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cheese on seafood pasta?

WOW! I totally agree with you on this subject! We also watch Chopped and listen to Scotts childishness.And also would love to be able to say a few words to him. Also that childish kid Andrew who needs a hair cut. He is one of the most argumentative, negative human beings.I wonder if he is trying to be like 'Simon.' He absolutely thinks he is always right.Well he is wrong! 'Chef de cuisine' is a chief cook the head cook of a kitchen. That is me. I am the head cook in my kitchen and anywhere else I cook because I love to cook and a lot of my friends hate to cook.The idea of being a 'good cook' a 'chef de cuisine' is the use of your imagination and the love of the art of pairing flavors that are enjoyed.The use of cheese is just another way of inventing the flavors that go well together.The use of strong flavors and the use of mild flavors can be wonderfully inventive, fun, imaginative etc. I am working on a cookbook with two of my grandchildren and I am teaching them NOT to allow anyone to tell them what is correct and what is not correct in cooking. Rules, customary, traditional, policy...they do not belong when you are being a 'good cook.' A chef uses his or her own mind, their own imagination.That is what makes a good cook. A good chef. In the United States, we are a melting pot of all countries.Do not ALLOW anyone to put you down for using your imagination or liking what your own tastebuds enjoy.Of course, I am not a follower or a leader. I am a wife, a mom, a daughter a sister, a cousin, an aunt, a friend and one of the best 'cooks' you will ever find coming out of a family of 62 and growing.I do have to admit that I do have some gross out times watching people put sweet sugary ketchup on tacos or eggs. But there again, tastebuds are all different. I also feel like getting sick when I see people put cilantro in their salsa or in anything.That is one of the most disgusting weeds to smell let alone eat. It is too strong a flavor. It covers the other flavors like the soft, mild flavor of an avacado and the fresh flavor of a tomato. If you want cilantro make a cilantro salad. I have for the past 2 years resorted to bringing my own salsa in my purse to restaurants because the weed has inundated the world of salsa. But there again, 'tastebuds.' Seafood and cheese can be an awesome team. Your can tell when you taste, which is the correct cheese to use so that you can still taste the seafood you put it on. Your not stupid. If they make your tastebuds happy do it. Imagine, Invent, taste! Whatever makes anyone's mouth water and tastes good to them, is the proper way to make it, no one elses 'idea' of what is in your food. You are the only important person eating that food, and of course, the people you are making it for. That is the ONLY thing that is important.
I love to cook and my favorite is international foods. But, I do not allow anyone to tell me it is not the 'correct' way if I change a recipe in anyway. If the recipe calls for something I don't like, I leave it out. I I feel another item would taste wonderful added to a recipe, I add it. That is how recipes are made. God did not make us with a cookbook already in print to follow. WE made the recipes. We used our own brains and our own tastebuds. We used what we had on hand in our cupboards, pantry, in the garden, leftovers in our fridge. Go out to your kitchen and use your imagination and invent a new recipe! Give it your own name. You don't need anyone elses tastebuds to do that, only your own.

May 21, 2010
sam849 in General Topics

Where to buy banana leaves to make tamales?

Thanks for responding to my call for help, I will try that. I just remembered that when I have bought tamales in the can for camping, they are wrapped in paper. Probably like a parchment. Good call. Like others have said, and I understand what they mean, the flavor won't be there that will otherwise be with the husks or banana leaves, but I really cannot see high school kids going out to get those. I will give my grandson a box of parchment when I show him how to make them. I can imagine that maybe if someone is making a fish tamale, they could use a sheet of nori to wrap it in. That is if they like the flavor you get from seaweed. Thanks again, Sandra/Sam

Where to buy banana leaves to make tamales?

What else can you use besides banana leaves or corn husks? Whenever I buy dried corn husks they seem to have meldew on them.I gross out and throw them out and just don't make the tamales.I live in Washington state, Spokane. Plastic wrap and aluminum foil just do not seem like they would receive the steam like when you use leaves or husks. I see so many recipes for the most delicious sounding tamales, not just the traditional ones using meats of some sort. The dessert ones also sound awesome. My oldest grandson has decided to go vegetarian with a couple of girls in his high school. I don't know how long this will last but I would like to work with him on some dishes they would like. I alread plan on showing him how to make sushi, not sashimi. But, since I am Hispanic, I feel the need to go that direction also with him. Thanks for any help that can be given to me. sandra