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Mother's Day

the Tarrytown Castle has a great brunch- very scenic place!

lost Taorminas-Peekskill

Thanks for that suggestion! I will try Nona's instead. I have to say I heard from 3 other sources other bad meal experiences at Taormina's since I went there-

lost Taorminas-Peekskill

Trying to find some good Italian food in Peekskill and decided to try Taorminas
wine- tasted like vinegar, so I tried the table water, it had a 'film' and tasted swampy- I asked for a bottled water- but to no avail....then, on to the menu...I ordered shrimp that had this terrible fishy smell and taste- fish -especially shrimp- should not smell and taste like that....The decor was very tacky and done in poor taste as well- I assume to match the menu. There are so many amazing artists in the Peekskill area- why not have some beautiful art or photography hanging on those walls? The other area restaurants really have nice decor- and a 'feel'...this place felt depressing and 'nursing home-ish'. I also noticed a horrible smell in the corner- that terrified me. My friend had been there before and he told me the menu prices had doubled since he'd been a month earlier!!!! I highly recommend going to 12 grapes, zephs, or peekskill brewery instead