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Migas, migas...where have you gone? (St. Louis)

If you don't know what migas is, well it's the kind of dish you cook up when you get home from an evening of drinking, a hockey game, and more drinking. This includes copious amounts of beer and tequila. And to top it off, the movie "Midnight Run" is just starting. "I got 2 words for you..." So you fire up a skillet and start pulling stuff out of the fridge and cupboard. What you end up with, or at least I always did, was something resembling one of my favorite breakfast dishes ever in life, which I first tried in Austin at a joint called Las Manitas (I think the spelling is ok).
Anyway, it's a study in textures, predominantloy soft with a follow through of crunch and spice and goo. Its scrambled eggs with cheese, veggies, chilies and corn tortillas. Served with a flour tortilla on the side and topped with salsa it is every drunkards dream.
It's good sober too.
And what started me on this jag? Well I'm working up an appetite for breakfast tomorrow at the Kirkwood Farmer's Market where Babalu's Shack makes migas, albeit a gringo version. Just ask Dana to add so chilies and if available, some chorizo or bacon. It is so good, and cheap, and reminds me of fun filled days in Austin. Don't wait another day. Go forth and chow. If only they had a late night place down by the Pageant?

CWE St. Louis

Seems like we are all in agreement. The problem with some of these choices is I go to the CWE to hang out, eat and drink in multiple places, outside watching the un-St.Louis-like eclectic crowds. So Herbies and the Chase are out for me. I like Dressel's (again). They had problems there for a few years and all is good. I don't know who or what but the chips are hot and salty, the reuben is great and the Felinfoeul (sp?) is delish. The new Brazilian restaurant is getting spanked in blogs so I'll skip that. GO to bar italia for their great salumi. Its not artisinal but it is good. Great caponata. Duff's still has great pate. And as Alan said, Atlas, though not in CWE proper is delish. But still not a hang out joint. Oh, Scottish Arms for , well duh? scotch and some smoked salmon. Skip anything they actually cook. Cafe Ventana. Fun place, very casual, nice outside area and something for everyone.