N. Anyhow, I'm curious how good the burgers will be at the new 3009 Restaurant and Bar in the place.They are also offering BBQ, salads, pizza and some other things. These are all prepared by a team of chefs. So I imagine it might be a cut above say Five Guys,and the products to make the dishes with will come right from the store itself.
I try to make my own burgers as its alot cheaper.

Apr 24, 2015
HollyDolly in Chains

McDonald's back to deep frying their Apple pies!

Haven't eaten one in years. By the way,here in the San Antonio market,McDonald's has been advertising mini bundt cakes,looks like chocolate,lemon and maybe vanilla. This area does serve as a test market for various food products by companies like Jello,etc.
Have you seen ads for this little cakes in your area?

Apr 24, 2015
HollyDolly in Chains

I-10 from Houston to San Antonio

Thanks for the suggestions.My late father passed away in 1996,and I haven't been out to Schulenberg and that whole area in years.

Nov 17, 2014
HollyDolly in Texas

Buc'ees - what's up with this place ???

Never bought any food there at the one in New Braunfels. I did look around at things,,,,,,,,, but didn't buy any jerky there to send my sister in New York.Thought the price was a bit high.But it is well lit,clean,etc. Next time I go up there I will have to buy something to try it.

Nov 17, 2014
HollyDolly in Texas

closed down restaurant

It's probably a Nickerson Farms. In fact,,,near Marion on IH-10 East there is one which has been incorporated into another building.In fact,the road that leads to it is called Nickerson Farms and runs into Stagecoach Road.There used to be on outside of New Braunfels on a hill on the IH-35 North access road.

Oct 15, 2014
HollyDolly in Texas

Best San Antonio Asian Grocer

I know what you are talking about, but forgot what it's called. By the way,Remount is off of the IH-35 access road. I've driven by it when I've headed up from going to Fort Sam.Never have been to Hung Phong,but it is a place you have to be looking for ,as I found it one day by accident,but didn't go in.In Fact,there once was a station or small community called Remount. Think the Texas Handbook Online has some information on it.

Sep 16, 2014
HollyDolly in Texas

Trader Joes: Cinnamon flavored pasta: What???

Never had their pasta. H.E.B. the big grocerystore chain here in Texas makes a low gylemic pasta. I've tried it and it isn't bad,but it does have also a slight cinnamon taste or isn't really strong,but maybe the Trader Joe's is.
They might change it if enough people should complain.

May 07, 2014
HollyDolly in Chains

Smitty's -- Lockhart

Ate there quite a few years ago with my sister and brother in law from New York.They enjoyed Smitty's and Black's.Next time we want to try Kreuz's.Years ago we would sometimes go to Lockhart with our parents but never tried any of the bbq.It's only in the past few years that the BBQ in Lockhart has come to national attention.

Jan 09, 2014
HollyDolly in Texas

restaurant recommendations for San Antonio and surrounding area

I recently tried a new place in Universal City called Taqueria Chalpa Jalisco.It is located on Pat Booker Road in the old Jack in the Box. Universal City is east of San Antonio,and right near Randolph Airforce Base. You can get off IH-35 and take the Pat Booker Exit,or get off at the FM3009 -Schertz exit.Go all the way down to FM 78 and turn left.Stay on 78 until you see Randolph and then turn to the right on Pat Booker .It's right by the Bill Miller's. There is also Harmon's BBQ in Cibolo and Catelano's italian food. Best way to reach both is by going FM1103 and following it down till it hits Main Street. Turn to your left and go down Main Street.Both are on your left near the railroad tracks.
Also,in Schertz there is Abel's Diner on the access road.Just get off at one of the IH35 exits past 1103 and keep going.You go past the Walmart.It's on the right hand side.Not a lot of parking.
There is also Bracken Cafe in Bracken ,Tx. You can get off at the 3009 exit. Then turn right and go past the Walmart.Keep going until you come to the intersection for FM2252(Nacogdoches Road) and FM3009.Turn to the left and follow Nacogdoches Rd. till you hit Bracken.there will be signs pointing which way to the cafe. You can get back on Nacogdoches and follow it into San Antonio. That's on your way here.Also on Naco (for sort) is Grumpy's.I haven't tried it or the Avocado Cafe in Bracken Village,a collection of little shops in old houses.Have heard some good things from locals I know.

Dec 02, 2013
HollyDolly in Texas

Mystery Diner. 100% faked, i'll tell you why.

My sister Jessica works in tv.Has for years and told me that these shows are scripted,staged etc. The only reason they have shows like this is because the public devours reality tv,so they want to get in on the gravy train.

Dunkin' Donuts complaint goes viral.

Yeah, I saw that.Fell like saying with Dan Ackeroyd on the old Saturday Night Live" Jane you ignorant slut",the routine he did with Jane Curtain when they did the news.That's what she is. Nuff said.

Jun 14, 2013
HollyDolly in Food Media & News

Lunch between Schlitterbahn water park in New Braunfels and San Antonio

Near Schlitterbahn is Pat's Place.It's a local place that has been there in New Braunfels for years. There is also McCadoo's and various other places around there.There is Cooper's BBQ on Tx Hwy 46 and there is the Gristmill in Greune.There is also the Adobe Cafe in town . I really haven't eaten that many places in New Braunfels but the Chamber of Commerce has info on eating places.The new Golden Corral is good.Very clean and light and airy.
If you like hamburgers,there is Bracken Cafe in Bracken.They have a website.It is in an old store building in town and very popular with good burgers too.
Schertz has Mamma Margie's next to the Lowe's and HEB on IH35. If you go down FM3009 there is also Garcia's and El Jalisco.There is a Sea Island over in the Forum at Olympia Hills. In Universal City you have various choices.
Next to the Valero on Pat Booker Road is the Picky Deli.
Futher up by West Telemarketing is The Four Kings..They have fresh sandwiches,salads,soups and desserts. Both places make everything fresh daily and got good reviews in the San Antonio Express News as did Pappy G's.Pappy G's is more home style and soul food cooking which also got good reviews.It is in the little plaza where H&R Block is located right by Pat Booker.There is Manny O's BBQ. It is in the old HEB Plaza down by the Texas Department of Motor Vechiles. It's stuck away by the far coner.Also good reviews.In Cibolo,there is Harmon's BBQ and Catalano's which is italian. You would need to go IH35 South like you are going to San Antonio and get off at the 1103 exit. Just folllow 1103 to the light and the Shell store.Turn left on Main Street.Go down into Cibolo.Both places are on your left hand side in some old store buildings.You cross the railroad tracks to get to Harmons.They are next door to each other almost.Good food at both.
If you like Thai food,I heard Siam Cusine in the plaza next to Walmart in Schertz is good.That's on FM3009.
There is also a Gumba's Pizza ,Encanto Grill(mexican) and an ATT store.
In Live Oak on Pat Booker up near the movie theatre is Bangkok Cusine which constantly gets good reviews. There is on Pat Booker Shanghi Chinese restaurant and a Mr.Gatti's Pizza with games and stuff.In the forum there is also by the Home Depot a Peter Piper Pizza.

Apr 26, 2013
HollyDolly in Texas

In defense of Cracker Barrel

I haven't eaten at Cracker Barrel in ages.I ate there last Thanksgivingbut should have gone to Marie Callander's instead.Didn't feel like paying an arm and a leg to eat at one of the hotels downtown in San Antonio.
It was okay;but I think I would have been better off eating at Jim's a local chain.Or maybe even going to Golden Corral if they were open.I went to my brother's later for dinner which was much better.I can cook most of the same dishes plus i can cut out much of the hidden salt and sugar as well.
I might try them again sometime.

Mar 25, 2013
HollyDolly in Chains

Looking for Matias herring in San Antonio

I really don't know of any except Schilo's downtown.There is or was a place named Europa Foods in New Braunfels.
Now if you were in Milwaukee or Buffalo wouldn't be any problem finding what you want.My dad had trouble finding some of the german sausages that he grew up with in Milwaukee. Grandpa was a butcher .Don't know if grandma ever made any for the family .She used to make griebenschmaltz and use rendered chicken fat or goose fat sometimes when making cookies.Both his parents were german but grandma may have made some hungarian and polish stuff too.
Listen There used to be both a polish and a hungarian restaurant in San Antonio at one time,but I believe both are gone. You might see if H.E.B. Central Market on Broadway or Groomer's Seafood has the herrings you want.
No jewish delis around here;unless maybe you contacted one of the synagoges in town and ask them if they know of any kosher delis in San Antonio.
If daddy wanted rollmops he just bought the herring in jars.
Despite all the Poles;Germans;Czechs and Hungarians around here;it's really hard to find our type of ethnic food.

Mar 25, 2013
HollyDolly in Texas

Food sightseeing in San Antonio and Lost Pines

Wellthere is of course BlueBell Icecream.Shiner Beer in Shiner Texas has a brewery tour.Not sure how far that is from Lockhart or Luling.You might check out the website for PoteetTexas.Or type in Poteet Strawberry Festival.I think that will be coming up.The San Antonio Botanical Garden has Viva Botanica but that's not till April 20.April 7that Mission Espada is the Fiesta Franciscana a music and art fair at one of the old spanish missions. You might check the website of Texas Highways magazine for information or search for Texas Food Festivals in April for more info.

Mar 25, 2013
HollyDolly in Texas

What cookbooks have you bought recently, or are you lusting after? March 2013 edition! [old]

I work part time for TJMAXX here in Texas. At my store near San Antonio we have quite a few cookbooks.There was one about Spam I almost bought mainly for the old advertisements in it of Spam products. We also get in other types of books as well;but mainly for some reason it's cookbooks now.None of the ones we have in stock interest me so will just wait and see what we get in.

Mar 25, 2013
HollyDolly in Home Cooking

What cookbooks have you bought recently, or are you lusting after? March 2013 edition! [old]

Haven't bought anything yet. I want a copy of A Thousand Ways to Please a Family by Louise Bennett Weaver and Helen Cowles Lecron from the 1920s. It is on Google Books.
I once had a copy but sold it and some other vintage cookbooks as I wasn't making anything out of them.
I also want a copy of their bookWhen Sue Began to Cook about their character Bettina's daughter Sue.The books are written like a novel each chapter telling a story.Then it lists the menu that they ate and has the recipes.Their first bookA Thousand Ways to Please A Husband was first printed in 1917 and later reprinted in the 1930s. I have both copies. The 1930s copy has additional recipes and some of the menus have changed a bitbut each chapter reads almost the same with some changes.

Mar 25, 2013
HollyDolly in Home Cooking

What was popular in 1968?

Wow,trying to think here.Well there was Swanson TV Dinners and also Pation Tv Dinners.That's when they had their factory in San Antonio and the food was really good.
I used to like their tv dinner with the little tacos in it.
Frtios cornchips and the Fritos beandip.
Whip and Chill dessert mix,Lawry's tamale pie and taco pie mixes. Tuna Helper.Bugles,,,Chicken in A Biskik,,Sugar Daddy's ;Sugar Momma's and Sugar Babies candies.Turkish Taffy.Rumaki;Angels on Horseback.;sausage cheese balls.You could serve Lobster Newberg or Lasgana;cheese crackers and fruit; layered sandwich loaf.You take long slices of bread and put different fillings on each and stack them up.Put in the frdige and let sit.You can slice it and serve it.Think there are recipes for it. Someone mentioned Fondue which was a bigger then.

Mar 25, 2013
HollyDolly in General Topics

Geography of Best Restaurants in San Antonio

Well I don't get around much like I used to.They are kind of spread out all over town.I think Yelp and Urban Spoon under cities have them partioned up by areas.
For example;there is a place called the Bavarian Haus or Bavarian Inn located in Kirby that has gotten good reviews.Kirby is out on the Northeast side of San Antonio as you go towards Randolph AFB.Harmon's BBQ in Cibolo is also out that way and Manny O's BBQ is on Pat Booker Road in Universal City and Abel's Diner is in Schertz.There is Bangkok Cuisine on Pat Booker in Live Oak up near the Regal Live Oak 18 Cinema. These places are all around the same geographic area.
Silo is located on Austin Highway in the Terrel Hills -Alamo Heights area.I saw on one of those sites a sushi place in Alamo Heights may have to check it out.
Some are on the Northside or Northwest;etc.
Haven't been on the Riverwalk in ages. Guess there are pockets in various places in town.

Mar 06, 2013
HollyDolly in Texas

Boston Hound needs San Antonio recommendations

Lgalen, you can drive to Lockhart and eat BBQ at Kreutz's Black's and Smitty's.You can also go to Luling and eat at City Market for BBQ.
East of San Antonio is Cibolo.You can go to Harmon's BBQ or Catelano's for italian food.Thinking of maybe getting a calzone there this weekend. They aren't fancy places ,but i like the food and they have been there a long time.
From Austin take IH35 South to San Antonio and get off at the exit for FM1103.Go and follow it south .You will hit the intersection with Main Street.Turn left down Main St. and follow it.Both restaurants will be on your left had side right by the train tracks.Both get local business especially from Randolph AFB. If you stay on 1103 instead of going down Main Street,you hit FM78.Right there is La Tortillita and Las Cabanas(Haven't tried yet) and Cielolito Station. Las Cabanas is located in the old log building that was once Pat's Place.It sits back from the road near the Cibolo-Wells Fargo Bank. If you turn right on FM78 and decide to follow it to San Antonio,you will come to Kirby and the Bavarian Haus restaurant.
Another place that's good is Bracken Cafe in Bracken ,Texas.It has a website. Food is good there.They and Harmon's have websites. In garden Ridge is Caparelli's.The food is good,but service last time left a lot to be desired. It's on FM3009 on your left hand side by the intersection with Nacogdoches Road which will also take you to the Bracken Cafe.
If you follow Nacogdoches into San Antonio near the Walmart is a mexican place called Los Generales it's good and popular.They at times even have live music.
In Schertz there are several places like Encanto Grill(website) Abel's Diner(no website) Garcia's Mexican Restaurant,etc.Abell's has been here for i guess 20 years or so.It's just home cooking.The best way to go there is to get off at the 3009 exit and go up aways and turn into the Walmart parking lot.Then drive through the parking lot and get onto the access road and follow it.It's on your right hand side.Encanto Grill is in a plaza by the Walmart and easier to get to.

Also if you go up 3009 you can take a trip to natural Bridge Caverns and Wild Life Ranch. Just a little ways up is The Vineyard.This is above Garden Ridge.
There is out in Bulverde a place on Obst Road called Tejas Steakhouse.They also have a rodeo arena out there and sell smoked meats.They too have a website.
Haven't been to La Gloria,etc.yet.There is also in San Antonio Rolando's Super Tacos ,so named because they are huge.

Oh I know another place above Boerne.It's called PoPo's Family Restaurant.You have to go IH10 West and follow it till you come to the Welfare-Nelson City exit. It is in the old Nelson City dancehall.Great food.If you follow the road it should take you to Welfare and the Welfare Cafe another popular place.I think both have websites.
Went to POPO's with some friends when my sister and her hubby came from New York for a visit.The food is very good and they make it fresh. Nice atmosphere.
La Tortillita has daily specials and is always packed. Another place i have eaten is el Jalisco in Schertz down on 3009 next to the papa John's . most of the places i mentioned really aren't that fancy at the least the places near me in Schertz.
Oh I forgot another place,it's Blake's in McQueeny.You can get off I35 South in New Braunfels at the FM725 exit and head south to Mc Queeny.It will be on your right hand side.
Haven't been there but know people who have and it gets good reviews. If you then hit FM78 you can either go left into Seguin ,or turn right to hit San Antonio.There are restaurant's in Seguin. There's Craig's Grll which has gotten some good reviews and there is also El Ranchito on Texas Hwy 123 which I ate that was good.
New Braunfels also has some good ones.
You might want to check out the Grist Mill in Gruene,near New Braunfels. You can look in the shops and antique stores or stay at the Gruene mansion Bed and Breakfast.The Grist Mill was just that.Good food and you have a view of the Guadalupe River.They have a website.
You can in New Braunfels walk around Landa Park which is nice.

Feb 21, 2013
HollyDolly in Texas

German Food in Hill Country?

There is a new german restaurant in New Braunfels called the Alpine Haus.I haven't tried it or the Friesenhaus.
Ate once with my dad years ago at Oma's Haus.Was alright,but nothing like grandma's cooking or Mader's in Milwaukee where my dad was from.
There is a place in Kirby called the Bavarian Haus or Bavarian Inn.The town of Kirby is east of San Antonio on FM 78.You can see reviews on Yelp and Urban Spoon .
Haven't been there yet either but it has good reviews.

Feb 21, 2013
HollyDolly in Texas

Best place in San Antonio to buy Mexican ingredients?

Well there is H.E.B. and also Culebra's markets and La Michocan Markets as well. Not sure if i spelled the last one right. Don't know what if anything World Market has in the chili lines.You can also try the Sprouts on Nacogdoches and the one at US 281 and I think that';s either Gold Canyon or Henderson pass.

Feb 13, 2013
HollyDolly in Texas

Ina Garten Butchers Tex Mex

Oh yeah I have the book and it's very good.

Feb 05, 2013
HollyDolly in Food Media & News

Places that we have to try during our 3 day stay in SA?

Oh man that bites,no car.San Antonio has lots of places.
I assume you will be downtown? I don't go downtown so have really know idea where to eat that's not a tourist trap.

Feb 05, 2013
HollyDolly in Texas

Good steaks in San Antonio?

My boss ate at J.Alexander's in the Alamo Quarry and enjoyed his steak,I however have never been there. I like Texas Roadhouse in Live Oak for steak,or I buy my own from H.E.B and cook it myself. Never been to Tejas Rodeo.Isn't that out on Obest Road in Bulverde? Have to look them up.The Barn Door I have never been to but i know where it is at.Still want to try the Josephine Street Restaurant for lunch sometime.

Feb 05, 2013
HollyDolly in Texas

A few restaurants I have chosen for San Antonio. Please help.

I assume Natural Bridge is Natural Bridge Caverns out on FM3009? There is a place near there called the Vineyards,but don't know if it is open for lunch.
I haven't been out to the Caverns or the Wildlife Ranch next door in years.I think they have more of a snack bar type food out there. Don't know what part of town you are staying at. You can go out Nacogdoches Road and eat mexican food at Los Generales on your right hand side before the Super Walmart.They have good mexican food.
Or you can keep following Nacogdoches and it will hit FM3009 and then you turn to your left on 3009 to go to Natural Bridge. As you drive Naco (for short) and cross Cibolo Creek,you come to the little community of Bracken and can stop at the Bracken Cafe for good burgers and some other food.They have a website.Keep going and on your right is Grumpy's who has chicken fried steak,etc.They too have a website. There is also a couple of other places like a bbq place,never ate there and an italian place. If you go IH35 North to hit FM3009,you get off at the Schertz exit.
If you go south on 3009 on your left is Garcia's Mexican Restuarant.Further down,closer to FM78 next to Papa John's is El Jalisco,both are on your left. If you take 3009 all the way down you will come an intersection with a light by Clemens High School. Make a left at the light,and follow the road.You will go past Dobie Junior High and just keep going straight.Then you will come to an intersection with Cibolo Valley Drive.Make a right hand turn and follow the road. You will then come to the intersection with FM1103.Keep going down Main Street into Cibolo.On your left hand side you will see Catalano's and cross the tracks and you have Harmon's BBQ.Harmon's has a website. Just take the way you came to go back to 3009 and go to the Caverns.Also if you decide not to do that,There is on 3009 and Nacodogches Road a Lone Star convience store and Capparelli's on your left had side as you drive up 3009 from IH35.Don't really know of any restaurants beside Capparelli's on that part of 3009.
Lockhart is a good BBQ choice.Been to Black's and Smitty's there. Don't know about the mission area in regards to food.
Check out Yelp maybe for ideas for that area.

Feb 05, 2013
HollyDolly in Texas

Nice dinner in Converse area?

Well; There is papa Dante's an italian restaurant that has been in Converse for ages as well as the usual chain places.
There is Silo ,Biga on the Banks, and several other more upscale places in San Antonio. Since I don't know their tastes in food if it was me I would get them a VISA or MASTERCARD gift card from $25.00 to $100.00 .This way,they could go to any restaurant of their choosing.Some places have gift cards;others like Biga ,Silo,Paesano in Lincoln Heights and other places don't have gift cards.

Jan 02, 2013
HollyDolly in Texas

H & H Car Wash and Coffee Shop, El Paso....simply the best

Never been there.But I believe Jan and Michael Stern reviewed the place on their website ;RoadFood and gave it good marks.

Dec 18, 2012
HollyDolly in Texas

Where to eat Christmas night in San Antonio?

Well; you might check with SA Current magazine on line, to see if they have anything on places open Christmas.You can also go to the website for the San Antonio Express-News.Check out their food section;as it may list some places.Me ;I'm just going to H.E.B. and buying either jumbo scallops and some salmon pinwheels stuffed with seafood dressing;or heading to H.E.B.Central Market on Broadway and pick up one of their prepared dinners for two the day before. Since it's just me, I can always eat the leftovers.

Dec 18, 2012
HollyDolly in Texas