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Where can i buy a great cup cake in Albany area?

Try Bake Me Cake Next Door in Delmar. They had some a great variety and for the most part, were rather tasty.

E.A.T.S (Stuyvesant Plaza, Albany) Closed

Last week the Albany County Sheriff had a Notice of Eviction posted.

Barefoot Contessa mixes

I also tried the coconut cupcake mix and if you know how bake I wouldn't waste my money. The mix was good but it doesn't beat homemade IMO.

Sep 28, 2009
kailin in General Topics

In Search of Large & Unique Fall Wedding Venue for 2010

My wedding has come and gone and I can tell you that if there is no staff turnover between now and then the food will be great (people still talk about it and my wedding was a few months ago) as will the waitstaff at the wedding. Aside from that, all I can say is you will have a beautiful backdrop for your pictures and none of your guests will realize what is going on behind the scenes (i.e. the owner is a nightmare). Congrats!

Coconut M&M's in Westchester?

I called the M&M product hotline and they said they stopped shipping these in July making them a little tough to find now in NY.

Great spot near Albany Times Union Center for Dinner PLEASE HELP!!!!!

The kiosk at Dale Miller's was supposed to open but as of a week ago when I was there it wasn't. When you get there, if they have a summer berry trifle with a lemon scented pound cake you must try it, it was the best thing I have ever tasted.

Mexican food in Saratoga Springs, NY

You should try Leon's, it is owned by an old jockey and is great!

Great spot near Albany Times Union Center for Dinner PLEASE HELP!!!!!

I would try Franklin Towers, I've never been let down there. It is a short walk from the TU Center on Broadway and might work if you are looking for something more casual than Jack's, 677, Dale Miller etc...

Lounges in Albany Area

There is The Wine Bar on Broadway in Saratoga. If you want to stay in downtown Albany Dale Miller is rumored to have a rooftop terrace where you can have cocktails with great views of the city. Blue 82 on S. Pearl is "loungy", there may be a young crowd depending on what night you go though. I would stay far away from Vin Santo in Latham, to be frank it's crap.

Top Pizza in Capital Region?

You must try Kay's on Burden Lake, it is the best!!

In Search of Large & Unique Fall Wedding Venue for 2010

I do know that the Erlowest recently (it seems to me very very recently) hired a lot of new staff so maybe they are getting their act a little more together.

Rehearsal Dinner in Albany...

And thanks for the suggestions everyone!

Rehearsal Dinner in Albany...

I think we have settled on Tesoro, we tried it this weekend. The food was good, apparently the chef from Lombardos left to open this place, it was just like I remembered Lombardos years ago.

In Search of Large & Unique Fall Wedding Venue for 2010

I am having my wedding at the Erlowest. Honestly it is a great location, the new chef (actually he was under Dale Miller and took over upon his departure) is great, the food is great but in my experience the owner is less than great. Bad on the communication and follow through and only offers excuses when you finally do get a hold of her. However, that is only my experience so you should go check it out and see for yourself, you may have a greatly different experience. One bit about the museum, I looked into it but they have some very strict restrictions. Good luck!!! (And, I know you didn't ask but Gio Marino's cakes are amazing if you are still looking for a wedding cake!)

Dale Miller (Albany)

I haven't been but the menu went online yesterday, it looks great. I love that you can get half portions.

Rehearsal Dinner in Albany...

It is in fact my wedding, thanks for the well wishes. I have been to Hattie's many many times through a couple of owners. I love the feel of the place and they make a great mojito! Having said that I find their chicken to be consistently good, not great but good. I think the sides are decent, I have never had dessert. Jasper has definitely brought the quality of the food up a notch. I never thought they would rent the place out, and given how packed they are I imagine it will cost me, but I will give them a call. Thanks for the suggestion.

In Search of Large & Unique Fall Wedding Venue for 2010

The Inn at Erlowest is a castle in Lake George that can accomodate 200 people, or you can rent the top floor of the NYS Museum and there is a place in Saratoga that used to be a huge church but now rents out for weddings etc, I can't remember the name - Preservation Hall maybe?

Rehearsal Dinner in Albany...

Thanks so much for all the ideas. I have never been to Capriccio, some people I know have loved it others have hated it. I wanted to keep it around $30 pp not including alcohol, tax and gratuity. Just wanted something a bit casual as the wedding is at Erlowest so it is a bit more upscale. Yono's may work, I never even thought of it. Thanks again!!

Rehearsal Dinner in Albany...

Does anyone have a suggestion for a rehearsal dinner in the Albany area? Our first pick, Franklin Tower, was booked. Nothing fancy like 677, Dale Miller or Marche. Just a place with a nice room and good food that can accommodate kids and adults alike.

Good chinese in the albany area?

Shanghi (sp?) Grill in Newton Plaza is fantastic, and they serve brown rice.