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Dinner reco - midtown west - Madison to 7th Aves, between 50 - 40 Sts

Hmmm St Andrews - don't know of it. La Bonne Soup may be too far afield in bad weather (as predicted for Sat). WIll check out Bill's Burger Bar too... would be much easier if it was just my two... accommodating other kids' tastes is proving to be tough... and especially when one is picky.

Dinner reco - midtown west - Madison to 7th Aves, between 50 - 40 Sts

I'd like to keep it under $30 for the kids. Hubby and I of course have a larger budget with drinks involved : ).
Let's just say, Picky One is likely to ask for buttered noodles in an Italian place.
Isn't DB Bistro Moderne a little too chichi for a group of kids? There will be 5 of them?
Our plan is show, dinner and ice skating at RocCtr (or flip the last two, depending when we can get reservations). We would consider 38 & 39 streets too - but we'll be walking as a group and the weather forecast isn't great for Sat.

Dinner reco - midtown west - Madison to 7th Aves, between 50 - 40 Sts

Headed in to NYC for my son's 13th birthday for theater and dinner. Only on picky eater in the group - 8 of us total. Any recommendations for a reasonable spot. Thinking American or Italian is probably easiest to accommodate all tastes and The Picky One. THANKS! Anything outside typical well-known, touristy spots is much appreciated.

New Sono Diner: Great Neighborhood Addition

Ate here tonite for the first time —heard about their April promotion that allows patrons to pay what they think is fair for their meal. Turns out, our estimate was within a few bucks of the menu cost! Diner food but using best available ingredients. My hubby had a home made veggie burger with sauteed onions and mushrooms (fresh varietals)... out of this world… light and flavorful. Side onion rings were yummy. I chose the eggplant parm grinder: no processed, frozen eggplant here. Hand cut and lightly breaded (panko?) eggplant slices… delicious! Our ten year old son had the buttermilk pancakes —could not finish the generous portion of tasty, slightly thicker than a crepe, airy dessert-plate sized discs. Ask for the real maple syrup though. Our seven year old opted for the predictable choice of grilled cheese with fries. Pleasant service, clean, diner atmosphere… unexpected down-homeness in funky SoNo… excellent for families visiting the Railway museum, Aquarium, harborfront or movies. Definitely a repeat. We paid $50 with tip.