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DC Restaurants around the Mall

Looking for an interesting restaurant near the mall for dinner tonight, no preferences on cuisine. In the moderate price range (entrees $20-$30).

Tidewater Christmas

Any recommendations for something that will be open Christmas Day in Hampton Roads?

Dec 01, 2011
rossinyc in Mid-Atlantic

Bouley Favorites?

I third these choices. The asparagus dish is sublime. But of all the choices Do.Not.Miss. the flan!

May 04, 2011
rossinyc in Manhattan

St. Petersburg Russia

Any recommendations for must eats?

Mar 10, 2011
rossinyc in Europe

Bouley Tasting Lunch

Has anyone had the tasting lunch at Bouley recently? I have a reservation for lunch on Sunday and was thinking about trying it

Mar 12, 2010
rossinyc in Manhattan

Midtown Party Venue

Planning a party for approximately 50 people in midtown. Need catering and the ability to have a small band. Not too high end but nice for a corporate group. Any suggestions?

Feb 25, 2010
rossinyc in Manhattan

Where to find Oyster Chocolate in NYC?!

Vosges in Soho has a kumomata (sp?) oyster chocolate

Feb 11, 2010
rossinyc in Manhattan


I have a friend visiting NYC from Stockholm, and she wants to go out in Chinatown for dimsum and also for dinner. I know the question has been asked a million times, but where?? Cost doesn't matter, but want lots of ambience -- the real deal!

Jan 19, 2010
rossinyc in Manhattan

Norfolk/Virginia beach Holiday Recomendations

I am looking for a Christmas Eve lunch -- either city. Any recommendations? Prefer upscale, (loved Terrapin).

Dec 17, 2009
rossinyc in Mid-Atlantic

Bia Garden - Very strange place

IT is Vietnamese

Oct 06, 2009
rossinyc in Manhattan

Frogs' Legs

DB Bistro had a great dish of frogs' legs -- any idea where to get a good rendition, preferably Village/SOHO/ Gramercy?

Oct 02, 2009
rossinyc in Manhattan

Indian condiment

very smooth, and it was for dipping the naan

Sep 10, 2009
rossinyc in General Topics

Group Dinner near Times Square (Chinese?)

Chef Yu on Eighth Avenue and 36th Street has great food, is very inexpensive and has a happy hour -- went with a group of four, plenty of food and cocktails and only spent $30 per person.

Sep 10, 2009
rossinyc in Manhattan

Indian condiment

I had dinner at an Indian restaurant where there was a dipping suace that was golden yellow and very buttery -- the server said (in halting English) that it was lentil -- but tasted very rich, but not oily. Anyone know what it was?

Sep 09, 2009
rossinyc in General Topics

Fine Italian

I am looking for a "fine" ( read not red sauce) Italian restaurant to take out of town guests to on Friday night. The Enotecca at Del Posto is the vibe and flavor I am looking for, but don't want to spend $52 per head for a prix fixe -- ala carte preferred. Any suggestions for something other than Del Posto? Prefer the Village or Meat Market

Jul 08, 2009
rossinyc in Manhattan

good lobster salad

The Lobster Place -- two locations, Bleecker St and Chelsea Market. Not sure how much it is.

Jul 03, 2009
rossinyc in Manhattan

Why I love Tocqueville (review)

Can one eat at the bar? I have not been to the current location -- have been to the previous. Loved the food, so thought I might try it solo tonight if they serve at the bar.

Jun 19, 2009
rossinyc in Manhattan

BBQ in Tidewater Va.?

Try Malbon Bros -- it is at a Citgo gas station in Virginia Beach (on general Booth Blvd). My brother raves about it.

Jun 03, 2009
rossinyc in Mid-Atlantic


Anyone have any experience at the Brasserie in the Seagram's building lately. Is the prixe fix worthwhile?

May 29, 2009
rossinyc in Manhattan

Bowery Ballroom

I am going to t concert at Bowery Ballroom -- any recommendations in the are? I have already been to Allen & Delancy, and noot interewsted in WD-50. Anything else that shouldn't be missed?

Apr 03, 2009
rossinyc in Manhattan

FDA Says Pistachios Have Salmonella

I purchased 2 lbs in February and have been eating them off and on -- they are from Trader Joe's -- think I should throw them out?

Mar 31, 2009
rossinyc in Food Media & News


Is there a good cheese shop in Norfolk?

Va. Beach - Terrapin

I am going to be in Va. Beach Christmas Eve and have reservations at Terrapin. Any suggestions on the menu?

NORFOLK VA Great takeout/delivery/epicurean lunch

Taste Unlimited on Colley used to have great sandwiches. Have not been there in years, but when in Norfolk I always liked them (and I live in NYC now, and they favorably compared.

Portsmouth, VA

There are lots of suggestions on the "South" board. Most of the local food scene is in Norfolk (Ghent especially). There are a few places on High Street near Old Town, but I am not too familiar with them. Sydney Meers has a place called Stove in Portsmouth-- he is a long time local chef who has a big following.

ile flotante, or floating island

Le Perigord had it when I was there last

Apr 07, 2008
rossinyc in Manhattan

Driving Norfolk to Dulles tomorrow: Where to lunch?

Pearces (sp?) BBQ just north of Williamsburg

Places to eat around 8th street & lafayette

Diagree on the University comment -- Jacks at 11th and Univ. is quite good and moderately priced

Feb 07, 2008
rossinyc in Manhattan

Old Fashioned French

My 15 year old niece is visiting over her spring break and wants to go to an old fashioned French restaurant -- took her to Le Perigord and she loved it. Any suggestions? She is pretty sophisticated for a teenager.

Jan 18, 2008
rossinyc in Manhattan

Street Vendors: NOT hot dogs, pretzels or nuts!

At 62nd and Madison there is a cart selling the most amazing grilled chicken and lamb. The line is always long, expect to wait 20 minutes. The price is amazing too -- I paid $4.50 for a hot pita stuffed with chicken, lettuce, tomato and onions, smothered in a yougurt sauce. Delicious

Jan 08, 2008
rossinyc in Manhattan