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Pie Crust

thanks for your reply! as i said, the pie did turn out okay, i would have preferred the crust a little browner, but it was really fine, it's my husband's favorite.( pardon the typing, but i stubbed my toe and tripped yesterday and broke my left ring finger in two places, both angled, so have a cast on my left hand!) i never made pate brisee. i have a great never fail pie crust recipe. meringue isn't all that tricky. doug loves meringue! is pate brisee much different from pie crust? i used to do a lot more baking, but there are just the two of us, and we are 83, do you have any specially good recipes? i like to try new things, if no too complicated. i'll ltell you sometime about my experiences with puff pastry!!!!

Nov 25, 2011
bardoougma in Home Cooking

Pie Crust

Well, I baked my coconut cream pie with meringue at 350 for 25 minutes. The meringue fell some, but the crust did get done, and it was okay. Whew!

Nov 24, 2011
bardoougma in Home Cooking

Pie Crust

I forgot to prebake my pie crust for a custard pie. I am cooking it at 350 and hoping the pie crust will get done. Anybody else ever do this?

Nov 23, 2011
bardoougma in Home Cooking

Mexican Chocolate Icebox Cookies

Chopping Ibarra chocolate rounds is no easy task. My Kitchen Aid processor kept throwing the belt, so I chopped with a heavy bladed knife but couldn't chop very fine. Left bar in 'frig overnight, then in freezer for about 3/4 hour. Slicing was difficult because the chocolate pieces were a little big, but I had no trouble reforming them (I wonder why one couldn't just make these as drop cookies and pat them down!) Very interesting flavor but the Mexican chocolate gives them a slightly grainy texture, and, for my taste, they are a little too sweet.
bardougma April 2009

Apr 10, 2009
bardoougma in Recipes