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Vietnamese Supermarket recommendations - looking for Pepper Sa-te Sauce!


I need Vietnamese Supermarket recommendations, anywhere in the City. I live in Jackson Heights, but love trolling Asian supermarkets throughout the city.

Specifically, what I am looking for is Pepper Sa-Te sauce, Huy Fong of Sriracha sauce fame made a Pepper Sa-Te sauce, but stopped 10 or more years ago.

I still have a half bottle I treasure and dole out sparingly...

After 10 years of hunting throughout NYC, I found a similar sauce of in all places, Easton, PA, where my wonderful Aunt Selma lives.

There in the Viet Hoa Oriental Grocery Store ( at 427 Northampton Street, Easton, PA 18042, 610-515-9935), I found Tia Chieu Sa-Te made by Vi Hao Food Co. It has a blue lid, and a unicorn on the insignia. Typical plastic container, with a wide flat lid, like what Huy Fong's non-squeeze bottle products come in.

But Easton is the only place I have found this. Until a few months ago there was no joy on the net, but recently stores in California have begun to offer Pepper Sa-te Sauce on line, but it's expensive to ship liquids, and spillage is possible.

Any suggestions for a good Vietnamese grocery, anywhere in The City?


Ken Jacowitz

Sep 13, 2009
Jackofwits in Manhattan

Good hot chili oil brand?

When I first moved to New York City about 1987-1988, all the bodegas had General Chow's Hot Oil. It came in glass bottles anout the same size and shape as House Of Tsang Mongolian Fire Oil, and similiar brands. Loved the stuff, true flavor and true fire. But gradually became hardfer and harder to find, and one day 12 or so years ago I suddently realized I could not find it anymore, or that I even had an empty jar for my museum of lost favorites I could no longer find...

Sep 10, 2009
Jackofwits in General Topics

Good hot chili oil brand?

Porker! You do in deed have a bottle of Huy Fong's Pepper Sa-Te Oil. They havn't made this in more than ten years, and I finished my last bottle 6 years ago!

Please, where did you get this?

Apr 10, 2009
Jackofwits in General Topics

Good hot chili oil brand?

Hi Porker,

Unfortunately Huy Fong hasn't made their Pepper Sa-Te sauce or oil in 10 years. They said it was too difficult or too much trouble. But after 10 years of searching I found the bottle you have. It's not Huy Fong Brand, but Tia Chieu Sa-Te made by Vi Hao Food Co.. Huy Fong has the Roster symbol and green caps or lids. The Vi Hao symbol is a unicorn in profile, with a blue lid. Strangely enough after visiting many, many Asian groceries big and small, I found it in Easton, PA when visiting my aunt! Can be found it at Viet Hoa Oriental Grocery Store is at 427 Northampton Street, Easton, PA 18042, 610-515-9935. Don't know if they ship, but can’t hurt to ask. One of my bottle I carried back from Easton did leak. I would suggest double zip lock bagging these, or any sauce or oil that has to travel.

The taste is almost as awesome as the Huy Fong! I’m one happy camper having Pepper Sa-Te back in my life. Try it as a chicken marinade, among its many uses and virtues.

Huy Fong, please bring your Pepper Sa-Te oil and sauce back. We love your products!

Ken Jacowitz

Apr 10, 2009
Jackofwits in General Topics