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Fish and Chips - the best?

The Anstruther Fish Bar is suffering from its success (wins awards every year) in terms of the experience, but the quality of food remains high. There are 2 separate queues for takeaway and restaurant. We waited for an hour to sit down in the restaurant at 6pm on a grey Tuesday after Easter weekend. The queues snake down the street but end up inside squashed at the side of people already eating, very uncomfortable situation if you want to take time to enjoy the meal. Despite the lack of space they ask how many people / high chairs when you're in the queue and everyone was good-natured. The menu is long with various non-fish & chip dishes (curry, macaroni cheese), we ordered battered haddock & chips, battered lemon sole & chips, mushy peas, tea. 35GBP for 4 people. All the fish was fantastic, large pieces, not dry, light, delicious batter. The chips were thick and fresh but nothing spectacular. They care about sustainability etc. but obviously not about the amount of plastic they throw away: thick polystyrene cups for the peas, ketchup in individual sealed portions, many plastic bags for the takeaways. Ultimately it didn't feel worth the wait, the eating was such a small part of the experience. Best to wait till the season is over.

Anstruther Fish Bar
Shore St, Fife, Fife KY10 3, GB

Apr 15, 2009
eastneuk in U.K./Ireland