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Struggling in Etobicoke/SixPoints...Help- Takeout!!

Yes! Tried it last week and this is now our new favourite take out place in Etobicoke! I had the los campechanos tacos that were very tasty and filling (steak and chorizo with onions and cilantro), hubby had a very generous and yummy looking chorizo burrito, but the best part were the home-made chips and the most delicious "green" salsa I've ever had! Parking is horrible, and the restaurant doesn't look very inviting from the road - (windows had closed blinds despite "open" sign) - we originally thought it was only an industrial / manufacturing place, and stopped to peek in out of curiosity to see if they had prepared food - so glad we did!

May 08, 2013
Madcar in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

President's Choice Black Label

Had the buffalo mozzarella girasoli last was really, really good!

Dec 10, 2011
Madcar in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

St. James Gate Pub Etobicoke - great food and atmosphere!

5140 Dundas St West, Etobicoke (on Dundas between Kipling and Islington).

Nov 12, 2011
Madcar in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

St. James Gate Pub Etobicoke - great food and atmosphere!

Went to the recently opened St. James Gate Pub and Restaurant mid afternoon today (formerly Silk Thai, and Millers Country Fare before that). Went with the family - DH and 2 kids. We were expecting "basic pub food", but a nice surprise awaited us! What a delightful addition to the Islington Village neighbourhood! One child had chicken fingers and fries - the basic, "off the children's menu" type. Other child had mac and cheese, and it was AMAZING. Had smoked duck pieces in it, creamy and flavourful cheese. Mom and Dad couldn't resist sneaking our forks in for a few tastes. DH and I each had a burger with brie, carmelized onions and mushrooms - on Ace bakery buns with what appeared to be homemade patties, generously portioned at about 1/2 lb each, and cooked perfectly for us - moist, not dry! I got a very yummy spinach salad for my side (it also came with coleslaw and perfect dill pickle - I'm picky about my dills), and DH got fries for his side. The kids then were surprised with ice cream and oreos, and grownups shared what I think is the best dessert I've had anywhere in a while...the restaurant's homemade peanut butter pie. Service was wonderful - really hope this neighbourhood restaurant succeeds!

Nov 12, 2011
Madcar in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Singapore-style Laksa downtown Toronto?

My family goes to Lion City in Mississauga for our Singaporean food, including Laksa (we're Singaporean-Canadian).

Lion City Restaurant
1177 Central Pky W, Unit 70, Mississauga, ON L5C4P3, CA

May 28, 2010
Madcar in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Sunday lunch in Etobicoke?

I held my husband's 40th birthday dinner for 20 friends and familly members last summer at La Veranda Osteria at the corner of Royal York and Bloor. We enjoyed it completely. All of the grownups loved the food, and the staff were great with our kids (aged 3 yrs and 10 mths at that time, along with 2 older kids). Been to ViBo before with hubby, and must say that we enjoyed La Veranda a wee bit better.

See website:

Feb 18, 2010
Madcar in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Real BBQ in Etobicoke

I've driven by this restaurant as well, and decided to try take-out last night as well after deciding with some friends that it was going to be a "ribs and pulled pork" night. (for badrockandroll, it is on the southwest corner on Dundas at Burnhamthorpe - about 3 blocks east of the Turkish restaurant, but south side.) Showed up at 5:35 pm to order dinner for take-out. They only had 1 1/2 slabs of ribs left, no beans and not enough cucumber salad for a large order. We made do, and took the remaining 1 1/2 slabs of ribs (not sure what the other 3 parties that came after us did for dine-in service, if they were looking for ribs as well) and also ordered 3 pulled pork sandwiches as a result. Also ordered large orders of the potato salad and coleslaw. The restaurant was near empty when we arrived - there was one other table of diners and one person also there for take-out, but it took about 45 minutes for our take-out order to be prepared.
The food that we did get was pretty good - the sides (coleslaw and potato salad) very tasty; ribs meaty with good flavour but a bit dry - not sure if it was because we received the last ones there. What we did get was a very generous serving though. Pulled pork - also generous with the quantity on a nice bun, but a bit dry - would've liked a bit more sauce on it. Seems like they are still trying to iron out the restaurant operations in terms of food quantities etc. - running out of the main items like ribs and baked beans before 6 pm on a Saturday night was a big surprise to us, and when I asked about that, was told apologetically that the number of customers / orders coming in had been changing from day to day. Would like to give this place another shot, but will probably wait a while until they get their operations better sorted out.

Jan 17, 2010
Madcar in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Huge Chowfind: Chodang Soon Tofu

What a wonderful little spot! I live in the area and also happened to stumble upon it this past weekend. Can't believe it has been opened for over 2 years and this is the first time I've visited! We usually get our Korean takeout from Kisoya, another Korean / Japanese restaurant a few doors down from this restaurant. Ordered about $40 worth of food (takeout for Sat night) and wow, did they give us a lot of food. We ordered the steamed dumplings (enormous serving which my 4 year old devoured), an interesting fried tofu dumpling appetizer with sesame seeds and a sweet sauce (can't remember the name, but recommended by the friendly hostess) that we all enjoyed, bibibop, bulkoki bento box and the seafood tofu stew. When I went to pick up the order, the owner asked if I liked fresh tofu, and proceeded to hand me a big box of fresh tofu that he had made that morning - complimentary! The meal - plus the usual sides of kimchi etc. - fed 3 adults and 2 kids over 2 very enjoyable meals!! A wonderful place, especially as we enter the winter months!! I'm looking forward to going back - and maybe sitting in the restaurant instead of takeout next time.

Nov 29, 2009
Madcar in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Family restaurant in Toronto with good food where they'll sing my 3 year old Happy Birthday?

We have a 3 yr old and 10 mth old, and also live in Etobicoke.

We've done Mamma Martino (again, not "great" food, but decent pizza / pastas for the 3 yr old and 16 mth old), and they have also sung for us.

Rocco's Plum Tomato (there are a few, but we go to the one at Islington and Norseman) is also kid friendly - highchairs, crayons, colouring books, nice selection of complimentary breads and rolls and better food / selection than Mamma Martino.

Lately, we also really enjoy La Veranda Osteria at Royal York and Bloor (old Cru location). Staff were very friendly to our kids, good food and a more grown up setting than the other two places above.

Sep 22, 2009
Madcar in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Montreal Dining Experience...with young kids?

This past December, we went with our 3 year old, 2 month old and another family with a 3 year old as well to Holder in Old Montreal. We also stayed at the Embassy Suites, and Holder is about a 15 minute walk from the hotel (with the 2 kids). They were great, and the 3 year olds shared a plate of green beans and buttered pasta, while the grownups enjoyed steak frites and yummy french onion soup.

May 21, 2009
Madcar in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

Copacabana Opened; and its Great!

DH and I were there last was still $30 pp. According to our hostess, the "grand opening" is taking place in a couple of weeks. That may be why the price we paid was still below the "menu" price of $40 on w/e ($35 weekdays).

Meats were fantastic, service excellent (pleasant hostess, water glass always filled, waiters discreetly whisking away used plates and replacing with clean ones). I agree with Teffub that the meats are just as good as Texas De Brazil...if anything, what we had last night was even more creative (pineapple chicken, parmesan pork...yum).

May 02, 2009
Madcar in Ontario (inc. Toronto)