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long island [moved from Manhattan board]

can anyone recommend good meals to be found around long island? thanks.

Sep 17, 2007
blur in General Tristate Archive

times square walking distance

hey all, i will be visiting New York City for the first time and need help getting my bearings... what are your best recommendations for the following fare within an invigorating walk from times square hotel location? (i'm visiting from Phoenix where it's still 109 degrees, so I want to spend as much time outside as possible for a great early fall fix!)

1) best cappucino/breakfast cafe

2) best japanese cuisine

3) best wine list/greatest restaurant bar to enjoy a bottle

thanks so much in advance!

Sep 12, 2007
blur in Manhattan

red light, green light?

what are your thoughts on Red Light (asian fusion)? thanks

Jul 05, 2007
blur in Chicago Area

Breakfast/Lunch in Sedona

REDS at Sedona Rouge has really nice breakfast service. For lunch, I would just pick up bread and cheese and go on the river bank down at L'Auberge.

Jun 12, 2007
blur in Southwest

Sedona Restaurants Help

Troias Italian is quite good and not too formal or pricey - I also like Bistro Bella Terra - great view, nice wines, very friendly bar

amen on the Red Planet - that place is wacky, good & greasy

Apr 18, 2007
blur in Southwest

Conference in Scottsdale: Cowboy Ciao?

i took a group to cowboy ciao - to the "gold room" which is separated from the restaurant by a curtain - it was a wonderful 3 course meal and they set up a special wine tasting throughout the meal with three different red wines for us to taste and talk about - it was a great time. you get the energy of the restaurant while being semi-private.

Apr 16, 2007
blur in Phoenix

mk ok?

what are all your thoughts on mk? it never seems to make the top lists here....?

Apr 12, 2007
blur in Chicago Area

Arizona Byobs

Slice of Sicily - great pizza @ 36th St. & Indian School in the northwest corner strip of shops behind Autumn Court

Apr 10, 2007
blur in Southwest

Sea Saw - Scottsdale [Split from: PIZZERIA BIANCO]

ate at sea saw last friday night - eating at the counter was the greatest experience. it truly would not have been as enjoyable if we were seated in the small tables against the wall or windows, since the food is so intricate, we just wanted to know everything... the sous was fantastic about answering all our questions (and there were a ton), the food was so unique - grapefruit with ponzu... yum. yes the $$ is difficult to part with (especially at $20 for a glass of rose'). but well worth the adventure. chef nobuo served omakase to the group next to us - it was such a wonderfully intimate, interactive setting for some fantastic food.

Apr 10, 2007
blur in Southwest

Phoenix - are we fickle? [moved from Southwest board]

the problem with the national perception of the phoenix/scottsdale dining scene is that you can't trust your sources to be current and unpaid... terrible places like the Roaring Fork have people spilling out the door when the food is now boring, bordering on atrocious. Chelsea's Kitchen, Postino and La Grande can crank out some good stuff, but they are also super-busy by design, with more space designated for waiting than for dining. and the big problem is that Sam Fox has somehow become our culinary spokesperson, when his Olive and Ivy gets panned by the same newspaper's restaurant critic.

there's a sub-thread: who do you actually trust for Phoenix dining advice (besides Chowhound of course and your own palatte?) magazines, publications, blogs, etc.

Apr 05, 2007
blur in Food Media & News

opinions on guest complaints (moved from Southwest)

I was at a quite well-reviewed, upscale Phoenix restaurant a few months ago sitting at the wine bar and I had a completely unimpressive soggy pizza and a tasteless, wilty $11 caesar salad. I wrote a very respectful guest comment (of course NOT looking for freebies but just a 'hey' the kitchen was cranking out some shoddy stuff) to the restaurant and as of now still have never received any word in reply...

here's the thread: what are some of your experiences/opinions/thoughts on upscale restaurants that answer/don't answer genuine, respectful guest complaints? (i'm not talking chili fingers...)

Apr 04, 2007
blur in Not About Food

anthem eats?

yeah legends just was not terrifically legendary. how is dining at the country club - there are two restaurants there?

Apr 03, 2007
blur in Southwest

anthem eats?

ate at legends bar and grill up in anthem last night - the waitress told us she stops at mcdonalds on her way to work instead of eating the food she serves... not a good sign.

franco's seems to have changed hands and is called arribiato's or something like that... the franco's website is still up... ?

and madelyn's restaurant now has a website but the actual place is still bare bones. the menu definitely looks intriguing there.

Apr 02, 2007
blur in Southwest

Great wine shops in Scottsdale?

another spot to check out is backstreet wine salon behind the shopping center at 36th and indian school - it's decorated very ornately so might seem pretentious or intimidating but the owner is super down-to-earth, they have a little bistro with different meals every night and just seem like really nice folks.

Mar 29, 2007
blur in Phoenix

anthem eats?

is there any good eating in anthem, arizona? or do you have to make the trek to binkley's in cave creek? i know madelyn's is on the way...

Mar 29, 2007
blur in Southwest

Three Best Restaurants To Try in Scottsdale? How about brunch, too?

Binkley's is stellar

Sep 09, 2006
blur in Phoenix

Best Chinese take-out central Phoenix?

looking for recommendations for delivery/take-out Chinese who are around downtown Phoenix - I know that Gourmet House of Hong Kong has been on the top five list in the Republic for ever, but I went there and thought the black bean sauce that was touted to be so wonderful was atrocious.

anyone know the restaurants at COFCO? been to Golden Buddha... very nice.

Sep 09, 2006
blur in Southwest

Best Mole in Phoenix

normally I recommend Barrio Cafe for EVERYTHING central Mexican, but I didn't like the mole there and I haven't found an alternative... but Barrio is incredible for just about anything else.

Sep 09, 2006
blur in Phoenix

Illegal Cheese

I tried the epoisses on a wine tasting menu here in Phoenix... you could tell it was past it's prime, and now I know why! it was paired with a zinfandel tasting which was not hefty enough to sweep the rank feel of the cheese out of our mouths, no matter how many refills.

Sep 03, 2006
blur in Features

Need Balto area recs for a 30th birthday party, moderate, about 50 people

make the trek to RT's in Alexandria VA - they have private room they can close off completely

i know the website photo suggests more casual but it's incredible... really top knotch food - best crawfish etoufee north of n'arleans - super dark roux.

Phoenix pizza

Cibo @ 5th Ave south of Roosevelt - in big Victorian house on corner with parking in back - wonderful woodfire pies and great wines in a setting that makes you feel you're dining at an old friend's house.

Aug 24, 2006
blur in Phoenix