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Olivia at 53?

anyone been there recently? thoughts? am considering it for a special dinner in the the next few weeks...

Ottawa Suggestions


Chinese Hot Pot - Downtown?

Any thoughts or suggestions of anywhere decent and affordable?

tandoori masala downtown?

silly question - anyone know where i can get my hands on some tandoori masala w/o having to head out of the downtown core or towards little india?


Japanese curry in Toronto

couldnt agree more on tokyo kitchen.... for the great authentic food (most of the patrons are exchange students and japanese ex-pats), the washroom fiasco can be looked past.

ISO bamboo cutting boards

greasy hangover breakfast near queen and bathurst

Shanghai Cowgirl
538 Queen St W

Bluefin Sushi near Rogers Centre

thanks Teep for putting yourself though a not-so-great meal for the update! :)

Best Burgers in Toronto?

Went to Allen's last night and try and burger for the first time. dang, it is amazing. defianetly tops!

GTA Pick-Your-Own Raspberries etc., Wittamore's etc.

Great post! Thanks!!

Saving Grace is quite simply 'amazing' Grace

went to musa today because i wanetd to try the eggs benny.... however, the eggs were overcooked and the hollandaise sauce was overdone as if it sat under a food warmer or in the oven while the service tried to catch up.

that's the one thing about musa - service is incredibly slow due to disorganization. and i'm pretty sure the dude serving us was high.

Toronto's Best Thai - Suhko Thai - Update

Went there last week with a table for 6. Great, small and intimate place. No pretentiousness whatsoever.

Loved the fish panang (not on the menu) and the kao soi.

2009 entertainment book on sale in gta?

anyone know where i can get a copy of the entertainment book? with over half the year over, buying online is only $7 (plus shipping), but i was looking for somewhere local to get it....

Asahi Kuronama Black availability?

i had bottles of asahi black at manpaku on mccaul. it went well with the takosen they served... :)

Ottawa - which of these restaurants would you choose?

whalesbone, hands down.

great food. no pretentiousness (sp?), and the couple of seats they have in front of the open kitchen is always fun.


anyone know where one could get good doubles in the GTA? preferably downtown-ish....

Who's Been To The Sultan's Tent / Cafe Maroc?

went last night, and am planning to never go back.

the service wasn't too shabby, however, the 4 course meal is a complete farce. with a 39.99 price tag for the bare bones meal that is terribe and simple not very good, this is definately a place that uses its novelty (e.g. belly dancing and eating under tents) to bring the people in the door.... only to never return.

New Izakaya joint @ Yonge & Eg

Went to Fin last night with a group of friends. It was fairly busy with a good mix of japanese ex-pats, foreign students, and non-asians. It was the first time that most of my friends had tried out an izakaya, and i have to say that as a first time experience, it definately delivered. friendly and attentive service, food was reminecent of japan, but does need a little more work to live up to other izakayas in north america. (this is where i will not compare it to izakayas in japan, as it really is in a different league). ultimately a good place to start off at for izakaya beginners.

having 9 people in our group meant that we were able to order an extremely wide range of items. i wont go into the details of all of them...

Niku-jyaga - This came as the starter for the group. Wasn't anything to write home about, as the potatoes were overdone, but the flavour was there. the right amount of sweetness.

shabu shabu radish salad - huge plate of radish, sliced pork, and what tasted like ponzu sauce as dressing. cute presentation, and a nice way to ease people in to the meal.

natto and rice - fermented soy beans, green onion, soya sauce and white rice. hmmm. since this is such an acquired taste, we decided to give it a whirl. since i enjoy natto on occassion, i quite liked the stickiness and stringiness that it offered, and since natto typically has a very powerful smell, the brand of natto that was served up wasnt that bad at all. definately will get it again - if not for myself, but for newbies to japanese cuisine.

Asian Tofu Flight - 3 cubes of medium-hard tofu topped with toppings that were supposed to represent China, Korea, and Japan. Japan was some green onion, ginger, and radish. Korea was basicaly kimchi, and the chinese one i couldnt identify at all. Interesting concept nonetheless.

ika sugata yaki - grilled squid. pretty darn good. i wish we had ordered two of them.

fin ramen - to be honest - there isnt anywhere in toronto that serves great ramen. and this one was fairly average.

yakisoba - topped with an omelette, the yakisoba was very well prepared. the right amount of ginger and sauce made this one of of the more popular dishes.

Aji Namerou - Horse Mackeral (which is a fish about 6 inches long or so) that is filleted, then the meat is ground up with green onion and ginger. kind of like a salmon or steak tartare. this was pretty decent. great presentaton as the plate included the fileted fish strung up on a piece of bamboo that all in one shot, wowed and grossed out our 16 yr old at the table. in my opinion, this was gorgeous and i commend the chef for having the guts to plate the dish in that manner. once we finished the dish and all that was left was the fileted fish, i asked our waitress if it was safe to eat the fish on its on. she replied by saying that if we would like, she would take it away and prepare it such that we could eat the entire thing head to tail. intrigued, we agreed, and about 15 minutes later, she came back with our fish lightly battered and fried to the point where all the bones had grown soft. she also brought a small dish of ponzu sauce and said we could just break off pieces of the fish and dip into the sauce for flavour. "full of calcium", she remarked, after a couple minutes of laughing and picture taking, we embarked into the devouring what was left of the fish, with a friend of mine chowing down right into the head. beautiful.

all in all - the food was decent, but not mind-blowing. however, the great and attentive service, reasonable prices, and non-pretentious clientele will definately have me coming back to fin.

best shawarma in Ottawa?

Being from Ottawa and now living in Toronto, nothing has been up to live up to Shawarma Palace. Everytime I am back, I make a trip to "palace" and get a mixed plate (chicken and beef), can never finish it, but am intensely satisfied when i am done... just make sure they give you two pieces of bread (i.e. pita) with it, and get the garlic on the side so you can evenly distribute it... hehe.

New poutine spot - Poutini

stopped by late on tuesday night for the traditional.... solid poutine... for toronto.....

the cheese wasn't very squeaky either, but the gravy was decent and the fries were well done.

met the owners and they seemed like they were still testing out a few things. and so far, it's a cash only joint...

New Izakaya joint @ Yonge & Eg

thanks for the post!!!! i am definatly going to give them a go this week :)

ive been dying to find a non-pretentious izakaya in toronto after livin in japan for a couple of years.

tandoor oven

anyone know where i can track down a tandoor oven? a friend of mine just bought a house, has a bbq, and wanted to surprise them with something special. any tips on where to go (i'm thinking somewhere in little india), cost, all that, would be reallly helpful.


Jules (Spadina & Richmond)

Stopped by Jules this past Sunday for lunch with a couple of friends, and I must say that i truly enjoyed it.

It wasn't too busy at the time (due to the rain outside), but for being a first timer at Jules, and a trying to find something that reminded me of paris, this fit the bill.

With an great sized chalkboard menu that covered the entire length of the restaurant (they hand them out too) opposite the brick interior and open concept kitchen, I knew I liked it from the start.

The head chef came out to greet a few of the regular customers (who were all speaking in French) really out did himself. Simple presentation. Clean plating.The onion soup was nice, light, not overly salty, and just right as a side to my leek and carmelized onion quiche. The pastry was crisp, done just right, and the filling was nicely flavoured. there were also some freshly made apricot tarts (fresh out of the ovent!), but we decided not to venture at the time. definaetly, next time.

will definaetly be there again soon.

Bluefin Sushi near Rogers Centre

Completely agree with you. A buddy of mine lives in the condos above it, and I went down to Bluefin for a snack one evening. Dried out gyoza and expensive nigiri sushi is what i got. Never again. Would rather take the nice walk up to Takesushi on Front.

MASA at Yonge and Charles

Second this thought. i went there a few weeks ago, and was severly disappointed. the sushi was clearly made by amateurs, and a good portion of their menu is fried....

If i could recommend a more authentic experience, i would say you could cross the street and head to tokyo kitchen. it's a small place that is connected to the green p parking garage.

for the most part, the patrons are all japanese... and for good reason. their sushi/sashimi is average, but they do really great donburis and udon. my personal favourite is the katsu-don or the oyako-don. it's the only place in the city i've been to that serves it the right way, and doesn't cost an arm and a leg.


unfortunately, there arent really contenders for this..... i work near smoke's and it's terrible. the gravy is too thick and congealy (not a real word, but it's used best to describe it),...

this one might be ok...

Stone road grille in NOTL

i was there over the christmas break, and they had this beautiful chef's special with lamb cooked in 3 ways - a mouth-watering sheppard's pie, a chop, and a small rack. very very delish.

btw - as everyone else has said, it's a great little place. the decor is nice, and to be honest, its one of the least pretentious (sp?) places i have been for this type of dining. enjoy!

Vegetarian Dim Sum

i really hate to be a negative poster, but vegetarian dim sum is an oxymoron. of course there are a very limited set of choices for meatless dim sum like onion pancake, or a couple of various dumplings and beancurd-based things.

Seven Numbers - Bad Experience

went to the Eg location last night. my gf had the fetucine and i had the veal lasagna. both were great. as always. however, there definately is a point regarding service. Grandgourmand is right. they're just a bunch of buddies with some customers. isn't it customary to receive the oil and vinegar when you drop off the bread? or the cheese and chili oil when the secondi meals come? one would think that, but both were overlooked by our server, and we had to ask him for it.... sigh. still, i love the food.

Canned Smoked Chinese Herring in Black Bean - Missing in Action?

That's too bad as that little tin can was a large part of my childhood!