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New Eating Places in Singapore

My thoughts about the Singspore experience were the same as yours, klyeoh. I figured that since they were so new they were trying extra hard. Fortunately for me, i did not receive the same type of service as Akated did with his party, but I will qualify that with the fact that i was by myself and the restaurant didn't seem overly busy.

Chef Lorenz came to speak to me several times and allowed me to go behind the counter to take a picture of a dish he was plating, because i had forgotten to take a picture of mine before eating it!

New Eating Places in Singapore

Kind of a dumb trip, isn't it? :)

I did all nine in about a two and a half week span (end august to mid sept).

I too was concerned that the food might be too similar, but surprisingly it wasn't that much of an issue. I did all tasting menus and yes, there were a few items that were the same once in while but in general it was quite varied.

And to be honest i had my most enjoyable time at the singapore branch.

New Eating Places in Singapore

I also recently ate at L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon in Singapore as part of my personal tour to eat at all nine L'Ateliers in one trip. All L'Ateliers have the black and red decor with the counter seating. The setup of this one is somewhat "longer" than the one in Hong Kong, which is more "square".

The tasting (aka discovery) menu is priced at 250SGD, if that is something that interests you.

I was there on a Saturday night and I found it somewhat empty. I thought it would be much busier.

Dinner for 60 in Montreal in Spetember

Not a quebecoics spin on the food but somewhat upscale. Cafe ferreira has a private dining room that can accomodate that many.

if not Au Pied de Cochon, what? or is it a must? (for a tourist)

There was no problem.

I just didn't find the experience or the food as hyped up as it is on this board. For me, I found it acceptable but I would not go out of my way to come here on my own.

For the record I like foie gras and game meats.

Apps/tapas-only resto suggestions

Kazu perhaps?

1862 Sainte-Catherine St W, Montreal, QC H3H 1M1, CA

if not Au Pied de Cochon, what? or is it a must? (for a tourist)

I think I am one of the few who finds this place meh. I've been here three times now with various visiting friends that wanted to try it and left feeling that "it was acceptable".

It's not terrible by any means but I don't really understand the hype.

Robuchon in Singapore: When?

Thanks for the info! I had wanted to be there in may 2011 so I figured I would be ok but you are absolutely right!

Robuchon in Singapore: When?

Does anyone have any news on when Joel Robuchon's restaurants will open in Resorts World Sentosa in Singapore in 2011? I would like to plan a trip.

Citizen Cake reopening?

Any news on when it will re-open on Fillmore?

Vanier college area eats?

the Arabic grocery store right across from Metro Cote Vertu makes grilled meat sandwiches and plates. Grillades Yasmine.

By the same token Abu Elias across from Montpellier mall has the same though the walk is a bit further.

Please help finalize Montreal resto choices

DNA might be a good option. I find they use quite a bit of local produce. And they make their own charcuterie. I was there recently and the meal was quite good.

Las Vegas Chicken Wings

Any of these places NOT deep fry their wings? I'm not a fan of deep fried wings with sauce. I just prefer them grilled or oven roasted..

Jun 15, 2010
gerbera in Las Vegas

Review: Daniel Boulud Brasserie - Las Vegas

Slightly off topic but isn't Daniel Boulud Brasserie supposed to close soon? I remember reading that last 2009.

Daniel Boulud Brasserie
3131 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Jun 04, 2010
gerbera in Las Vegas

What's the best steakhouse in Las Vegas in Chowhound's Opinion?

Man, this is the request that never dies LOL.

I was recently in Vegas and hit up Craftsteak again. It's my personal favorite.

The Kobe beef tartare was supermegadelicious and I had a very good Osso Bucco, the first time I had seen it on the menu,

Jun 04, 2010
gerbera in Las Vegas

Good sushi in Mtl

I thought Oishii on Bernard was ok.

Downtown SF/ Napa Dinner Suggestions....

When I went to SF, I enjoyed Boulevard (already mentioned), Ame and Canteen.

Need feedback on Piperade, Canteen, RNM, Pesce, Mission Beach Cafe, Bar Tartine

I've eaten at Canteen recently and thoroughly enjoyed the meal. The service is very punctual though, so if you like to dawdle after a meal this might not be the place for you.

I was one fo those who had bad service at Piperade but it's been two years already since I was there. Hopefully it's better. That said, the food was very good.

Restos in/ near La petite patrie'

You could try Madre

Restaurant for birthday celebration?

I would second Globe Bistro.

First date spot in TO

Globe Bistro.

Good Resto for lunch near Mountain and Sherbrooke Montreal

Sakura Garden (Japanese) just down Mountain should have some good lunch specials.

Vegas restaurant suggestions (MGM, Wynn, Palms)

L'Atelier is a great restaurant. I never had a problem with the service there. That said, when I have heard about bad service it has usually been when sitting at a table as opposed to the bar.

Eat at the bar. It's an interesting view & the chef will talk to you once in a while if he's a good mood. If you bust out some French with him it's even better.

Sep 02, 2009
gerbera in Las Vegas

Late(r) Dinner and Early Breakfast Recs?

I've been to both Ame and Canteen and thought the food was great. That said Canteen's sittings run on the clock. The last sitting is at 9:00pm I believe so if you are looking for later then that might not be the place for you.

You may also want to consider Gitane for late night dining. I believe the kitchen closes past 11.

Help with celabratory dinner

You could try Raza or the sister bistro Madre.

Birthday dinner - DNA or Graziella ?

I cannot speak for Graziella, but I have been to DNA twice. Both times were quite enjoyable.

The decor and atmosphere are definitely modern (trendy & chic). If you prefer a more homestyle feel then you might find it a bit much. I couldn't really tell about the crowd because both times I went were earlier in the week. That said, I never felt out of place or uncomfortable. It wasn't too loud, the service was good and the food was well done. They also had an interesting selection of wine.

Outside of your two restaurants you might also consider Club Chasse et Peche.

Good luck!

Canteen: solo diner's review

So I took the recommendation ( and went to Canteen. Quite nice! Thanks!

It was quite small. In fact I was expecting it to be small and was still surprised. Maybe 20 seats tops (7 counter, 4 tables)? That said I didn't feel cramped at the counter for one second. I liked the feel of the place too.

Service was prompt and professional. It was certainly "go go go" for the wait staff as I understand there are three sittings a night. From what I could see it runs like clockwork. I don't think I saw them take a break during the entire service for more than 30 seconds. That said, they were still attentive and friendly.

Dinner was three courses with an amuse-bouche. I can't remember all the little details but here goes.

Amuse was a small piece of halibut (served raw) with fennel shavings. Nothing spectacular. But I'm not a fan of halibut.

The brioche/bread they serve was buttery good. In fact so buttery I'm surprised they offer butter with it!

I started with a prawn salad with avocado. Nice & refreshing with toothsome pieces of avocado. I was going to try the other starter which was a poussin (spring chicken with some type of fig & polenta I think) . It also looked delicious but in retrospect probably too heavy for what I was having as a main.

Which was a lamb shoulder confit, with cranberry beans, onion relish and pumpkin seeds. Man, that was a good lamb. Tender, melty...mmmm.

And for dessert I had their house special, vanilla souffle. I'm not a fan of souffle. I'm not someone who orders something else when some chocolatey thing is on the menu (which it was). But I was glad the waitress convinced me to try it. Really good. and the Muscat dessert wine she recommended went really well with it.

Overall, an excellent meal for one at the counter.

Thank you for the recommending it to me!

Best non-steak/non-French upscale dining options in LV?

I preferred Shibuya, though IMO, Nobu was probably more innovative... but not for any particular reason. I just liked it better.

Aug 11, 2009
gerbera in Las Vegas

Montreal hot dog?

^ What berbatov said. There's nothing overwhelming about Montreal hot dogs (steamies) . They're cheap (sorta), taste decent, and usually satsify a craving for horribly unhealthy food. My preference is and always will be Decarie Hot Dog (good and gross at the same time).

Best non-steak/non-French upscale dining options in LV?

perhaps Shibuya (MGM Grand) or Nobu (Hard Rock)?

Aug 11, 2009
gerbera in Las Vegas