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Josephine Chez Dumonet Report

at lunch last week, there was talk of a new manager starting just that week. apparently some reservations had been lost during this handover. i wonder if something has gone on there?

went twice for lunch last january and had terrific service. went last week and got one of the newer waiters (not the mainstay guy) and service was a bit nutty. made it work, and the food was still awesome but you could tell something was a bit off.

try the mille-feuille too, if you're over the souffle or not in the mood. it's terrific

Dec 16, 2012
lemonslemonslemons in France

Freezing french butter

I've got a stash of butter i've brought back from Paris. How long do you think it will last if stored in the freezer?

La Truffiere

we went two weeks ago. and i have been twice before. imho, the regular chef's tasting menu is excellent and good value. the truffle tasting menu is good value in the sense that you get a lot of truffle shaved on top of everything, but it doesn't add as much to the enjoyment of the meal as it adds to the final tab. i will go to this restaurant again, but won't go for the truffle menu again. to be clear though, in the three times i have been, we were never pushed towards anything in particular. i have always found the service to be excellent, if a little overly solicitious.

if you do go, could you ask where the butter comes from -- it's weird but that's the one element that sticks in my memory the most.

Jan 30, 2012
lemonslemonslemons in France

Josephine Chez Dumonet Prices

ate at Chez Josephine twice in the least two weeks. Some prices i recall are: boeuf bourguignon full 29e, demi 18e, cote de boeuf demi 39e (an enormous amount of meat with divine bernaise sauce), duck confit 29e, haricot vert side 7e. unless you ordered from the truffle side of the menu or the cote de boeur, the entrees were between 14-25e and the plats 20-30e.

Jan 29, 2012
lemonslemonslemons in France

Chez Denise - Daily Specials list

Has anyone figured out the daily specials schedule at Chez Denise? One of my biggest food regrets is not ordering the Daube when it was a special. In 7 repeat visits since, It's not been on the menu and i'm growing desperate. Advice?

Dec 05, 2011
lemonslemonslemons in France

Why do diff cuts of beef taste differently?

it totally does, make sense but i was sorta thinking muscles might all be pretty comparable in function therefore taste, but clearly that is not so.

Why do diff cuts of beef taste differently?

What is it that 'causes' flavour in different cuts of beef, it's not just the fat levels is it?

Why would a bavette taste almost liver-ish but a onglet does not, though their fat levels are quite comparable?

Or comparing bone-in cuts like beef shanks which have a rich flavor that is very different from the flavour of a bone-in ribeye.

(comparing cuts from the same animal, same with the same aging, of course)

humane meat for human consumption

this is also an issue of taste -- humanely raised AND killed meat, tastes a lot better.

i solve this by using a butcher who gets to know the meat they sell while it's on the hoof and who also cares about this issue-- fortunately, he's also very close to me (part of why i live where I do). Once you start eating 'happy meat' you'll really notice the difference.

Managing multiple types of whole peppercorns at home - how do you do it?

do you have a grinder for each type of peppercorn? or keep the corns in containers then crack in a morter/pestle? i've clearly got a bit of a peppercorn problem as i'm getting close to not being able to afford a grinder for each type?! i can't be the only one with this issue though, can i?

Homemade marshmallows

thanks for bringing this thread back up -- seeing it reminded me i wanted to try this and am now waiting for my first batch to set up. the hubby was strangely quiet about the mess oncei offered him the whisk-ers to lick, so i have high hopes they'll be delish

The Paris List ( Need advice please)

was at both LeCinq and Taillevent this time last year, but only Taillevent last week (probably won't return to LeCinq for a while after my first experience). I didn't fine Taillevent to have changed at all, post the loss of the star, completely outstanding in every way. I too am most interested to see how this year's guide treats them both.

Dec 27, 2009
lemonslemonslemons in France

Demi-glace as a soup base?

my stock is so bland :-( even with the best quality turkey, i can't seem to get the kick of flavour that BtB provides. but i hear ya on the containers of miso -- that + an whipped egg is a great meal, and no one ever steals the raw eggs in the employee fridge ;-)

The Paris List ( Need advice please)

for the money, i'd pass on Le Cinq and have Taillevent instead.

Dec 27, 2009
lemonslemonslemons in France

Cuisses de canard confites at Maison Micouleau

Any idea if Is this product, the same as that served in the Maison Micouleau dining room?

I'm getting excited because that was good stuff and this looks shippable 0_0

Dec 27, 2009
lemonslemonslemons in France

Caramelized Onions - what's the best way to make them

JoanN, i took your idea from that thread years ago and have never looked back, we would never have onion soup as often if it weren't for your tip, makes all the difference in the doability

So Now That Christmas Is Over, What Are You Cooking?

brocolli stirfries, hearty salads, chunky veggie stews ... that's as much of a 'cleanse' as I'll do but it needs to be done.

Demi-glace as a soup base?

Have some leftover demi-glace. Dya think i could use it as a soup base in lieu of bouillion (with some extra water, of course)? Am trying to end my dependence on "better than boullion"

Help Problem Solving Sponge Toffee

Am not having much success making good sponge toffee. Two major issues:

1/ the bottom is more like hard candy -- it's not foaming up, it's staying a 1/4" glaze
2/ the foam layer is too shallow, only about 1/2"

Am using a 9x13" pan per the recipe but am considering a loaf pan to solve for both the above issues.

Also, the recipe I started with is equal parts Sugar and Corn Syrup + 1tbs BS & 1tbs Vinegar.

Would i have better success with the other common recipe version of: 2 1/2cups sugar + 2/3 corn syrup + 6 tbs water + 2 tbs bs?

tia for any advice,

ISO: Fresh Tomatillos in dwtn TO

Any sources for good quality, fresh tomatillos available in the downtown core lately?

Nougat making class in Paris

I can't seem to get this lovely confection done correctly but will be in Paris in December.

Can anyone help me find a class that'll teach me how to make white nougat to perfection?

Sep 19, 2009
lemonslemonslemons in France

Exploring QC cheeses - looking for recos

this week i had a lovely Grey Owl that was older/drier than normal, it was lovely and a worthy competitor to Valency. Also had a Riopelle, which was a fantastic triple creme!

What are some other stand out QC cheeses I should try?

I'd love to try more triple cremes - esp others with that strong mushroom essence. Also some interesting (not so salty, highly musty) blues. Is there a QC cheese that rivals the Humboldt Fog?

p.s. NOT a fan of raw sheep's milk cheese but if there's one that doesn't taste at all like sheep's milk, then maybe

How do you prepare Pork Butt (other than pulled)?

Lately we've been grilling a 2.5lb tied/boneout pork butt with a mustard seed/sea salt rub. It's fantastic, makes the best bark and the fat is just melty.

Besides pulled pork, what are other great options for pork butt (the best part of the pig, imho)

What are your fav local candy-making classes?

Has anyone done a sugar-work course in the downtown Toronto area that they'd recommend? I'd love to try blowing sugar bubbles.