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The Grille on Main Douglas MA

Yet another bust for this quaint New England village! The menu as well as the service leaves much to be desired. Prices are spendy for all but the children's meals. Quantity, quality, selection and palette pleasing are not included on this menu. It is really too bad as this village could use a decent pub or bistro with affordable pricing. It has been a long time coming and it has once again failed to commence. The Axe Mill Tavern, Archies and Falzones - - - "Wish you never left us!"

Gia: New Uxbridge, MA restaurant?

Unfortuately it does not look like anythng is actually happening there. It may be that they are reconsidering or ........... just the plain ole state of the economy. It really is a shame to see the building sit empty with such potential. Does anyone know if they actually have purchased the property or if they just plan to lease? Would'nt it be a great spot right off the highway, right by the state line and such open space for a franchise to come in. Wellllll that per capita won't help with that and I personaly like private enterprise when it comes to restaurants, yet the price seem to be right for a quick bite when it comes down to the Corporate establishments. Either way its tax revenue for the town.

Gia: New Uxbridge, MA restaurant?

I heard through the grape vine that the new owners are also the owners of Isabel's in Webster. Who happen to be Italian to my knowledge. How true this is I do not know - just what I was told while inquiring myself. I myself love Italian however it seems that the general conseses with everyone I speak with feel that Italian is the last thing this area needs. With Pinellis and Bella's only down the road they may be in for some tough competion, never mind all the other Italian picks locally. I know none of us wish to see yet aother establishment fail at that location which was once "the place to go" much like the Cocke n Kettle. All of us locals surely look forward to good eats there again. And although I am certain we all wish the new propriorters a wonderful welcome and the best to make the place a success....... they may want to take into serious condsideration the voices of the potential clientel who already assume another theme may be lucrative.