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Blais at Home in Atlanta

You don't happen to have the phone number, do you? I'm striking out using directory services and The (non) listing must be too new...

On My Own 1st Night of JazzFest, Rec's for a Bar Dinner?

I'm on my own for the first night (of the first weekend) of JazzFest and have an idea that I'd like to eat a nice meal sitting at a bar in a fancy restaurant (also sipping Sazerac's). What would be your recommendation? Price isn't necessarily an object, since this is vacation. Noisy tourists or an overcrowded/too-noisy bar is a no-no. Something walkable from Canal near St. Charles would be perfect.

Thanks, in advance, oh wise 'hounds!


Apr 10, 2008
menelsonga in New Orleans

Family-Friendly But Good Near F and 14th in DC

Thanks, all.

We found Nooshi last night and had a nice dinner there. We may try Jaleo tonight. We haven't done a tapas dinner in a while.

Family-Friendly But Good Near F and 14th in DC

My family and I are at the Willard Intercontinental (I know, tough life!) for tonight and tomorrow night. Not knowing anything about the DC food scene, I was wondering if any of the 'hounds could recommend decent choices for a family with a three-year old. We love just about anything.

After a very cold plate of food at Legal Seafood, followed by a re-warmed plate of tough shrimp (I mean TOUGH!), we are ready for something better.

Thanks, in advance.