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Park City Upscale Bar dining

thank you for the advice. much appreciated. =)

Apr 04, 2008
prunuspersica in Southwest

Park City Upscale Bar dining

Heading to Park City next week for a few days (my first time there). I will be staying right on main street- no rental car. I enjoy eating at the upscale places, but find that most of the time i don't want to (or can't) eat a full three course meal, and sharing a few courses with my companions is more preferable, but doesn't usually make a server all that happy (understandably, since you are monopolizing his or her table for up to two hours). However, it is usually more acceptable at the bar. Does anyone know anything about some of the more interesting restaurant bars at which to eat? Do Mustang or Zoom have bars? Blind Dog, Grappa? Any info or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. thanks!

Apr 02, 2008
prunuspersica in Southwest

Next choice in Baltimore??

rocket to venus. STILL haven't made it there yet. a little afraid of hipsters. not sure i am cool enough.

Aloha Tokyo on Fort Ave.

Does anyone know anything about this place, or has anyone been there? It is where the French Quarter corner bar used to be, in Locust Point.

Smoke in Federal Hill

OMG my mouth is watering reading this....i had no idea this place had even opened! I adore bbq in all its incarnations- can't wait to try this on Monday (already ate lunch today)!

Dinner or Lunch for 2 in Baltimore under $25.

SoBo Cafe, all lunch sandwiches are $6, and are quite filling and yummy. Dinner during the week has specials, especially Monday- $10 steak night.

Samos in Greektown, you can't beat the prices (or the food), and is BYOB.

Captain Larry's has specials every weeknight also, check their website- Better than average barfood in ultra laid-back setting.

Wine Market- Mondays all entrees are 20% off, and wines 15% off.

those are my go-tos for cheap eats.

Baltimore RW reviews

i think i speak for almost everyone when i that story has impact.

Baltimore's Best Bar Food

I can't believe no one has mentioned the baja fish tacos at Larry's, or the key largo fish sandwich! Both are absolutely to die for, especially on Tues, when the sammys are half-priced....

Baltimore RW reviews

I have to concur with most of the other posters re The Black Olive; while our experience on Tuesday evening was not horrific, it was certainly no ringing endorsement to return anytime soon. I essentially walked out feeling like I got exactly what I paid for, as opposed to being so impressed by the RW fare that I would happily return and spend more $$.

The dip plate was fine, but only the size of an appetizer plate, which I found a little ridiculous considering the food cost of most of those ingredients is fairly low. And frankly, I had dips of the same quality, if not better, at Samos last night, in heaping portions.

BF had the greek salad, which was what you would expect. Very small plate, very customary salad.

I had the crabcake as my entree, which, while made up of jumbo lump crab, was very very dry, and about the size of a silver dollar. It was accompanied by four small potatoes. BF had the lamb, which was insanely dry, and was so tough i had to believe it was an end piece. Again, a few small potatoes.

Baklava ice cream was good, but i found my mousse gritty and heavy. I love chocolate mousse to be light and airy, but perhaps that is just a personal preference.

The service was fine.

As others have mentioned, i believe the purpose of RW is to give us an opportunity to test the waters at places at which we might otherwise not feel confident spending our hard-earned money--in the hopes that our quality concerns will be quelled and we will return during regular time. I can say, I will not be returning to the Black Olive anytime soon to spend my money- they did not win me over.

Baltimore's Best Bar Food

....don't you mean reasonable? ;p


Baltimore- wireless and good food?

thanks for the help, everyone! we tried to go to Smedley's yesterday but it was closed :(, so we ended up at Chesapeake Wine Company of all places. We called and they said they had wireless, but it wasn't until we had ordered some small plates and some beverages that we realized it didn't work. so that was kind of a bust. but at least the food was decent.

thanks for the suggestions, i will report after we try!

Baltimore- wireless and good food?

My partner and i often spend 2-3 days a week telecommuting, and we like to get out of the house to do it (downtown). We had been spending most of our time at Kiss Cafe in Canton, but the service is often miserable, and the food spotty. We have also tried Metropolitan (also questionable service), Harvest Table (wifi SUCKS), and Cafe Latteda (nicer service but really dark). i guess i keep hoping we're going to find some hidden treasure. Anyone have any suggestions for a comfortable and friendly environment with decent food (and functioning wifi)?

outdoor dining in Baltimore

Baltimore is sorely lacking in decent outside dining-- either the patio is nice but the food and atmosphere questionable (Bay Cafe, Nick's), or its just another tourist trap (McCormick and Schmick, every other place on the Harbor). These are my fallbacks-

The Wine Market, for the whole package-- good food, beautiful patio, above average service (nine times out of ten). I recommend going during the week.

Bicycle has a lovely outside patio in back, with interesting eclectic cuisine ($$). Definitely make a reservation.

Rub, for a few casual drinks and apps-- it is not usually crowded, since it is out of the way, but the backless stools do not lend themselves to a serious evening meal.

Little Havana, for the same thing but with more comfortable seating-- again, during the week is best, as you can lounge for longer without being annoyed by drunken happyhour-ers.

A few places in Fells have nice tables outside- i.e. Ale Mary's, Peter's Inn-- but nothing you would call a patio.

that's my two cents, I am sure there are some I have missed... =)

If i have to go out to dinner tonight, where?

Thanks everyone! (oh, and we're going to see "wait, wait, don't tell me")

Feb 14, 2007
prunuspersica in Chicago Area

If i have to go out to dinner tonight, where?

Hyatt McCormick Place. We can travel only by Taxi, so preferably not more than a few miles (5-10). I guess we are downtown? I don't really even know, I've never been here before :)

Feb 14, 2007
prunuspersica in Chicago Area

If i have to go out to dinner tonight, where?

Boyfriend surprised me for my birthday (yesterday) with a trip to Chicago to see a taping of my favorite NPR show. So here we are today, staying at the Hyatt, and need to eat dinner, on this of all days. Any suggestions for casual local fare that won't be mobbed, but is hound-worthy?

Feb 14, 2007
prunuspersica in Chicago Area

Where do you do your grocery shopping in Baltimore??

Wegman's when I can make the hike, both farmers' market when they're open, Wholefoods for cruelty-free meat, and, unfortunately, SFW in a pinch because its a stone's throw from my home.

Federal Hill rant

I must encourage everyone to give the Wine Market another go-- having recently acquired an excellent new chef, the whole place has turned around (much more consistent, much more inventive). Also, while a little unorthodox, Captain Larry's on Fort Ave has killer fish tacos, and awesome hand cut fries (not to mention $2 dark'n'stormy's when it rains)

Small birthday dinner in Baltimore- recs?

Taste is not very good. Given it a couple chances, been very underwhelmed. Wasn't too impressed with Brasserie Tatin, either. b, in Bolton Hill, is very understated and very good. I also second the Chameleon Cafe.

is anything open tonight in baltimore?

Or howard county? I want to take my mother out for New Year's dinner-- if anyone knows of anything that is open (besides major chains) I would be very appreciative. Thanks!

On foot by Ravens Stadium

Sobo is excellent, and right in the heart of everything, if you are looking to check out shops, etc. Of course, their opening usually depends upon the whim of the owner. Also, once the game begins, it is 100% easier to go into any bar or restaurant you please, and try some stuff everywhere....

disappointment at Atwater's in Belvedere square

after hearing so many amazing things, we went and tried the soups and were disappointed. they weren't horrific, just very bland and uninspired (MD Crab Soup and Chili). Please share your positive experiences and tell me what to try so I can give them the thumbs up? I really enjoy the laid-back lunch atmosphere...

Thanksgiving in Key West

Thanks for the suggestions, everyone. We ended up going w Louie's Backyard (after 7fish cancelled our res:(.. ), so I will report back on how it was!!

Nov 10, 2006
prunuspersica in Florida

Thanksgiving in Key West

My beau and I will be spending Thanksgiving in Key West. We would like to dine out for the holiday meal. Any suggestions for a mid-to-high price range meal, traditional (turkey, stuffing, etc) with a bit of modern/foodie flare?

Oct 23, 2006
prunuspersica in Florida


I dined at Salt for the first time this week, and on the heels of all the hype and rave reviews, I am so reluctant to say this...but I was disappointed. It was good, but not great. The lobster spring roll seemed flat, and fairly greasy. The beet salad was uninspired (especially after so recently having one at Petit Louis that was KILLER). The short ribs I had were wonderful, but the accompanying potatoes were so sweet I was looking around for...salt. The lamb stroganoff my companion had was also sorely lacking in, well, salt. And while I have an appreciation for al dente, the beautiful wide noodles in it were slightly undercooked.
I am definitely going to return, to give it another shot (maybe i just didn't try the right items), but I was curious about anyone else's experiences?

Baltimore Restaurants For Business Clients

although you have clearly been inundated with replies, i can't resist adding my two cents-

Charleston- elegant low country southern, $$$$
Corks- New American casual fine dining, a cab ride around the harbor $$$
Prime Rib- Steakhouse $$$$
Sotto Sopra- Italian (can be somewhat uneven, but is definitely better than most of little italy) a short cab ride uptown $$$
Petit Louis- French Bistro, almost never disappoints $$

good luck!!

Soft shell crabs (and crabs generally) in Annapolis

yes definitely Cantler's.

New Restaurant

I would recommend giving Nasu Blanca another month before making a reservation. Since it is located on the end of my block, I have had the luxury of hanging out at the bar the past two Fridays in a row, and kind of non-committally trying a few apps. The Spanish-Japanese fusion idea is definitely a workable one, but they have some kinks to work out, as with any new opening. I will say: the gazpacho with seared scallop is excellent, and I look forward to trying one of their 6 different paellas. But a duck sausage with white beans was so heavy on the chinese 5-spice it tasted like apple pie (nutmeg, cinnamon), and the toro tartare left a *lot* to be desired in the flavor department. And seeing as the menu is pretty pricey, dropping a bundle on as-yet-unperfected food probably isnt high on anyone's list of things to do.

But the sake is amazing.