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Where to purchase boquerones in Vancouver?

Any recommendations for a place to purchase Spanish boquerones - apparently you can find them sold in a round white tin. I have checked my usual spots on Commercial Drive and no luck so far ...


ladd's addition suggestions

just returned from PDX. definitely try pok pok (on division). i had high expectations for broder (next to savoy), but frankly, it wasn't worth the wait. toete is also nearby - quick and cheap arepas. the people's co-op food store is lovely for groceries. i think there may be a new seasons market nearby as well (maybe at 34th?).

Jan 04, 2014
figgycrave in Metro Portland

monday celebration dinner ideas?

so here is my report back!

we stopped tuc craft kitchen for cocktails and starters - the orange glazed lamb ribs were delicious! we probably should have stayed for dinner ...

but instead, we headed over to wildebeest, which we had wanted to try for some time based on the recommendation of a close friend. what a mistake! it was the *worst* meal i've ever had in vancouver!

we did not like the texture of the bison tartare - and there was too much of it. they could have cut the portion in half, or let us know that it would be a bit much for two people. the cotechino sausage was very salty. too salty to enjoy. neither of us liked it. we also ordered the angus rib - it had a questionable aroma and was badly burned. we left it on the plate. not even the harvest vegetables were done well. the olives were okay, the cocktails were good and the service was lukewarm. overall, a huge disappointment.

to salvage the evening, we headed over to hawksworth for dessert. playing it safe, we ordered the six macaron dessert - a great deal at $12!

i will never return to wildebeest, but i will definitely return to tuc craft kitchen for a full dinner ...

monday celebration dinner ideas?

sorry correction - sundays and mondays.

monday celebration dinner ideas?

i should add as well that yew has 1/2 price bottles of wine on mondays and tuesdays, hence the added extra interest!

monday celebration dinner ideas?

thanks! la buca looks good!

how does le crocodile compare to pied a terre? we've only been to the latter.

has anyone been to yew?

monday celebration dinner ideas?


party of 2, no particular price range, romantic ambiance would be nice, but not a necessity. really, we just love good food and it is our wedding anniversary!

monday night is a toughie though ...

we have enjoyed kitsilano daily kitchen, la quercia, les faux bourgeois, l'abattoir ... tacos ... tacos ... we're pretty flexible. all of these would be okay but we are open to suggestions.

monday celebration dinner ideas?

can anyone suggest a good restaurant that will be decently busy for a celebratory dinner? anywhere in town is just fine ...


Energy 99 Snacks (Taiwanese)

Does anyone know where I can find Taiwanese Energy 99 Snacks? There are individually wrapped snacks (a pkg usually contains 20-25). They are vegetarian and made of various beans, peas and roots. Flavours include pumpkin and taro. I recently picked some up in Hong Kong and would like to know where I can find them in Vancouver. T&T does not carry them.


Bali in May - Pemuteran, Ubud, Nusa Lembongan

Greetings, my husband and I are travelling to Bali in May and are looking for food/restaurant recommendations. I think we have a good sense of what what to try in Ubud (based on recs from other threads) but Pemuteran is mystery! Nusa Lembongan too ...

Kits Happenings

peaceful restaurant is opening a new location at 4th and balsam.

Kits Happenings

left coast (a bar where flying tiger once was) is closed. dropped by the other night for a pint and was surprised to see it had closed.

Cuisines low in glutamate/umami?

did you ever find an answer to this question? i'm looking for low glutamate recipes.


Mar 20, 2013
figgycrave in General Topics

best plate of pasta with no reservation (on a saturday night)?

too bad. anyhow, ended up heading to la ghianda which stays open well into the evening (i had no idea). exactly what i wanted - plus, i have leftovers!

best plate of pasta with no reservation (on a saturday night)?

thanks - that's close to home! does anyone have any opinions on vicino in gastown?

best plate of pasta with no reservation (on a saturday night)?

la quercia definitely requires a reservation - several weeks in advance! any other thoughts?

best plate of pasta with no reservation (on a saturday night)?

i'm craving a delicious plate of pasta (preferably homemade noodles). where can i get one on a saturday evening with no reservation? will travel anywhere in the city for a good dish. suggestions?

Kits Happenings

yes, I believe golden aura is in the old yaletown brownies location.

Best French food in Vancouver

my top picks are:

- les faux bourgeois
- cafe regalade (for brunch)
- la brassarie (franco-german)

i was underwhelmed with pied a terre.

Kits Happenings

golden aura to open on broadway east of macdonald.

Kits Happenings

tractor - a new soup, salad, sandwich shop opening at 4th and cypress. i sure hope it's decent. quick and healthy food is difficult to come by on 4th.

Kits Happenings

Nosh coming on West Broadway (near MacDonald).

Kits Happenings

has anyone tried pig & mortar? slightly outside kits (fairview slopes maybe?) but still within walking distance of home ...

pig & mortar

has anyone tried this place? it's next to cadence, where i spin, and it tempts me after my evening workout ... just curious.

Marcella Hazan for Vegetarians?


I'm having a vegetarian couple over for dinner and wondering whether anyone has good menu ideas from Marcella's Essential of Italian cooking?

Looking forward to your recommendations!

Nov 28, 2012
figgycrave in Vegetarian & Vegan

new restaurants/bar in toronto?

hi there - i'm travelling to toronto next week and planning a casual night out with 10 or so people. are there any bars that have recently opened (ie. last 6-8 months) worth checking out? it would be ideal if we could have dinner first and stay for drinks ... looking for something along queen, dundas or ossington preferably, but i'm open to suggestions.



does anyone know of a restaurant that serves geoduck, those funny looking clams i sometimes see at the T and T?

thanks in advance!

sardines - the daily catch

let me know what you think! they've been a little too salty recently, but 6 months ago they were pure perfection ...

sardines - the daily catch


I'm wondering if anyone knows how to prepare sardines the way they are sold at The Daily Catch on Commercial Drive. I'm not sure if they are smoked or salted or what, but they are delicious and I no longer live on The Drive and would like to prepare them myself at home. Alternatively, if you know of a place around Kits that provides something similar, please let me know.


cheap produce kitsilano?

Hi all,

My partner and I just moved from Commercial Drive to Kitsilano and we are dismayed by the lack of affordable fruits and veggie options. We eat both organic and non-organic produce. Can anybody recommend a place to purchase inexpensive (decent quality) produce?