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NOLA resident looking for more workday lunch options in FQ!

Thanks, everyone! Really helpful. I am on bike so it expands my range a bit.

May 17, 2012
raphaelabelle in New Orleans

NOLA resident looking for more workday lunch options in FQ!

I work on N. Rampart and Toulouse and it is a total lunch break desert. I usually bring my lunch, but I'm stuck on the days I forget. Anyone have any suggestions for something cheap/healthy(ish) in the FQ or CBD? I usually just end up running to the Einstein's (yuck) in the Tulane School of Public Health for a bagel. Sometimes I go to Royal St. Deli, but it's expensive and can take a while. Just looking for a simple sandwich (NOT a po-boy) shop. I have to eat at my desk so something sit-down won't work.

Oh, and I don't eat meat, only some fish...

May 04, 2012
raphaelabelle in New Orleans

help for casual catered graduation dinner in providence!

I'm a senior at Brown, and my housemates and I are trying to figure out dining plans for the graduation weekend. We are planning on having a casual dinner with all of us and our families in our backyard one night (40-50 people). We are looking to do something pretty cheap a per person. I was thinking there might be a place on Federal Hill where we could get a bunch of salad/pasta (we have some vegetarians, too). We don't want a formally catered meal, but we don't want to cook, either.

Does anyone have any suggestions?


cheap cajun/creole in french quarter/ marigny


My boyfriend and I will be staying in New Orleans this weekend for a job interview. I've been searching this board looking for cheap dinner places around where we are staying (Marigny), and I'm having some trouble finding suggestions (most seem to be more expensive or lunch-type places). We want to spend our first night (Saturday) eating some cajun/creole food. Is Acme a good choice? Will it be impossible to get in?


Feb 15, 2011
raphaelabelle in New Orleans

Recipes for starving college students?

as a current college student/vegetarian, my dinners often consist of :

1. scrambled veggies and a protein (tofu, eggs) OR beans
2. on top of a grain

REALLY easy. just put oil in a pan and stick whatever veggies in or dump a can of beans in, cook up some couscous/barley/quinoa...

just about as easy as kraft, but a million times better.

Apr 18, 2010
raphaelabelle in Home Cooking

scrumptious under $10 -- in/around Providence

Oh my God, Wright's farm. Have you been to any of the other chicken places?

scrumptious under $10 -- in/around Providence

The new Mexican place on Thayer is pretty good - not stellar, but so much better than Gordito. I think it's called Baja? It's right by Shark.

Most Dangerous Chocolate Cake?

it's not fabulous, but will do when you have a chocolate craving. it's pretty eggy and is not good when cold, but i would not say it's a disaster.

Jul 27, 2009
raphaelabelle in Home Cooking

Lattice Cherry Pie

the ginger is a stroke of genius!

Jul 05, 2009
raphaelabelle in Recipes

Fancy Tonic Water Not Worth the Fancy Price

I just drank some Bitter Lemon last weekend at the Maryland shore!

Jun 23, 2009
raphaelabelle in Features

scrumptious under $10 -- in/around Providence

I have to disagree with you all on that one. I think Fellini's is way too heavy on the sauce and doesn't do the basics (i.e. margherita) very well. Also, the sassiness of the staff is unbelievable - I have been yelled at for ordering for a sandwich because it "is a lot of work to make." I also once saw an employee put a pen on a pizza, pick it up to write something, then put it back!

I much prefer Nice Slice. Lighter on the sauce and toppings, and without such blatant 'tude.