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From a food lovers perspective, is Venice worth it?

On my way from Florence to Venice, via train, we stopped by accident in Bologna. I thought the food was amazing there, including all the little meat shops. The food in Florence really stood out too - we were visiting friends, so they knew some amazing places.

Jun 20, 2012
LimonZang in Italy

What is the best dip you ever had and the recipe?

Hi Chef Chicklet,
Your dips sound amazing. Do you mind providing the recipes for your dog team tavern dip and braunsweger? Thanks!

Feb 02, 2011
LimonZang in Home Cooking

Anything new and exciting between SYR and Utica?

Not sure when you were last home, but check out my post on some old and new places:

Top 5 Most Overrated in Manhattan

I agree with Babbo's. I could not wait to try his dishes; however I was quickly disappointed. The only thing truly savory to my palate were the desserts. Too bad the pastries are made by a different chef!

Although, I disagree with the Carnegie Deli being listed...the pastrami has always been top notch since my first visit as a child. I always loved the green tomatos, which have remained the same in taste.

Jul 20, 2009
LimonZang in Manhattan

Turning Stone Casino area

Joel's is a good choice for steak....The Savoy in Rome for Italian.

If you can travel, see my post at

If not, I'd stay at the Casino for your meal since the restaurants offer good cuisine/service.

Utica, NY

****Ancora, next to The Stanley, is an excellent restaurant with a nice wine selection. The owners/chefs lived in Manhattan, so it is more innovative than the usual Utica Italian restaurant.

**** Karam's Middle Eastern Bakery A nice Lebanese café with homemade food and low prices. I highly recommend stopping by for lunch (only open during lunch hours) and getting a wrap along with some appetizers: hummous, babba ganoush, taboulee, Kibbee, grape leaves, string cheese. Don't forget the boklava!

****Bamboo Chinese Restaurant in New Hartford is very good. They also own Our Place in Manhattan (which was a favorite of mine when I lived in the UES of Manhattan). The menu is the same too! Excellent dishes:
*Duet Prawns
Jumbo prawns served in two flavors: They are lightly fried until crispy; one is in a mild Grand Marnier sauce, the other is topped with a spicy pepper.
*Prawns Our Style
Tender jumbo prawns sautéed in a white wine sauce with baby snow peas and red peppers. It is a must for shrimp lovers!
*Clay Pot Chicken

*Geisha II at 32 Bank....authentic Japanese food prepared by a lady from Japan who settled in Utica.

4941 Commercial Dr
Yorkville, NY
A Utica-area establishment for lunch and dinner. Great lamb dishes, reasonable prices, and always reliable food quality

*Pho Mekong House of Noodles
Extensive menu of Vietnamese soups/dishes

If you can take a 15/20 minute trip, it is well worth the time to visit La Petite Maison in Waterville. A four star, gourmet, french restaurant. Eve prepares the best soups I have ever consumed!

Also, The Savoy in Rome...when I visit my family, this is our favorite Italian restaurant (since the closing of the Alpine in Utica). Well worth the drive. And you don't want to miss the desserts!

Hope this helps!

Lounges in Albany Area

Thanks for the suggestions! I will be trying one tonight!

Salsa Latina in Albany

Are you referring to Pio Pio in Manhattan on the Upper East Side? Or this a restaurant in Albany? Sorry! Answered this one myself after using google. A place I must try!

Lounges in Albany Area

Sorry, this is not exactly "Chow" material, but I am looking for a lounge or wine bar in the Albany area. A place that is upscale and possibly similar to a Manhattan bar/lounge...any ideas? Thanks!

So good that you make it over and over again (or at least 3 times!)

Spago's House far the best salad I have encountered! I substitute the apples for pears, blue cheese w/ good quality gorgonzola or goat cheese, and I use arugula along with the spinach. I usually make it for dinner parties and there are never any left-overs.

May 26, 2009
LimonZang in Home Cooking

Good chinese in the albany area?

Jspear - I have never gotten take-out from Plum Blossom. I have eaten in the restaurant about 4 times. Each time, I thought the food was great for the area. However, you have a better idea of the consistency/quality of food, since you frequent the place more. When I said "best" I meant for the area....nothing really compares to a NYC Chinatown restaurant! Still and all, in the Capital Region I think CCK and Plum Blossom take the cake. I just wish we had a "healthy" chinese restaurant in the region with fresh produce, light sauces, lots of tofu and no msg. Any places like this in the area?

Red Dot, Hudson, NY

Try Swoon! The chef's creations are innovative and always fresh. They have a gift for creating different dishes (i.e., lamb ragu on cod over a cauliflower puree; at first I thought lamb and fish?! Once it hit my palate it was a true success!). When I would visit family in Albany I would specifically get off at the Hudson train stop for Swoon! Although I must say their pastry chef is lacking substance compared to the dishes, but there is an ice cream place down the street. It is a real treat! I had chai ice cream and it was perfection: A creamy, melt in your mouth dream!

Living in 2 Food Worlds (Capital Region & NYC)

Hi FDR: Thanks for the links! I just was on both sites and left the last review about Marissa's Place being a great establishment for the Capital Region! Seriously, give it a try. It is by far the best pizza I have had in Upstate past the Bronx line! Fresh, authentic and gourmet!

Living in 2 Food Worlds (Capital Region & NYC)

I am not a big fan of Athnos...did you enjoy your meal there? I felt the menu lacked originality and authenticity.

Also, have you been to Swoon in Hudson? I am a transplant from Manhattan and their menu is comparable. Excellent, original, fresh!!!!

Marissa's Place in Guilderland - Wow! Fantastic gourmet pizza w/ fresh milk mozzarella, sausage slices and they even have rapini on the menu!

Rehearsal Dinner in Albany...

Why not Provence in Stuyvesant Plaza? The dinning area is large and I am sure they could close the back off for you. Plus, the design is aesthetically appeasing. As for kids, they make excellent pom frites and I am sure they could accommodate any requests (i.e., grilled cheese). I recently took my out-of-town family there for a late-lunch and everyone greatly enjoyed the food and atmosphere.

4-Star North of Albany

I once read about this restaurant outside of Albany, NY, north of Saratoga. The restaurant had a new personalized menu each night based on local produce. Has anyone heard of a restaurant like this? I believe I viewed the website last year, but now I cannot seem to find it. Thanks!

Good chinese in the albany area?

I just went to CCK this evening. I am a transplant from New York who often spent Sundays in Chinatown for Dim Sum. I thought the food at CCK was very good and authentic (but they do not have brown rice). Another place is Plum Blossom in Troy. Trust me, it is worth the 15/20min drive. Their food is some of the best Chinese I have eaten, in a great atmosphere, and excellent service.