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So.. going to be in Vegas for a couple of days. Probably going to do "bruch" or early lunch one day but have two days for breakfast. Going to Tableau one of those days; so if you had one other day to choose between Mozen and Bouchon which one would you choose and why? Will be pretty early that day (about 7:00am). Thanks in advance

Aug 03, 2012
yak merchant in Las Vegas

Absolute best burger in Texas?

I"ve eaten at a very large number of the "joints" in this thread. A lot of very good burger places have been mentioned. There are also "best burger hands down" posts that I consider to laughable, but then again everyone is allowed to have their opinion. I'll admit I haven't wandered around west Texas looking for burgers, so places like Boondocks in Amarillo are out of my scope of knowledge. But my real question is how did this thread get to be 215+ entries and not one mention of any place in Bryan/College Station?

Apr 10, 2009
yak merchant in Texas