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The Four Worst Restaurant Etiquette Gaffes

I'm always amused by the fact that people complain about 2 or 3 times markup on wine when it's lower than the mark-up on food. We've aimed for 18 - 25% food cost and try to absolutely keep it below 30% in every resteraunt I've ever worked. Basically the mark-up on food is 3 1/3 to 6 times.

In the recent economic situation customers are expecting to pass less and have grown more and more demanding and picky. At the same time minimum wage is rising every year and resteraunt overhead is getting higher while the profit margins falls to fractions of a percent. Right now dishwashers make more money than the sous chef did at my first job 14 years ago but people still want to pay the same price for their food that they did then.

The reality is when you eat out you pay for the priviledge of not planning, cooking, cleaning and doing the dishes. Bottom line if you are unwilling to pay what people ask for their food, drink and services then you should stay home.

Mar 02, 2010
bekazu in Features

Tres Leches Cake

Peru has thier own version of this cake that is flavored with lime zest (2 limes) and a little cinnamon (1 - 2 tsps) then the soaking syrup is made with whole milk in the place of the coconut milk. Also very tasty if you dont like coconut or just want a bit of flavor variation. I've also found that if you beat the whole eggs with the sugar to ribbon stage it produces the same results without seperating the eggs.

Apr 17, 2009
bekazu in Recipes

Kumar Pallana on How to Make a Good Cup of Chai

I used to think starbucks chai was great until a korean classmate showed us this same method. No comparison at all in the flavor. its totally worth the time to do it right.

Apr 17, 2009
bekazu in Features