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VERY INDIFFERENT service here on Monday night this week (December 16 2013) We were a table of three seated at 6:15pm with only three other tables occupied.We were handed a clipboard with specials which were verbatim (word for word) from the menu and at the same price! We had to ask to speak with our waiter who said are you ready to order now? No hello, good evening, the specials are . . The bread with a mysterious green dipping sauce ( there was cilantro in it !) had come as had the water. The waiter was indifferent although he did answer two questions that we asked. By the time he came to our table there ware seven other tables seated with one other waiter on the floor The caprese salad arrived with good mozzarella, anemic tomatoes and avocado (avocado? really? caprese?) and the carpaccio was perfect. We had to ask for the appetizer plates to be removed and then suddenly we received three empty small salad sized plates for no reason. We asked to have them removed to the puzzlement of the wait staff not the waiter. The food was not delivered by the waiter but by his support table staff. The gnocchi was mid temperature, the black squid ink pasta was all right and the broccolini with my veal salimbocca was limp and overcooked. NO ONE came to ask if everything was all right - - only the question can we refill one of the two sod drinks. No one checked on my wine. NO interest in dessert The suit who was pacing the bar came to pick up our credit card immediately though!

We eat out frequently and were rather surprised at the non-service in what previously was a good neighborhood reliable place. Too bad they do not read these reviews!

Dec 18, 2013
lacugna in Manhattan

where best waffles and fried chicken joint in Harlem ?

mixed reviews are all I find !

Mar 28, 2011
lacugna in Manhattan

WHere is the best Ethiopian restaurant in DC area?

I love all the quick responses - - -keep them coming! Glad to see Ethio enthusiasts !

WHere is the best Ethiopian restaurant in DC area?

thanks for the article link! Yes, I am a serious Ethio eater!

WHere is the best Ethiopian restaurant in DC area?

Thanks! I am beginning to see a pattern - - I am planning two Ethio meals while there - -

WHere is the best Ethiopian restaurant in DC area?

I lived in both Addis and Asmara and have not had luck with places the hotel concere\iges suggest.