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The Topsfield Commons/Vinwood Caterers..

My sister had her wedding there 2 years ago, and the food was fantastic! Everyone was raving about it, and it was the only wedding I've been to where the food was one of the highlights. Congratulations, by the way!

Lactose Free Cheeses: Do They Exist?

I live in Boston, and Cabot Cheese is available at every grocery store here. But I just looked online, and near SF their available at Trader Joe's and Whole Foods.

Dec 06, 2006
FloraPoste in Special Diets

Lactose Free Cheeses: Do They Exist?

Actually, all Cabot cheese is lactose free. I talked to one of their reps at the Big E this year, and he only got me to try some when I saw their info, which stated this. So have at it!

Dec 05, 2006
FloraPoste in Special Diets

Eggless Eggnog?

My older sister (an eggnog addict) is pregnant and bemoaning the fact that she can't have eggnog this year because of the egg yolks. Does anyone have a good eggless nog recipe?

Nov 14, 2006
FloraPoste in Home Cooking

Birthday dinner during Christmas season

Well, I'm not sure these are really Chowhound choices, but we've gone to Tapeo, Dali, Union Oyster House, and the Publick House in Sturbridge for birthdays. They all had fun atmospheres, especially the Publick House - it felt really Christmasy.

Birthday dinner during Christmas season

My birthday is on Dec. 29th, and I usually get to pick a restaurant to go to. I'm looking for something with a nice, festive atmosphere and good food, but not too, too expensive. I'm in Boston, but I think we'd be willing to go up to 45 minutes outside the city. Any ideas? Thanks!!

Brown Bread recipe (from Boston Board)

i'd love the recipe! I love baking, especially now that the weather's getting cooler...

Sep 21, 2006
FloraPoste in Home Cooking

Fresh Brown Bread?

Not to talk about the Big E yet again, but one year in the MA house I got this fresh baked brown bread. I haven't seen it since, except the kind in grocery stores in a can. Does anyone know of a bakery or anywhere around Boston that has it, with or without raisins?

Vendors at the Big E?

I personally never miss the blueberry pie and vanilla icecream from the New Hampshire house. It's possibly the best pie I've had. It always comes hot, so the icecream melts over it.

Vendors at the Big E?

my sister and I went to the Big E yesterday and, of course, had a fabulous time. But she wasn't feeling well and we had to leave before we had a chance to go back to the State houses and buy some things we wanted. Does anyone know the name of the company, I think it's a husband and wife team, who give samples of relishes in the CT building? Also, there was a company that just won an award for their mustard, and I think they were also from CT. I know this is a long shot, but just thought I'd try. Thanks!

Graduation Dinner?

My little sister is graduating from college this spring, and since I'm the only one who knows about websites like this one, I've been put in charge of finding a restaurant for dinner that night. :) we'll have quite a crowd, maybe around 7-10 people if everyone comes. I'm looking for somewhere special, hopefully with a nice view of Boston or the water. I've heard Meritage was good; any other ideas? Thanks!!