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Nathans' weiners will be available April 1 in Sobeys Ontario locations

according to their facebook page

Nathan's Hot Dogs in T.O?

Nathan's will be avail in Sobeys in Ontario as of April 1, 2013

Nathans Hot Dogs

Nathans will be available in Ontario at Sobeys as of APRIL 1, 2013

Goody's Diner Update, August 29, 2012

I finally found a place both of us loved, with great food, and they acted like they really cared, and I've told anyone that will listen about how great this place's food is. Sad.
I would rather go here than those Queen St places.
Goody's - if you reconsider, and reopen, please do it soon. I don't know how to break it to hubby.
(The respect and appreciation and love for Goodys shown on this board is true " brand affinity", what most brands aspire to, and really really hard to earn. It is a shame to let it all go after all the hard work to build it)

Goody's Diner Update, August 29, 2012

If that were the case, would make it a lot easier.if they posted on their web site/ door that they are closed for TIFF or busy wedding catering season or vacation or whatever it is ...and when they are reopening....? odd way to conduct business- speculation is not usually welcomed. I hope they are just on vacation and opening again soon.

Goody's Diner Update, August 29, 2012

DH heard from someone that it had closed and we were planning to go there today for lunch today, no mention on FB , or their website.
I called and got the answering machine- again no mention of being closed . It SOUNDS like business as usual, but I'm not going to take the long drive down there without knowing if they are open for business.
can someone please post if they find they are open.

Bagel frustration

just found that costco, of all places now carries Fairmount bagels !
yes, the montreal fairmount.
just bought them yesterday at the richmond hill costco, I heard they are at ellesmere and warden costco too. not sure of others.
3 sleeves of 6 in each bag - 18 for $9.99
I got sesame but I think there may have been also another flavour...
I think 18 for $10 was less than I paid in montreal but i don't know how that could be from a business sense,
I think they must have been pre frozen, and certainly that's what i did when i got them home. those bagels don't last long for freshness. but at least they are here

Belgian waffle makers?

Definitely the Kitchen aid pro line- it weighs a ton and you get a workout putting on the counter. it is fabulous!
I actually got mine with aeroplan miles, they are never on sale so this worked for me.

Mar 09, 2012
babinni in Cookware

ISO Mennonite Salami

My good luck!
I live not too far from Stouffville walmart- (not the greatest walmart around - has gone a bit downhill after its much anticipated arrival, in spite of the influx of people to the area). But if they carry Mennonite sausage then they ill go up a notch in my mind.
Will check on the sausage situation. Yipppee. Can you share where you saw it there- deli? or back in meat section near bacon?

Stouffville?? Lunch and Dinner Ideas

The Stakehouse is pretty good for ..ahem. fairly decent Not too pricey. West end of town on main, Cornerhouse was good ys ago, but last time we were there a year ago it had changed hands to a unionville couple and the prices pretty astronomical. Food was good though.
Fickle pickle I would limit to breakfast - their pickle slam is a giant cheap plate o everything breakfast.
We go to jade chinese food for takeout . Nearby R hill/ Aurora a good bet for a change of pace. Graystones on Yonge in Aurora for game and german schnitzel.

14889 Yonge St, Aurora, ON L4G, CA

Reco for Fish&Chips in Richmond Hill/Vaughn/Markham?

Well I respectfully disagree, Allencourt fish and Chips at the corner of Bayview and Major Mac has some of the best fish and chips around. Thick cut halibut fresh made cole slaw, and less than $10.
The place is clean place, friendly service, and for sure nothing fancy, with the locals and Tv with the green picture. I found it on this site and sought it out - we were not disappointed. I live about 25 minutes away, and when I am near there always make a point to stop in .yum. Best Ive found in york region. Capt George ( at least stouffville and port perry) is good, but fish is a bit thin. have not tried aurora one yet. I do like that CG they have sweet potato fries though.

Takeout in Markham?

Thai at LIttle Bangkok near the GO train station, Main street Markham .

SZECHUAN, oh Schezuan wherefore art thou!!!!

yes I too need a Schezuan reco for Thurs night with Girlfriends,
We miss Chung King at Spadina/Eg from years ago. Its gone, Hunan palace, ....whaaa. .
Now where?
Anywhere from Chinatown up to the 401, W of Yonge st. Need our crispy beef....reasonable , in a casual atmosphere...thanks

Where to buy Thai ingredients?:North GTA -Markham/Aurora

Oh..thanks tyatt. I didn't know weekends were an issue - I was there most recently on a weekday. (but Even if they were out of stock, they still didn't know what I was asking for..I hope it is marked galangal... LOL).
I will look up Ho Gings address. - that is pretty close by. Very grateful.

Where to buy Thai ingredients?:North GTA -Markham/Aurora

Thanks for the tips. Ok I will trek over to chinatown and try my luck.

And, you are right, I do not know what galangal looks like so I wouldn't recognize it-I'm told it looks like ginger. When I ask for it in Asian grocers, the language barrier is an issue - they do not understand what I am asking for- that goes for the larger places, T+T at Warden and Steeles, Big ?? ( something) at Kennedy S of 407 . ( I figure if T+T the Loblaws of asian markets doesn't have it, what are my chances? :).

I might take an asian friend with me to increase my chance at success.

Where to buy Thai ingredients?:North GTA -Markham/Aurora

Can anyone recommend a reliable place- preferably north of Toronto, from Markham to Aurora. that sells ingredients for Thai cooking. Or I work downtown-somewhere downtown near Yonge and Dundas will work. I'm sure you are thinking Markham?, Chinatown,? but I can't seem to locate the stuff when I need it.

I'm sure some savvy reader can direct me to a reliable grocer that sells thai ingredients such as:

- galangal, (have never found it- after numerous tries)
- kaffir leaves, (T+T went to the back and sold me some lime leaves, but not sure if they were "kaffir"- I used them anyway)
-lemongrass: have better luck with this one, but only after trying a few places each time I need it.

Southern Rub Smokehouse

Stopped in this week when I was in the neighbourhood. Now let me say I am a food lover, I love to eat, love to cook, but I am sure no expert when it comes to "real" BBQ. I just love food.
Ordered a couple of the briskets to take home, coleslaw, mac and cheese. And the carolina sauce which was fantastic. Will definitely be back and try the pulled pork and ribs and I am kicking myself that I forgot to order the hushpuppies! and I am the worlds biggest baked beans fan and completely missed them too. I guess I was on information overload.
Coleslaw was great, just the right tang. I would have probably liked the brisket to be sliced a bit thinner- but it was delicious. Gotta go back, I have more stuff to try!

Oh yeah, and for those of us not from Vaughan, it is a bit of trick to find, but look for McDonalds, It is beside /behind it, SW corner Pine Valley/7. Nick and Jim are both very friendly and worth the visit.

German Restaurant in TO?

Graystones on Yonge Street in Aurora. North of the City but is what you're looking for , and closer than Kitchener.
Very traditional, with about 5 or 6 schnitzel choices, naked with just breading, then there is stuffed (loaded with cheese -very filling) and non breaded with spectacular sauces. Hunter schnitzel, jager, stuffed Franz Josef, etc.
They don't do a breaded version with sauce as it makes it soggy, bu since that is how I like my schnitzel ( I mean with sauce, not soggy) I always order the breaded regular schnitzel with a side order of sauce, red cabbage and spazle. Spazle is delicious and buttery goodness. Red cabbage could use more sweetening for my taste.

Traditional red cabbage and Spazle. Decor dated (80s at best ) but if you can get past aqua and rose, then you'll be ok, Food is worth it. Reasonably priced. Singles over 30 dance club in back on Sat nights. that is separate from the restaurant.