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Ajies Dulces?

Trying to find some Ajies Dulces? They are a sweet pepper that looks alot like a Habanero - it is used alot in Puerto Rican cooking as well as other in other Latin American countries.

I have thought about growing my own but my thumb is quite brown and i live in a condo.

help! I would love to get my hands on some.

Looking for culantro in DC/NoVA

I must be trying to avoid working today - I just called the Bestway Supermarket, 5695 Telegraph Road, Alexandria, VA 703.960.8501. They have some in stock at 1.29 a bunch.

Looking for culantro in DC/NoVA

oops - I am sorry the shopping center is on the left past Edsall Road - its in an old Hechingers Building set away from the road.

Looking for culantro in DC/NoVA

My mother other day told me that the large Ethnic Supermarket on Backlick Road in Springfield has it. I dont know the name of the supermarket but I can try to describe the location. its in Springfield (not far from Annandale) near the Washington Post Distribution Center. Best way to describe the location is from the Beltway take Braddock Road east. Right on Backlick Road and its down in a large shopping center on the right about 3 miles down (you will pass Edsall Road). I am planning on venturing there myself this weekend to use to make some Puerto Rican sofrito. Pls let me know if you find it elswhere.

Puerto Rican/Dominican Food FINALLY

Sounds yummy (I am half Puerto Rican and miss Mofongo) one question - is it strictly carry out or is there somewhere to sit and eat in the place. I live in Alexandria - I want to be prepared...:-)

10 year wedding anniversary

What about Citronelle?

Alexandria, Va. King St Locale

All good suggestions but I would like at add Asian Bistro and Austin Grill (on Washington Street a few blocks west of Washington Street on the right side) as options that arent too pricey and decent food. Further up - another option could be Vermillion (further west on the left) - it is owned by the same people who own Overwood - though i would eat there earlier rather than later - it becomes more of a "bar scene" on weekend evenings.

Bohio's Cuban Bistro anyone been there yet?

When driving through Old Town Alexandria the other day I noticed this new place Bohio's Cuban Bistro - its up not far from Nickels and Sheffler - anyone been there? worth it or not?

Talulla in Arlington--any good?

I will have to give it another chance - could be that the last two times I had the same waiter and sat i the same section - maybe that was the kiss of death...I really want to like the place! it just hasnt lived up with my experience to the raves...or maybe with the raves I just expected more...

Suggestions for Alexandria please?

The area around A La Lucia is fine - I take an art class next door for the past year that ends around 9:00 and have never felt unsafe going to my car. I like the food at A La Lucia and everyone I have taken has enjoyed it. As for Bilbo Baggins - it used to be one of my favorites but in the last 5 years it has gone downhill and disappointed everytime - anything fried (one of the salads or dishes has 3 or 4 fried sweet potatoes or something) tasted rancid the past couple of time. I think it closed didnt it. One place to check out- not fancy but quiet and decent food is Asian Bistro on King Street (around Murphy's and the movie theater on that side of the road)

Talulla in Arlington--any good?

Tallulah - I dont get the following it has. The atmosphere is nice the entrees I have had had been good but nothing spectacular but the service has always been horrible - I always feel like the waiter could care less whether we order, what we order and we have to ask him for the desert menu, for additinoal drinks, coffee etc...and then I feel like it is an inconvenience for them. The deserts were extremely disappointing. That said I dont understand the raves when there are plenty of other places that offer the whole deal - service, good food through desert etc...My 2 cents - maybe I have just had bad luck the 6 timed I have eaten there. I will say that there is a great wine by the glass menu - my advice - go for drinks and appetizers

Best Cupcakes DC/NoVa

check out this link - here they ranked and wrote reviews on 3 cupcake places in the dc area http://cupcakestakethecake.blogspot.c...

Best Cupcakes DC/NoVa

The 'le Cupcake' cupcakes are yummy and I too did not understand the rave reviews that Cakelove gets - great flavor combinations but I dont like the frosting or the cake

- the following link contains info on ordering the "le cupcake" cupcakes by the dozen

That Restaurant You Always Wondered About??

I have been to both Ruffinos Spaghetti House (but not since the late 90's (1998-1999) it was ok but not great in my opinion but I am not a huge fan o spaghetti house food...I used to go with an old boyfriend who liked it - reminded him of the places in NJ where he is from. As for Diner 29 - it is an experience and the food is decent though all I have had is the basic bacon and eggs - the inside probablly hasnt changed since it first opened.

GNO (girls night out) Dinner

Frankly, I dont understand the romance many people have with Tallulah's. I like the atmosphere and it does have a great wine list but the food is mediocre to OK for the price and I have never gotten good service there. I always feel like the wait staff could care less - have to ask for the desert menu -never offered it, etc... I would stick to that place for drinks only.

Lauriol Plaza

Actually - my parents tell me that Lauriol Plaza was originally more of a cuban restaurant in the mid-60's when they used to go there. The Masitas de Puerco in my opinion are one of the best things there - not exactly traditional but good...The main reason to go there is the atmosphere - very different than when I used to go in the 80's and they were located further down closer to the circle.

Diner's (places for breakfast) in Old Town or near Old Town

you could try Luna Grill in Shirlington - not old town but not far - though I am not sure if they have chicken fried steak and the strangely dont have pancakes (but do have waffles) none the less I have always been happy with their breakfasts

That Restaurant You Always Wondered About??

what about the Alpine Restaurant in Arlington on Lee Highway - I lived a mile from there for about 10 years in the 90's and always wanted to try it...anyone eat there?

That Restaurant You Always Wondered About??

Vinnies - years ago I used to go there with my family. I went to elementary school with the owners younger brother - they were Lebanese I think (the owner had a big handlebar moustache) It used to have a reputation for very good french (I think cuisine) but I havent heard of anyone eating there in over 15 years.

Any pho in southern MD?

Thai - Southern maryland - actually there is a decent - not the best but for Waldorf decent will have to do - Thai restaurant in Waldorf - i forgot the name but its not far from the Mall and the Target next to the Honey Baked Ham store -

Best Chocolate Cake

Chocolate mousse cake from the Alexandria Pastry Shop gets my vote - its on King Street east of the king street exit from 395

Midwestern Fish Fry?

I spent a few years in Milwaukee Wisconsin and miss the Friday night all you can eat fish fry feasts - are there any in the area? (you know all you can eat fried fish,potato salad , german potato salad, potato pancakes, coleslaw etc...