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Who is eating at the Mandarin?

I'm 100 per cent Chinese and I can tell you that the "Chinese food" being served at Mandarin is not entirely authentic. Their food is totally Americanized and mostly fried. There are so many options in GTA if you're up for real Chinese cuisine.

Sep 12, 2009
coco_t in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Surprise Birthday Dinner

Thanks all for your suggestions! Lee and Madeline are definitely on my short list. I love the vibe at Lee myself, but was a little worried about ordering tapas for a large group being a hassle. The tasking menu might be the way to go.

On another note - I had Rain's tasting menu a while ago and was really impressed with it; the plating, flavour and attention to detail was great. Maybe it was my lucky day ... does anyone know when it's re-opening after renovations?

Apr 10, 2009
coco_t in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Surprise Birthday Dinner

Hi everyone,

I'm hoping to surprise my other half with a nice dinner with 10 to 12 of his close friends next Saturday in downtown Toronto.

Some of his favourite restaurants include Canoe, RAIN and North 44, but I'm looking for suggestions that are more mid-range (in terms of price) and affordable for everyone, since it's a pretty big group. Probably around $60 - 80 full course including glass of wine. Lively, casual chic ambience would be nice. No preferred style/type of cuisine--we love adventures!

We might be going for after-dinner drinks (not clubbing--more like a place where we could just hang out) so suggestions for that is welcome too!


Apr 09, 2009
coco_t in Ontario (inc. Toronto)