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Roadsite eats between Guilford, CT and Littleton, NH ( looking for lunch along I-91)

Vermont Country Deli in Brattleboro VT is our go-to stop when traveling to NH.... very convenient, right off exit 2 of 91..... maple pulled pork, amazing mac n cheese, awesome made-to-order sandwiches, and you have to get a giant chocolate chip die for!

Aug 09, 2012
ljsinct in Southern New England

Nellie Green's, Branford, CT.

Ugh. I wouldn't go back to either restaurant. Nellie Greens is on a muddy river- so the smell outside is nauseating, and their food reflects that.

But Guilford Mooring is worse.

Apr 03, 2012
ljsinct in Southern New England

Guilford (CT) Restaurant Week

I've lived in Guilford for my entire adult life, and I was totally serious about only liking Ayuthai and Stone House. I have tried EVERY other restaurant in this town, and whether it be for just average food (basic italian cooking at Quattro's) or poor service and food (Whitfields), Guilford restaurants are really sub par....If I want good food, I have to go to Essex or New Haven. It's kind of sad, some of these restaurants had great potential but failed to deliver on the food...

Guilford (CT) Restaurant Week

Ayuthai and Stone House (the bar menu) are the only decent restaurants in Guilford....though I do love Hidden Kitchen for breakfast.

Bobby's Burger Palace, Mohegan Sun

I was psyched to eat here after watching Bobby go on and on about great french fries on the show, "The Best Thing I ever Ate."
We ate after a little gambling and had an order of the regular fries and a black and white shakes.... the shakes were awesome, but the fries really weren't so good. Not salted enough, and too crispy- I think we got the bottom of the batch- they were all small fries as well. The dipping sauce was great.

Best fried clams in New England

I second Menemsha's on MV- the best clams i have ever had, and super expensive, but worth it!

Sep 27, 2009
ljsinct in Northern New England

New Haven's best sandwich's

Chabaso Bakery in Downtown NH.....delicious sandwiches and black bean soup. Katz's Deli closed, or else I would recommend it...

Sep 22, 2009
ljsinct in Southern New England

Fairground food - the Big E

My favorite is the Pork Chop Sandwich at the Pork Palace. So good! And Dell's frozen lemonade and the RI Clam Chowder in the RI building. I second the pickles too!

Best Connecticut Sandwiches Near Guilford

Old Schoolhouse Deli in Madison is fantastic- great wraps and sandwiches. Bradley and Wall in Madison is also a great Italian deli with terrific pizza as well. People seem to like Balladino's in Madison, but the 2 times I went in there, I was totally turned off by the rude counterpeople.
In Guilford, there's a deli in the Sunoco station- don't be turned off by the appearance, b/c they have some great subs- great tuna fish, and I've had an awesome pork roast sandwich from there. Probably your best bet for a grinder type of sandwich. The Guilford Food Center on the green makes some good subs as well.
If you're in for the trip, Katz's on Temple St in New Haven has AMAZING sandwiches- a great jewish deli, with great rye bread and piles of pastrami and corned beef. And their soups are to die for.

First & Last Taverne, CT

We've been to the Guilford restaurant twice, and those were the First and Last times we will ever go....thought we'd give it a shot after the first lousy dinner we had there....should have gone to Red Tomato instead. Pasta was overpriced and bland, and pizza was just alright. The only redeeming quality seemed to be the service.