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Stovetop Macaroni and Cheese

may i recommend celery seed, dried garlic, lots of red pepper, nutmeg, maybe even a touch of cinnamon?

i love stovetop mac - never do enjoy roux based versions as much. and getting a good spice combo is key in my book!

Feb 13, 2010
mangophile in Recipes

where to find a standing beef rib roast

hi chowhounds: i'm possessed of the urge to cook a big roast but i have no idea where to get one. preferably it would be well raised meat but not excessively expensive...any ideas?

coconut rice - how do you do it?

hi chowhounds,
i'm terrible at making rice in the first place, and i really want to make some delicious, creamy coconut rice- like i've had at burmese restaurants, for example. does anyone have a recipe or a method they're willing to share?

Dec 18, 2009
mangophile in Home Cooking

We're moving to San Francisco! Now if only we had a decent Japanese place.

hey! there are a couple of places that i would recommend, both in the outer richmond-

oyaji ( is izakaya style and gets really loud and fun (or "fun", depending on your general disposition, i guess =


there's also rumblefish, at 23rd ave and california st, which is always really quiet and more "dinner" than "tapas" know what i mean?

both never fail to be fresh and delicious. they're not the cheapest, but actually they're pretty cheap, and you'll be glad to pay the difference once you discover some of the million other japanese restaurants out here. =)

let me know if you find other great places!

Sourdough Starter

so, am i right in thinking that once you've got the starter going, you can cap it off (ie no need to let air circulate) both in and out of the fridge? or do the yeasties die that way? what's the best way to store a starter? and does anyone have any bread recipes using starter? i'm stumped but i have a delicious smelling bubbling brew just waiting to be used/stored...


Dec 16, 2009
mangophile in Recipes

Make Your Own Yogurt

oh man, great ideas! thanks for the tip. =)

Apr 15, 2009
mangophile in Features

Make Your Own Yogurt

how does the runoff come about, breego? do you strain it?

Apr 10, 2009
mangophile in Features

Orange Bitters

i'll do the inaugural dumb question on this recipe...

is the remaining alcohol the bitters, or is it the alcohol infused spices that you toss into the shaker?

Apr 10, 2009
mangophile in Recipes