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Best Pancakes in Toronto?

This is bugging me and I know I have seen Okay Okay, where in world is it again? Tour boi

Best Banana Cream Pie?

I know this is not home made but Loblaws now has a series of home made pies, the chocolate cream pie is a bit too rich the coconut is oh so wonderful and they have a banana cream pie which isnt too bad from Presidents Choice. Try one let me know what you think. Tour boi

Will Be in Cumbernald Scotland in Sept

Thanks so much

Jul 09, 2007
Tour boi in U.K./Ireland

Will Be in Cumbernald Scotland in Sept

Hi everybody coming to Scotland for the first time. Can you suggest some good places to eat in Cumbernald and or Glasgow? My partner is looking for a good curry. I am looking for bakeries, pubs, good fish and chips. Anyone with suggestions. Thanks Tour boi

Jul 07, 2007
Tour boi in U.K./Ireland

Lord Stanleys Anyone Remember?

I am going back aways. Late 70's early 80's. I remember going to alot. The restaurant was at King St east if I remember close to Yonge street. The name was Lord Stanleys. The thing I loved about this place was you could go with a party of two or a party of 10 and you would get one big platter of food and you had to eat with your fingers, and they would put these big bibs around you so that you didnt make a mess of yourself. The platter consisted of steak, chicken, cobs of corn, pork chops and so on. Anyways. This restuaruant is now long gone. First off does anyone remember this place? and two, is there anything around Toronto with the same type of thing? Thanks Tour boi

Best Eggs Benedict

Hello Toast has a fantastic Benny and Hair of the Dog on Church Street

Cruise Ship Food-Who has the best?

what is NOBU?

Feb 05, 2007
Tour boi in General Topics

Cruise Ship Food-Who has the best?

Anyone here been on a cruise? If so which cruise line have you been on? and which cruise line do you all think has the best food?

I have been on Celebraty and Royal Caribbean. My best culinary experience was with Celebraty. They took their time with the preperation of the food and the presentation. And every nite in the dining room I alway felt I was in a five star restaurant. And very good tasty fresh food. As for Royal, I did enjoy the food but not much as Celebraty. I would rate it a 3 star. Would love to hear you experiences...Tour boi

Feb 05, 2007
Tour boi in General Topics

Dante's Pizza

Ok who has heard of Dante's? Who has had their pizza? Just wanna know your take on this pizza? been around in Thornhill for many years. I have to get my fix when I head up to Richmond Hill to my parents, as they wont deliver to the Danfourth where I live now. So whats your take on this pizza for who ever has had tried it? Tour boi

Authentic Cannoli in Toronto?

Nino Di Versa Bakery up at Steeles and Youge, on the NW corner

St. Lawrence Market

I have also bought the baby arugula or Rocket in the zip lock bag, but at the upstairs produce market on the east side. Saturdays if I end up getting out of bed late and on to the market. They are all gone. Serves me right. But when I do get my hands on a bag of it. I go home put some lemon juice and olive oil on it with some Reggiano cheese..and oh la la, thats a nice salad. Tour boi

Pad Thai in Scarborough

There is a little restaurant called Gails River at Danfourth and Dawes on the South East corner. Gail makes the best phad thai...I have it at least once a week. She makes it fresh on the spot, while you wait. You can eat it or take out. I suggest take out. Tour boi

St. Lawrence Market

And dont forget their home made cabbage rolls..Oh my goodness they are so good. Tour boi

Devonshire Cream - buying in the GTA?

St.Lawerence Market at the South end Cheese market. TB

Does anyone sell boxes of Larabars?

Pardon me, but, what are these? Tour boi

Dying to Ask This Question

Awwwwwwwwww I missed it...darn!....Tour boi

Dying to Ask This Question

Has anyone here been to Calgary and dined at Ardens? It is the singer Jann Arden's brother who owns this place. I thinks its kinda of like diner food. Any takes on this? Thanks Tour boi

allen's on the danforth

I must say very over priced, for the food. Although they do make a great burger! Tour boi

Anniversary Dinner Theater Dist

Thank you so very much! Tour boi

Anniversary Dinner Theater Dist

Hi all its my Anniversay, well on Jan 5th but I was sick with the flu. So this weekend coming. I have a nice hotel picked out and booked in the Theater I need to know suggestions for dinner what restaurant in that area do you all recommend. No seafood or Asian type foods. I once remember going to a place and I cannot remember the name, but it was Creol type food ribs and such. Is there a place like that in the theater dist? or Italian is very good too. Please help thanks Chow Hounds...Tour boi

Greasy Spoon Restaurants

Hmmmmmmmm now that sounds good too. Thanks Tour boi

Greasy Spoon Restaurants

Yunno, I really miss an old greasy spoon. It was called Brothers, it was on Yonge street (south of Bloor) right beside the Scientology place. Anyone remember that place who use to live in the neighbourhood? Anyways since that place closed, I have gone down to the Coach House (east side of Yonge just north of Wellesly) but I want to know, does anyone know where else in the GTA there are other good greasy spoons that serve a good cheap breakie of eggs and bacon? thanks Tour boi

Just Wondering Swiss Chalet or Nando's Chicken? Which Do You Prefer?

I do like both, but there is something about Nando's I do love more then the SC...Is the charcol flavour of the BBQ on the chicken..SC dont mind too much! Tour boi

Dec 31, 2006
Tour boi in Chains

Massive Onion Rings (Toronto)

Born and Bred in Richmond Hill, the Steer Inn is the Icon on Onion Rings. When I get home to see the parents, I always head for the Steer Inn for their Onion Rings..They are the best. Tour boi

Late night (24h) coffee or nice 'chill' spots

All I know is 7 West. Great place for all nite coffee and treats...Tour

Looking for the most amazing Vanilla Extract?


Cooking classes in Toronto or area

I too am a George Brown part time culinary student. I totally enjoy the hands on. I next want to take the northern Italian cooking course or the French Farm house cooking. Tour boi

Looking for the most amazing Vanilla Extract?

I know what you mean whe you run out of the good mexican vanilla, I to did panic when I ran out. Found it at St Lawerance market but triple the price of what I paid in Mexico. How ever you can also get the Madigascar vanilla for I think about 10 bucks at this cheese-deli place on the lower concord level at the Manulife Ctr at Yonge/Bloor or Bay/Bloor which ever you are close to. The cheeses there are wicked too. Lots of samples at this time of year. Hope that helps. Tour boi

Scottish Food in Toronto?

do any of thses places do the beer batter snickers or mars bars? Tour boi

Deep Fried Turkey

I have so got to try this...thanks again folks...Tour boi

Dec 10, 2006
Tour boi in Home Cooking