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What should I teach middle schoolers to do in the kitchen?

Great idea! When I was in eighth grade we had a thing called the Heritage Fair. It would be held once a year in the Cafeteria and the whole K-12 school was invited to attend for the afternoon. Kids would group up by their heritage or the culture they were raised in and create booths with information about the countries and of course, delicious food. It was a great way for not only for the school to experience ethnic food but families got very involved in preparing and providing food and recipes for the booths.

Jun 09, 2009
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msp - mochi ice cream

I second the recommendation for Midori's. I think I saw it on the menu too, but even if they don't, very inexpensive and delicious Japanese food. It's just about the only place I've found in MN with Okonomiyaki and their Princess Mononoke ice cream dessert is to die for.