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Soft Shell Crabs in DC

They have recently had them at Grapeseed, Foong Lin, and Pines of Rome. They have had them as lunch specials a few times at Mussel Bar and Black's (Black's tends to over- batter, though & it kills the taste). Ironically, Blacksalt in DC cooks them perfectly - fried or sauteed and doesn't ruin the taste with all the batter.
They also were serving them at lunch at Clyde's Chevy Chase (call first to see if they have them).

Soft Shell Crabs in DC

I have recently had soft shell crabs at Black Salt, Dino, and Fiola. The season started very early this year. They had them at Black Salt fish market in the middle of March!
Right now, they are still expensive, but the season is so short, it is well worth ordering them.
Grapeseed in Bethesda had them last week, but unfortunately, they were deep fried, so all I could taste was the batter (a shame to cover up the soft shell taste that way).

Soft Shell Crabs!

It is now mid-April, which is usually about when soft shells start appearing on restaurant menus. Are any restaurants in the area serving them yet ?

Dupont Circle FreshFarm market no longer selling foraged mushrooms

This is such a disappointment. I spoke with someone at the Mushroom Stand who told me they would be selling them in Arlington, but not Dupont Circle (they also will not be selling Chanterelles or Porcinis at the Dupont Market. This seems like such a boneheaded ruling, since these mushrooms sell at high prices (and they do sell)!

Soft Shell Crabs Yet?

I have seen soft shell crabs in a few fish markets (fresh from Florida) for the past two weekends. Are any restaurants serving them yet ?