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Clams in Lake George area? To buy - not at a restaurant.

Try this place next time. Great fresh seafood Market!

Elizabeth's Table (Saratoga Springs)


Twenty 8 Tables (Saratoga Springs)


Russo's of Saratoga springs


Breakfast in Saratoga Springs, NY

Turf Club Closed! Not too surprised.


Beverly is now serving Breakfast 2 The Turf Club on the corner of Union and Nelson!

Sperry's (Saratoga Springs)

Fitz is now @ Siros Tratorria "old Lodge" not sure if he is waiting tables, but he was behind the bar!

Twenty 8 Tables (Saratoga Springs)

Have been since the new owners took over "Panzas" just had apps. they were all outstanding. i would check it out. Great service also.


Gerchak you are on point with that one!

Russo's Restaurant (Saratoga Springs) . . .anyone been yet?

Who knows what will happen with this place, there are enough Italian restaurants in Saratoga! Mio Pisto just opened also. All time favorite is Penells. I read Mamatoga's review and thought Ouch...but it is her opinion.


Wheatfields has one of the best happy hours in Saratoga, highly recommend it!


I understand you want to focus on the positive, but your best could be someones worst...the thread you recommend dates back to 2008 with the last post in 2011. Quite a few of the places mentioned have since closed: Dine, Gotchya's. Springwater, 8 tables, Lanci's, Brindisis, Chez Sophie, etc..It needs updating. I would say that Maestros and sperrys have both improved since then, also 28 tables was a best, now leaning to a not so!


Its been a long time since any of threads are that recent, seeing wuite a few have closed and new ones have opened!


What are your best and worst restaurants you have dined at?

Skidmore/ Saratoga Springs Post Graduation Brunch

I would go with Maestro's. The food is consistently great and so is the service. I'm sure they will be open and if not, they would probably find a way to accomodate you anyways. I find Hatties is overated, and loud. it would be tight quarters for a big group. Good Luck and Congratulations!

Kens Italian Dressing & Marinade

Anyone else have the problem with the dressing becoming very thick and cloudy after being refrigerated?

Ken's Italian Dressing & Marinade

Anyone else have the problem of Kens Italian getiing really cloudy and thick once it is refrigerated? Thanks

Twenty 8 Tables (Saratoga Springs)

Went before christmas, it has gone down hill since Ron has left. Meatballs were horrible, risotto was taken off the menu, the place was empty for a friday night. Most bar seats were open, and not many in the dining room. I can't see it lasting too much longer. Goes to show that one person can make or break a place. He is missed!

The Ripe Tomato (Ballston Spa)?

Went there about a month ago for lunch, had the bisque, I ordered a bowl, friend had a cup. I knew I was hungry, but I finished mine before my friend, I looked @ the bowl and the cup and they looked about the same, being amount held. My friend finished, I filled the cup up with a glass of water to the top, then poured it in the bowl, they hold the exact amount. I do not find this to be good practice, I emailed the restaurant that day, explaining what happened and still have not heard from them. You can't tell me that the chef doesn't know that they are ladling in the same amount in the cup and the bowl?

Saratoga Springs

Breakfast: Country Corner Cafe

Lunch: Scallions, Grey Gelding, or the local.

Dinner: 28 Tables is new (Tuesday Nights is Tapas night) Sperrys is under new owners, very good. One Caroline on a Wednesday night is great, the owners band plays and they are awesome.

As far as Mexican Cantina is convenient on Broadway or El Mexicano

Wouldn't bather with connection or Leons both are overated

8 Tables Restaurant (Saratoga Springs)

went Saturday evening, OUTSTANDING!! By far the best restaurant in saratoga. Had drinks @ the bar w/ a couple starters. Homemade meatballs, best I have ever had (and I'm Italian) $10 and the Mushroom,spinach, chicken, sausage risotto, $12 huge for a starter. Run to it, you will not be dissapointed. Ambience is great had a guy playing piano. Enjoy


who has the best crabcakes in dc for either lunch or dinner? Also looking for a good spot to watch football game on Sunday. Staying at the Sofitel, Thanks

Black Finn East 53rd Anyone Been?

I got a $100 gift card on for $8 figured I would use it

Dec 02, 2010
leavinglasvegas in Manhattan

Black Finn East 53rd Anyone Been?

Curious if anyone has been here, have not seen any posts. was going to try this weekend.

Dec 02, 2010
leavinglasvegas in Manhattan

Brunch for $20pp?


Includes 3 drinks w/ brunch

Nov 29, 2010
leavinglasvegas in Manhattan

Going to Buffalo This Weekend...

Check out TEDS HOT DOGS!

Old Greenwich, Ct.- Where are the Good eats?

Check out Valbella, great wine list and food. High end pricey, but worth it. Would make a reservation. Very close to the Hyatt. Had dinner w/ my parents, it was outstanding.


I'm sure you have been to Chez Sophie, but this is the last summer for them, they are moving to France, will close after the meet. They have a good wine list and they want to sell most of it off before they leave. Good wine @ a good price, nothing like negotiating!!!

Saratoga: Gift Cards for a Skidmore Frosh

I would go w/ Baileys, Def. Hatties, Cantina!

Pizza in Saratoga Springs, NY

POPES on Washington! $13 for a LG 1 Topping, can't beat it! Tried mama mias, inferno,etc...all seem over priced and over rated!