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Best NY style Deli in Charlotte is Katz NY

How about pickles? Do they have the genuine NY sour pickles and tomatoes??

Feb 15, 2008
jessie620 in Southeast

Uptown Charlotte Lunch

Ok, where are the good lunch places? Forget Spratts (has anyone noticed the mold leaking out of the ceiling vents), Cosmos and Rock Bottom (good, but can get pricey), Fuel Pizza (dirty and I have had an eyelash on my pizza on more than one occasion). What do you all usually do for lunch?

Breakfast - South Florida - Boca

Tom Sawyers - where on 2nd? Is it a pretty big place? I have never seen it.


Breakfast - South Florida - Boca

What has happened to the good breakfast places in the Boca area? There are none! I'm willing to travel up to Delray and down to Deerfield. I already know about Olympia Flame, but there has to be another GREAT breakfast place that I just don't know about. I've tried the Boca Diner and Boca Breakfast Club. Any other suggestions?