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Fancy Food Show

Other notables that stood out to me were the porchetta and the new fiery toffee lineup at Poco Dolce (try the popcorn flavor and then the red chili- great texture and flavors).

Gay Chocolatier visiting Fancy Food Show Weekend (01.16.10) searching for wedding proposal restaurant

Hi there. I too will be at Fancy Food, walking as an attendee. Might I suggest to you Gitane? It is tucked away in the corner of Claude Ln., an alley with charming French bistros. What I like about Gitane is the excellent cocktails, low lit ambience and of course the food. There is a lounge-like feel and this is quite the hot spot at present. It can get really packed later in the night, so I would recommend checking them out online and seeing what kind of availability they on opentable. Since you're a chocolatier, I would also check out their dessert of crostini with chocolate ganache and olive oil. Delish! Have fun in town.

Fried chicken to rival Ad Hoc

I really like Hard Knox cafe's fried chicken. I usually get it in their sandwich with wing sauce on a soft bun.

Wedding Cake!

Sweet Things at Cal-Mart has an amazing Red Velvet or Black & White cupcakes. I went to a wedding several years ago where the wedding cake was the Black & White (dark chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream)- so good and I loved that the cake itself was not necessarily vanilla... Good luck on your decision!

Sweet Things
3585 California St, San Francisco, CA

Thai House Express - Crispy spicy pork skin

I also like Thai House Express' beef jerky.

Organic Produce Delivery

Interesting summation of their operations. They definitely seem well organized but I'm bummed about the rotten fruits. I may still try them out and see how it fares. Handyman, are you thinking of changing your service again?

reggae brunch

The Gospel Brunch at 1300 is such a great time! We had the shrimp and grits with Bellinis while enjoying the live band. I love the ambience and the food of this restaurant.

Eat Real Fest, Oakland, August 28-30

We ended up going on Saturday and found the crowds bearable as well as the heat. I had a tasty fish taco from Sam's and then Salted Almond gelato / Strawberry Rhubarb sorbet from Cici's. The beer shed was over-run with people, but no surprise there. I especially liked the indoor farmer component to Eat Real. We munched on seabeans at the forager table and then meandered down to Quetzal for Padron and Shishito peppers. All in all, it was a fun event with cheap eats, made all the more fun by the live mariachi band... :)

Where can I purchase Plugra butter in the SF area? Trader Joe's has discontinued it.

Another one to try with a large array of European butters is the market on Geary and 17th called Valley Market or Village Market. I was in shock at all of the styles of butter they have. The building is yellow and it's two doors down from Buffalo Burger.

Organic Produce Delivery

Actually, I ended up going with Farm Fresh to You and spent a good 30 minutes chatting with one of their reps. at the Eat Real Festival this past weekend in Oakland. They deliver to homes or business addresses and have a really good offering of different sizes of boxes.

Organic Produce Delivery

Thanks everyone. I'm checking out the CSA's you've mentioned and am thinking about Terra Firma. I appreciate it!

Organic Produce Delivery

I love the weekly trek to the Farmer's Market but have begun toying with the idea of ordering weekly organic produce delivery. A friend seduced me with it by talking about what a surprise exist in each week's offerings. I think it will also continue fueling my creativity and exposure to other veggies and fruits- the only thing is I'm not sure of which one to go with. I searched the SF thread and came up dry. Any suggestions?

Best Friday and Saturday breakfast places

Ellas on Presidio and California is good- look for interesting omelettes and potato scrambles and housemade bread. Elite Square Cafe is a lovely spot with delectable mini biscuits and strawberry butter from the old days. Their Bloody Marys are pretty dynamite. 1300 on Fillmore- more dressy, but such a treat! We enjoyed shrimp and grits and delicious Bellinis. For more of a casual vibe on the Cajun, check out Brenda's on Polk. There will be a long line if you don't get there early, but the grits, crawfish beignets and coffee are worth the wait. If you're into French Toast, Mama's in Washington Square Park is a good standard.

Candy carrots for carrot cake

I tried to make marzipan and found my first go at it a bit challenging. :) I may make almond croissants next weekend though... Thanks!

Candy carrots for carrot cake


Candy carrots for carrot cake

I'll look into it and figure out if I can make them in time. If not this occasion, they would be fun to make later on. Thanks!

Candy carrots for carrot cake

Does anyone know if there are any baking stores that carry these? I'm making Carrot Cupcakes for a birthday this weekend and was thinking that could be a fun garnish.

Canning workshops in SF Bay Area

This totally helps. I called June Taylor and she's got two openings left for the August preserve class. I may have to wait and take her class later when able to splurge accordingly. I'll check in with Kevin at Cultured Pickle Shop. Thanks again for all your feedback and insight. :)

Canning workshops in SF Bay Area

Thanks so much for your response cakebaker. I definitely want to learn how to can (all different kinds of things). I could get a book, so thank you for that recommendation but would enjoy meeting other people interested in canning. I like meeting new foodies. :) I'll check out June Taylor's class as I watched her "Obsessives: Marmalade" video earlier this morning.

Canning workshops in SF Bay Area

Thanks. This is a great list. I'm going to look into the groups and see if one of them is a fit.

Canning workshops in SF Bay Area

I called Yes We Can yesterday and the only opportunities left were to sign up to pick up the product at the parties for both the tomatoes and cucumber. She did say that they may add another session in October or November. I'm going to check out the list from mochimunchie and see if anything is more readily available. Good luck! :)

Canning workshops in SF Bay Area

I have been wanting to get into canning and found a great organization called Yes, We Can that has people sign up and learn / participate in the canning, then come and pick up their items the following week at a party. This sounds like so much fun but it is completely booked solid. I'm wondering if there are other canning groups or workshops like this that I can consider attending, preferably in San Francisco, East or North Bay and would be grateful for any insight before those luscious berries of summer get away... :) Thanks!

Best Pizza Place for Birthday

Thanks everyone. I talked through the recs. with the birthday guy's mom who was wanting to host the dinner. She ended up getting us reservations at A16, but given that Msr. Birthday and I are on a mission to find the "best pizza" according to the criteria stipulated in the original post, we will definitely check out Tommasso, Flour + Water (which I've heard good things about from other foodie friends) and Pizzaiolo.

Best Pizza Place for Birthday

In planning a 30th birthday dinner, I'm trying to find the perfect pizza joint in San Francisco. The criteria are as follows: group of 8, not over the top expensive, thin crust / wood-fired / cracker crust, good wine / beer list. Reservations are a plus and your help is deeply appreciated!

SPQR or 54 Mint?

Haven't been to 54 Mint yet, but have had several delightful meals at SPQR, not to mention Fillmore is a great street to stroll after lunch or dinner. The way the menu is setup is conducive to sharing, which gives ample opportunity to sample more dishes. Their wine menu is pretty fantastic. We winnowed down into the selection our bartender suggested once we decided on our entrees. While the brussels sprouts are a main feature on the antipasti menu, the sweet potatoes should not be missed- crisp candy nuggets with just the right amount of savory.

Fiddlehead Ferns

Thanks for all the sightings and store suggestions. I'll probably swing by Rainbow as I won't be near the Ferry Building this week.

Fiddlehead Ferns

I had some flash-seared fiddleheads a while back that were lovely- crisp and tasting of spring. I know that they are more readily available in the Northeast, but does anyone know if/where you can get them around San Francisco?

Longjing (Dragon Well) Tea, Shelf Life

The things that will decrease the shelf-life of your tea leaves are air, heat and light. So when thinking about storing your leaves, airtight canisters are great if the bag you purchase the tea in does not seal well. You will want to store the tea in a dark cool area. There's no need to freeze the tea leaves. And if you follow these steps, your leaves will stay fresh for 2 years.

Jun 08, 2009
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