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Dinner party for 10, mid-range, delicious yet unfussy, charming

My husband and I are hosting my mother-in-law's 70th birthday party in November. The lady is spry and bohemian and up for anything. She also appreciates good, simple food and charming locations (she's Italian-American but has lived in France for 40 years, and is a fantastic home cook in both cuisines). I know she prefers properly made, but less "nouveau" food, and we really want a place that feels charming. It must scale to 10 and take reservations. Thanks!

Fast but delicious place near ODC theater in the Mission?

indeed, bar bambino was able to fit us in despite opentable's negative...squeezed some more time into our schedule...sycamore sounds tasty...nice beer menu...maybe a beer afterwards and pub dinner for my husband, who's in the show. or drinks at homestead. any of you been there? (it's amazing how micro one gets with evening planning when one has children, babysitting fees and high expectations.)

Fast but delicious place near ODC theater in the Mission?

thanks for all the great suggestions, guys. i've been intrigued by bar bambino, but am having trouble getting a rez for 5. there's also slow club and universal...liked those in past.

Fast but delicious place near ODC theater in the Mission?

We're seeing a dance theater show at 8 p.m. at ODC at 17th and Shotwell. We're a group of five who want to eat something tasty, but only have from 6:30-7:30 p.m.(ish). No picky eaters; all foodies. We'd like it to be walking distance. Suggestions?

Cool &/or ethnic place to bring kids for lunch near AMC van ness movie theater

i'm planning to bring my kids to a matinee at amc 1000 tomorrow. i was hoping to bring them to lunch afterwards nearby (tenderloin okay, within reason). my kids like interesting food experiences so i'd welcome suggestions like that. (note: they've tried vietnamese sandwiches, which they basically liked, although some are just too fiery for them.)

wine-tasting with kids along?

my husband and i are hoping to take my visiting-from-france mother-in-law out in the sonoma area this friday. i have this idea that we can spend the morning at morton's springs swimming and sunning then hit maybe two wineries nearby for tastings and an early picnic dinner. we have two young children who will be joining us, though. do wineries even let you taste/shop with children?

so, specifically, i guess i'm looking for a couple of non-touristy, low-key wineries with decent wines for tastings that would have an outdoor area for the kids to run around and that welcome picnickers (and are pretty to picnic in -- gotta impress the MIL). i would like them to be near morton's hot springs, which is in glen ellen.

anything come to mind?


seattle wedding dinner spot for 20 - urgent

friends, my sister is having a small wedding for family for about 20 people in seattle may 15 weekend. unfortunately, the place she had booked for the dinner, tulio, double-booked our room -- and we are out! now it's a last-minute scramble to find and book another place. most of us are coming in from san francisco, new york and other major cities. i think the goal is to have a mid-priced -- as far as wedding dinners go...i think tulio was around $75/head but they could swing it because the wedding is so small -- place with a private room that is fun, festive, intimate, ambient and has pretty good food. (she originally wanted a place outside of town...some sort of organic prix fixe with "farm" in the name, but it was too pricey.) we don't have to have the best food of our lives, though a certain specialness would make sis feel good. (here's the sob story part: she and her fiance live in montana and are in seattle that weekend only to see a visiting specialist from japan because their baby has a rare bone marrow failure syndrome.)

i'd welcome any input on this. time's of the essence! (btw, the families have not yet booked rooms, but have some on hold in downtown hotels, so we're somewhat flex on location. the ceremony is in the queen anne neighborhood.)

kim, who never thought she'd be an MOH again at this age ;- )

Apr 10, 2009
curlfriend in Pacific Northwest