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Sayulita - Good Restaurants... WHERE?

That was a great review of the choices in my hometown! I will say that Chili Relleno should be given another chance-- the rellenos are very good and the atmo. is good for a romantic dinner. It is the best 'fancy" place in town.
Breakfast is great at El Espresso on the corner of the plaza. Chiliquiles are wonderful.
Also, cross the bridge and go down the main street ( c. revolucion) . Tacos on the Street is my favorite place in town. Open Wednesday- Sunday for dinner 5-9, it is across from Costa Verde International School.

Mar 19, 2010
trevadea in Mexico

Menil collection area?

I'm visiting my sister in Spring, Texas and am going to make the trip into downtown to see the Menil collection for the day. Here are my questions (and thanks for any advice, in advance). Where near the Menil are places with great lunch and dinner options for vegetarians? Also, is there any place worth going out to eat in Spring? Thanks-- I live in Mexico so I'd rather have any other type cuisine.

Mar 19, 2010
trevadea in Houston

San Pancho and Sayulita Recommendations

Hola, most of the restaurants recommended are great, but pretty upscale. If you are interested in local food in Sayulita, try Taco Cheos at the Av. Revoluccion bridge-- one of the few places for good veggie taco/burros if you don't do meat--- Everywhere else will make you a cheese quesadilla ---Crusty Crab is to the right of the bridge and the end of the row of counters, has tortillas made by hand and smoked chicken that is much loved. Tacos Ivan is the best Pastor in town and is on the right hand side of the road into the zocalo just across from the Telcel shop. They set up on the street at 6ish closed on Wednesdays. buen provecho!

Apr 10, 2009
trevadea in Mexico