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Bar Bouchon, Madison

I enjoyed this place. Burger with foie gras and shiitakes on Brioche bun. Pricey, but quite delicious.

Best Burger in CT

I loved Big Top!

Fenway Park: What to eat?

That Is George- damn right, that guy is into his hot sauce. My lips are burning thil the 3rd inning! He has a dry shake that he puts on too, but I like the sauce better.

Good bread in New Haven, CT?

Lupi- Marciano in New Haven is probably the kind of bread that he is talking about. They have "artisinal" type bread as well as hard rolls and grinders. Also great rye!

Best New Haven restaurant

Routier in Westbrook.
L&E in Chester

Fresh pasta at Feast Gourmet Market (Deep River, CT)

Sadly, Feast close a few weeks ago. The chef has just been hired at Cloud Nine in Old Saybrook, which was recently taken back by the original owner. I hear it has drastically improved.!