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Aix-en-Provence, St. Tropez, Bouillabaisse, & wineries

thank you!

Mar 25, 2012
cuisine_junkie in France

Aix-en-Provence, St. Tropez, Bouillabaisse, & wineries

Hi everyone,

I will be going to the South of France in April, and I am specifically seeking recommendations for great restaurants in Aix-En-Provence, St. Tropez (& perhaps Cannes), & especially the best bouillabaisse in the area. I would also not mind some winery recommendations with great wine that is anywhere in between Aix and St. Tropez.

Thank you!

Mar 24, 2012
cuisine_junkie in France

christmas dinner chicago?

Can anyone recommend a good restaurant that will be open on christmas with a romantic atmosphere? It'd be nice to have a menu more on the traditional side of a christmas dinner although im aware that may not be possible...definitely not looking for ethnic cuisines. Price really isnt an option.

Dec 04, 2010
cuisine_junkie in Chicago Area

hoof cafe review

it was 100 before tip. its called a cafe but its a tapas style restaurant. we didnt have to wait.

Best Pho in T.O.

havnt tried too many but ill definitely swing by a few

ISO argentinian matte or mate

its an herb....drank in tea form....also seeking the utensils one uses to drink it (eg the traditional metal straw and wooden cup)

Best Pho in T.O.

pho saigon at warden and eglinton is the best ive had. and its also very clean

goin to vancouver tomorrow! suggest some places?

awesome! thanks you so much ill definately be checkin out the spots ;)

hoof cafe review

the hoof cafe...not the black hoof

goin to vancouver tomorrow! suggest some places?

hey anyone want to help with a "food itinerary" ..... id like to go to some cool vancouver places in interesting neighbourhoods and great food of course...i know its a lot to ask :) but help would be greatly appreciated. it'll be my first time on the west coast. ill also be in kelowna for a night, might check out the okanagan wine region too. im returning on the 8th.

hoof cafe review

now this place knows how to create food. often i find i am so unsatisfied with the food quality of many restaurants...or at last, underwhelmed. but EVERYTHING here was delicious. being more on the pescaltarian end of the continuum (generally only eat fish...but im not necessarily adverse to meat) many of the menu items were a little scary (i.e. fried pig tails) but i was feeling adventurous.

we had a bottle of lailey ontario wine (syrah). i was quite pleased.

we started with with the warm olives.delicious.

the artisinal board arrived next consisting of a medley of interesting complimenting flavours including apple slices, chutney, pork terrine, duck terrine, cheese. this was probably my favourite dish of the night.

the perogies were amazing, stuffed with pork, and drizzled with a cream sauce and chives.

lastly we had the suckling belly. very tender.

the service was also excellent. highly highly recommend this place

recommend the 2 best restaurants a visitor cannot miss out on

ya i guess i was pretty vague! well no not of two. im arriving in for the weekend...friday & saturday. price is not really an looking for more high end restaurants. i just want an amazing and very memorable dining experience although im certain i will find it as nyc has so much to offer. as for fusion option would be nice and a general one too. sorry i guess my vagueness remains!

Apr 25, 2010
cuisine_junkie in Manhattan

recommend the 2 best restaurants a visitor cannot miss out on

arriving from toronto next week.....time for some culinary tourism.

can anyone suggest any must go to restaurants? ill be staying for 2 nights. also....lunch recommendations and cool lounges for nightlife would also be greatly appreciated. thanks!!!

Apr 24, 2010
cuisine_junkie in Manhattan

maple smoked ham?

awesome! thanks

maple smoked ham?

so i just got back from montreal. my friend made me a delicious breakfast, and as an alternative to bacon he fried up some maple smoked ham (erable fumee something or other in french). not only was it delicious, but it is also healthier (less greasy etc).

is this stuff available in toronto? does anyone know where to find it?

thanks :)

ISO Parisian style street crepes

does anyone know if Toronto has Parisian style street crepes? The ones that offer fillings such as nutella and then folded in to a sandwich....mmmm. :P

im not really looking for the demetri style crepes that are served open faced with ice cream, and other embellished toppings. just a simple nutella crepe, one i can preferably take to go.

thanks :)

Scarborough Gems

Ali's Tandoori House - some of the best indian i've ever had
Ichiban Sushi - the Sushi is amazing quality and the sashimi portions are very generous; service is also great
(these are both located just west of victoria park and queen so are technically just on the outside border of scarborough)

Mahar Restaurant (Indian) on Gerrard

i visited mahar for the first time 2 days ago as i got an indian craving :)


The chicken pakora was a generous portion, and the chicken piece was quite large, however I was not crazy about the breading, and it was a little over spiced.

As a main we ordered the chana masala, the lamb vindaloo, and the chicken vindaloo.

The chana masala was delicious, and the chickpeas were cooked to perfection, almost melting in your mouth. My only complaint was the portion size as it was very small, especially for being a vegetarian dish.

The lamb vindaloo was delicious! I don’t even like lamb, or meats on the “gamey” side but it really was incredible.

The chicken vindaloo, on the other hand, lacked authenticity. It was unlike any other chicken vindaloo ive ever had, lacking in both spice and flavour. It tasted more like a tomato sauce rather than vindaloo.

All in all, I would definitely go back, if only for that lamb.

Harbour Sixty (New Review) -

i ordered the lobster tail... it was exceptionally large however very tough and without much flavour


i find starfish and pure spirits to have the best in toronto....rodney's was ok but did not beat the former two.

Embrujo Flamenco, Tapas Restaurant - A quick review

just had dinner at embrujo...

the food was highly underwhelming.

i had espinacas catalanas (catalan spinach)... very boring and easy to make (essentially consisted of raw baby spinach, pine nuts, and gold raisins with flavourless dressing).

the brandy chorizo was too salty and boring at that...

lamb was ok but too expensive

and the worst was the steak with fries. it was cut up and smothered with a mustard/mayonnaise sauce, causing the fries to sog up. terrible. it was like a mustard beef stew. not good at all.

finally, the sangria was very blah. tasted like bad juice.