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Indian in London

I am going to be in London in Dec. and will only have time to try one Indian restaurant. I've read really good reviews about Amaya and Chutney Mary. Which of the two should I try? Is there a vegetarian one (as we are vegetarians) that you think rates as highly as one of those? Thanks!

Aug 09, 2010
pamenglandrogers in U.K./Ireland

Galilee restaurants & things to do

I'm going to Karmiel for a week (thanks MarkC and CheeseMan for your help with places there!!), though am willing to venture out to the Galilee area, and need recommendations for both restaurants and interesting things to do while there. Thank you!

San Jose, Costa Rica

I'm going to San Jose for one week on July 18th to study Spanish and would appreciate some recommendations for restaurants that are really worth going to. I'll be staying with a host family and eating most of my meals with them, but I'd also like to venture out and try the local fare at some restaurants. Thank you!

Restaurants in Beit Hakerem area

So now that Karmiel is covered, where else is there to eat in the surrounding area? I don't think we mind driving a bit to find an outstanding restaurant. Also, can you suggest things for a foodie to do?? I'll be in Israel for a week.

Restaurants in Beit Hakerem area

Thank you so much!!

Restaurants in Beit Hakerem area

I am a foodie going to visit my sister in Camon, which is in the Karmiel area, in Beit Hakerem, and I'd like some restaurant recommendations. Also, anyone have any thoughts about things that are must do's such as winery tours, etc.?? Thank you!

Savannah, GA

Any recommendations for a fabulous, not-to-be-missed restaurant in Savannah?

Lunch in South Beach

Prime 112 has an amazing lunch. I would highly recommend it. It's on Ocean Drive and 1st St. on Miami Beach.

Looking for Miami (SoBe) dinner recommendations for wife's 30th b-day

There's no question about it -- go to Prime 112! It's on Ocean Drive and is fabulous.