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looking for pho in jax!!!

i have been in town for 3 months and with this cold weather we are having am thinking i could really go for a nice blow of Pho. any ideas where to get one?

Jan 14, 2010
chineselettuce in Florida

Wine Girls from Napa looking for good eats and drinks

oh yeah one more thing there is tons of great Pho in boston and in china town which is awaly fun to walk around in. and on cold new england days a piping hot blow of the stuff might be just what you need for lunch

Wine Girls from Napa looking for good eats and drinks

i have lived in boston a few(!!!!) times and often go back to visit...............
i love this place and its kinda centrally located. it has an awesome beer list. and is not to pricey at all
407 Newbury Street
Boston, MA 02115

also there is a fun place up in brookline called the publick house that has fun eats and a good beerlist as well. plus as its boast "proper glass wear"
(617) 277-2880
1648 Beacon St
Brookline, MA 02445

a fun bar in cambridge that is in no way a diver but has things like pbr in a can and is staffed by regular dive bar attendants and is on mass ave which leads from one end of the city to the other so it makes it an easy place to pop in

and if you go there right around the way is a cambridge staple miracle of science an M.I.T. burger joint

hope these work out for you, i love playing tour guide!
lets us know where you go!

What's one thing you've never eaten that you wish you could try RIGHT NOW?

working in the biz i get to try so much stuff but its not the same as getting it at the market or having it served to you. i have cooked for others w/ all types of offal but have only been served it a few times. i love when someone takes something kinda gross and makes it look and taste awesome!

also i grew up in Fl. and Ma. where sea food is a way of life. i always love eating new sea food.

Apr 08, 2009
chineselettuce in General Topics

Austria dude!

i spent a week last fall in soll austria and man was it cool!
the hi-lite was eating at the schindl haus

a cozy little place with about 15 tables and a menu that reads like this
5 courses
3 courses
surprise menu
they change weekly if not sooner and the kitchen is more then happy to make changes if there is something you don't agree with

i got the surprise and it ended up being 10 courses

here are some photos form the trip!