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Restaurant Openings - 2010

La caravelle has an amazing lunch menu, definitely worth the try. The owners told me that they've sold the PVM location and opened their new location. Ambiance seems ok, but I always order take out anyway.

Restaurant Openings - 2010

Where can I find a COLD STONE location? I just saw their website and they're products look amazing!

Looking for a place with "personality"

Brossard has free parking, but the place is packed with huge groups of families. The chinatown one is more directed for smaller group clienteles. They even have on each table, individual stoves, whereas the Brossard one has one stove to be shared amongst 2-3-4, etc people.

Appleton Vietnamese Resto in Cote des Neiges

I second on Pho Lien. You must also try their "pancakes" -- white, jello-ey type, probably made from rice flour, lightly pan fried covered in a thin layer of egg. Also comes with a sweet soy sauce. Yummm!


Does anyone know about COCO LOCO in Rosemere? Reviews would be appreciated.

"Raw Deal" report on Sushi

Cassady, I'm assuming you work at Kaizen, as it says so in your SN? hehehe

Braised pork belly with preserved vegetables (Chinese-Hakka dish) in Montreal? Where can I find it?

yummm! I love this dish with a bowl of white rice.
You should definitely try it from KEUNG KEE in chinatown. I'm sure you can search for the address, since all I know is that it's on d ela gauchetiere in chinatown.
Good luck and enjoy! :)

Chow 'secrets' in Montreal

thank you for this post! I will definitely be checking out those sandwiches and buns!


I truly am an addict. 3 wknds = 3 visits :)

This time I tried Pork Tongue and Cucumber salad as an appetizer along with the usual Potato Salad, of course. I should tell you all "Westerners", don't be afraid of Pork Tongue, i know it sounds quite scary, but it actually tastes really good. All the marinated flavor is locked into the Tongue Meat, so it ends up being really tasty. I find that all QH salads has the same taste, though.

This time we chose to fry the Lamb and Coriander .. and I can honestly say, once you go fried Lamb + Coriander, you'll never want to go back to steamed/boiled. Fried Lam dumplings just taste so much better and surprisingly, it was also juicier than the steamed ones.
Yummm.. can't wait to go back next wk! :)


Hi, my name is Yummylicious and I am an official QH Addict :)

My favorite dishes has to be Potato Salad and Duck Wings as appetizers and a plate of Leek, Egg and Shrimp (steamed), Lamb and Coriander, Pork and Leek (boiled). To be enjoyed with the perfect significant other, of course ;)

Devouring Asia in Montreal's Chinatown

what a great shot of the eggplants! Thanks, Andria...but you doubled on them, I guess they were just THAT great! :)

Devouring Asia in Montreal's Chinatown

After having announced another birthday, my tasters and I decided to go to Restaurant Beijing once again. Just the thought of eating at Beijing again, made my week go from bad to great.

While making the reservation, I was advised to make the menu before our arrival. We decided that each taster choose a dish, resulting in having 12 dishes for 9 people. We were actually a party of 18, splitting evenly at 9 tasters at each table.

We started with the daily soup -- lotus root in a pork broth. I, being a Chinese, have already tasted this soup and actually appreciate this sort more than the Westernized kind. My tasters, who have never seen this soup before, actually appreciated this soup as much as I did :)

Shortly after we finished the soup, the dishes started pouring on our table. First came the

Beef with Chinese Broccoli: This was the first dish that cleared out. The beef was perfectly marinated with the right amount of taste to it. There was enough amount of Chinese broccoli to be shared amongst all the tasters and there was a perfect crunch to the vegetables.

Yu Hsiang Eggplant -- Westernized style: YUMMMM... just a light touch of fried eggplant smothered in a sweet, sour and spicy sauce. Double yummmm... There seemed to obviously not be enough because this was gone quickly also.

Buddha's delight style vegetables: I guess this dish wasn't as popular as the others because I found myself to be the only one who ate most of this dish. For those who want a deeper description, this dish was derived from what Buddhist's eat -- all vegetarian. It consists of Chinese mushroom, Button mushroom, Bok Choy, Black Fungus, chestnut slices, fried tofu, bamboo shoots and vermicelli.

General Tao and the Orange beef: On my table, there was a great discussion on how they both tasted similar -- except for the meat that was inside. I think that the Orange beef is a must -- lightly crispy on the outside, yet tender and soft, "melts in your mouth" on the inside. There's a bit of spicyness to it too.

Beef Bird's Nest: A mix of vegetables and beef in a "nest" made up of fried taro root strips. Another one of my all time favorites. I ordered this dish just for the "nest".

Salt and Pepper Pork Chops: The pork chops were a bit too salty, not one of my favorites. I guess nothing beats Amigo's Pork Chop and rice plate.

Salt and Pepper Squid Calmari -- Another YUMMMMMMMM.... Crispy on the outside and surprisingly soft on the inside, also another "melts in your mouth". Even though squid is supposed to have a rubber texture, they manage to make it soft, yet minimal chewyness. Even though it's also called salt + pepper style, I find it tastes different from the pork chops.

Shrimps with Mayo -- Another yummmmmmmmm... couldn't resist not ordering this dish. This dish is also available in Chicken Bits and Shrimps with Mayo sauce, but I opted for the just shrimps because I find that the shrimps are the best part and the chicken bits always gets leftover. The shrimps are the right size to be eaten in just one bite wrapped with a mayo sauce that has just a tad of sweetness.

Lobster with Ginger and Eschallots: not the season for lobster but tasters really wanted to eat lobster. No comment on this dish, since I already knew that it's not the season. One tip: only eat lobster during lobster season.

Cantonese Chow Mein: The dish was fairly big, but I didn't try this dish today, since I had no room for it. I've tried this already, and I really enjoyed it.

P.S.: don't be shy to ask for "less oil, no MSG" in your dishes!

Little Sheep Mongolian Hotpot

I went to the Brossard location this past wknd ... And from what I remembered in the past, the Chinatown location had a better choice of selection. Then again, I went 2 years ago when it first opened. I found the Brossard location quite busy, maybe that's the reason for the lack of "items".

Both location is all you can eat, it's the soup broth that you need to pay for. I still prefer the Chinatown location because it seemed like they had more smaller tables where each guest can have their own pot, whereas the Brossard one is more targeted for smaller to large family groups.

I went with a friend and we were given a 4 person table right under the AC. We got the half spicy/half non spicy pot, which is also called the affectionate couple;s broth.

Make sure to ask for the table that ISN'T located under the AC vent. We're unsure if it's the food or the cold AC, but we both got stomach problems that night.

Where did you eat this week ? Part 2 Fall 2009


I'm super jealous of all yous who are able to eat out so often!

Friday night: (Main dinner) Pho Zen-- 5 spices grilled squid, all ingredients pho, Vermicelli with Lemongrass pork and spring roll, (Dessert) Cumulus -- Triple Chocolate souffle
Saturday night: Mongolian hotpot Little Fat Sheep -- all you can eat hotpot, dessert + drinks inclusive
Sunday Lunch: DimSum at Kam Fung

man.. I haven't ate out so much and often in a while and I am still full from this wknd! I'm so weak :(

Yuki Bakery on Sherbrooke

Can anyone provide me with the exact location? Sounds yummy, anxious to try it out :)

Nutella became grainy from refrigeration. Fix?

Have you tried leaving it out in room temperature for a few days and then judging from the results from then on?

Sep 23, 2009
Yummylicious in Home Cooking

Chinese mooncakes

The best "boxed" mooncake would be Wing Wah, shipped from Hong Kong -- but be ready to pay $35-$40 per box of 4. I find 1 egg yolk is sufficient.
If you want to try local mooncakes, Harmonie in Chinatown (de la gauchetiere, corner St-Urbain) is also my first choice. Only $4 for one .. very affordable I find.

edible Chinese food?

It's Veronica :)


My friend's birthday is coming up and we're wondering for an affordable dinner place. Any suggestions? Think: Student budget :S

La Maison du Nord pork sandwich

berries? In an Asian dish, or actually a Chinese dish? I highly doubt it is true -- it's probably red or green bean.

Soy milk

My all time favorite type of soya milk is the chinese kind -- they're made in montreal and it doesn't taste like the processed kinds that's found in the 2 L bottles!
You can find soya milk in any chinese supermarket. Good luck searching!

Beef cuts translations?

So... ossobucco is veal just like jarret d'agneau is lamb? I saw it in the supermarket and both cuts seemed different. I've tried jarret before so that's why I was wondering what the difference was.
I wasn't referring to the dish, I was referring to the cut, which I found in the supermarket (Metro for all you Quebecers)

Apr 19, 2009
Yummylicious in General Topics

Beef cuts translations?

Anyone knows the difference between osso bucco and jarret d'agneau?

Apr 19, 2009
Yummylicious in General Topics

Mother's Day in Mtl

As mother's day is approaching, I find myself contemplating over the infamous question, "Where should I take my mom on mother's day?"

Any suggestions, Chowhounders?
Just as long as the food is appropriate, the ambiance is relaxing yet not so dark we need to take out our flashlights and play the guessing game on what we'd be putting in our mouths ... all suggestions would be appreciated.

Distance + prices aren't an issue.


Chinatown 2

Thanks for the post!
I love this new area -- the food is more Chinese from different provinces in China, if anyone is curious to know.


What does it taste like? I'm curious to know

Apr 18, 2009
Yummylicious in General Topics


Any type of bacon will satisfy my palettes! Just as long as it's salty, crispy and hot.
Has anyone ever tried chocolate covered bacon? I'm curious to try...

Apr 17, 2009
Yummylicious in General Topics


Today's lunch will be forever memorable!
I took all the suggestions from the Chowhounders on this thread and I can say that it clearly satisfied my cravings!
The soup dumplings were tasteful, yet not too overpowering. The dumpling skin had just the right amount of thickness and the fillings were easily distinguished (Porc+anise/Lamb+coriander/Beef+Onion/Porc+Squid).
The Magic Noodle Soup is clearly very "magical" -- I couldn't stop thinking about it throughout the rest of my day! I drooled as I was thinking about slurping the slippery, yet chewy noodles and sinking my teeth into the tasteful beef!
Can't wait to go back!!

Best afternoon tea and Sunday brunch in Hong Kong

Where is the Verandah located?

bulk candy store

Eaton Centre -- Sugar Heaven, in the basement right next to Burger King and on the Metro level there is Sweet Factory

Both are over priced in my opinion, but for those who just want a few samples of each type of candy, it's worth it!