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Romantic spot for lunch date tomorrow?

We have a sudden opportunity for a lunch date tomorrow. Sad to admit, but this will practically be our first date sans kids in three years. Any suggestions for a romantic spot for a Saturday lunch in the South End, Back Bay, Brookline, or kind of near those spots to save a ton of travel time? Any cuisine is fine, just looking for a nice spot to chat. Thanks!

Wayland restaurant or food delivery?

Hi. I am trying to find a spot in or near Wayland that delivers to Wayland. I want to get a gift card for a dear colleague who is undergoing chemo. Not sure of her exact preferences, but any thoughts on delicious food delivery would be much appreciated. Thanks!

romantic restaurant for foodies in Nashville area

Thanks so much for the tips. I just bought a gift certificate to Capitol Grille.

romantic restaurant for foodies in Nashville area

Hi, I am hoping to find a great spot to give a gift certificate as a wedding present to friends who recently moved back to Nashville from Boston. They seem to have great taste in wine and food and are adventurous regarding cuisine. Any suggestions? A brief google search turned up Tayst, which sounds up their alley, but I was not sure if there are better spots for a romantic night out? Thanks!

Tayst Restaurant
2100 21st Ave S, Nashville, TN 37212

Best chocolates?

Wow, just checked back. Thanks for all the great ideas. I am looking forward to a weekend of chocolate tasting...

Best chocolates?

Any suggestions for great chocolates in the Boston area? Is Burdick's generally considered to be the best? I used to send my mom chocolates from Gearharts in Charlottesville, VA for her birthday every year but am trying to find a local spot. Anything even mildly comparable to Gearharts would be fabulous... Thanks!

Saturday brunch near Central Square?

Any ideas for Saturday brunch near Central for about 6 people? Thanks!

Birthday lunch in or near Framingham?

Siblings are looking for a spot to take our father for a 65th birthday lunch in or near Framingham on a weekday. I know that there are lots of great Brazilian restaurants in the area, but he is a fairly traditional, meat and potatoes kind of guy. It does not have to be anything fancy (though fancy is fine), just a nice spot with good food for a special lunch. Thanks for any ideas!