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Sunday Casual French Quarter Dinner

Hello CH's,

My husband and i are seeing family in Baton Rouge for a few days then heading to New Orleans for a couple nights at the end of the trip this coming Saturday and Sunday. We made reservations at Stella! for Saturday but on Sunday night, my husband wants something totally casual, and perfectly New Orleans. He is a southern boy, and loves his po boys.

Since we will most likely be exhausted from wandering around, anything around the French Quarter would be fine, stumbling distance from our hotel room. We will be burnt out on fine dining by then. So, best casual Sunday evening dining?

THANKS so much!


Dec 21, 2008
itsolivia in New Orleans

Very Blueberry Muffins

amazing. amazing. amazing.

fresh blueberries are key.

i didn't have the salt problem others did. Aida, what brand of kosher did you use? does that matter?

Jul 08, 2008
itsolivia in Recipes

Sentinel - First look

OK, i had the pastrami and sweet corn soup (split) yesterday.

next time, you have to pry that soup from my hands, it was amazing.

Lemon Liv

Thanks, Em!

I want more.

Jul 01, 2008
itsolivia in Recipes

Sentinel - First look

corned beef sandwich with gruyere and cabbage on ciabatta.

amazing. perfect sized, with a good pickle included. i keep wanting to try the salmon sandwich but i can't pull myself away from the corned beef. looking forward to pastrami.

coffee earlier this week plus shared the coffee cake. nice and buttery.

excellent place.

Solstice Punch

Aperol AND Tuaca? a drink after my own heart!

May 02, 2008
itsolivia in Recipes

Where I Found Caffeine-Perk-Up Heaven

they serve it over at Montgomery and Market, above specialty's. it is so good! i've stopped having to rely on Peet's so much when i get off of BART!

Apr 07, 2008
itsolivia in Features

Three Cheers for Three Twins

the mint chip is my favorite.....

Apr 07, 2008
itsolivia in Features

How to Buy, Freeze, and Prepare Meat

this is one of the best videos so far. loved it.

Apr 07, 2008
itsolivia in Features

Stop Broadcasting Your Social Life

i am pretty blunt with friends who are device-obsessed during times like this. "Can you stop? it's rude. thanks".

Friends usually feel like crap about it if you speak up, almost like they were caught, because sometimes they forget it's rude.

just speak up.

Feb 06, 2008
itsolivia in Features

Commanders in Chef

Less, you need to have a cheese party. count me in.

Jan 29, 2008
itsolivia in Features

Thai Coconut Chicken Soup

thank you so much for this recipe! will try this week.

Jan 28, 2008
itsolivia in Recipes

Super Tuesday Eat Sheet

Wow, i actually have one thing in common with Mittens. Don't tell anyone.

Jan 25, 2008
itsolivia in Features

Chestnut Gnocchi with Robiola Cheese Sauce

Aida, i made these last night and there were a hit!!!

WONDERFUL recipe. if i could make gnocchi, anyone can.

Jan 22, 2008
itsolivia in Recipes

450 Cocktail Recipes

mmmm....Champagne Cocktails!

Jan 22, 2008
itsolivia in Features

Sweet Breakfast in Minutes

Kate, my friend works for this company. Haha. I have a can in the fridge and my husband has already gone through pretty much most of it. It's the go-to breakfast when we are too lazy. Which is a lot of the time, on weekend mornings.

Dec 06, 2007
itsolivia in Features

Any good happy hour places around the finanical district?

Palio has amazing free gourmet pizza when you order two drinks at happy hour. they have this excellent one with mushrooms and truffle oil.

Seafood Lunch in Oakland or Berkeley?

Yes, i think Sea Salt is where she's going to end up, but it's nice to see that there are other options for fishy lunch in Oakland or Berk.


Seafood Lunch in Oakland or Berkeley?

So a friend stumped me by asking "where can i get lobster for lunch in the East Bay...and not Spenger's".

I have no clue and searched the boards. Any clue? It's the perfect chowhound question.

Sea Salt?


Off topic: Heading to Fish & Farm Sunday night. will write a review.

What Are CornNuts?

Oakland Represent!

Sep 13, 2007
itsolivia in Features

You Want Fries on That?

i think regan's awesome concoction of sea salt and vinager chips + Franks Red Hot Sauce could come into play here. Franks is good on anything.

And im sold on the carne asada fries. Just make then Chorizo or Carnitas fries, and i may move to San Diego.

Aug 14, 2007
itsolivia in Features

Eating Our Way from London to Mongolia

Really looking forward to this!

Aug 10, 2007
itsolivia in Features

Fennel, Avocado, and Mint Salad

yes, it is amazing. it may be a slad, but it also turns into a sloppy dip when people drop the salsa and dive into this at a party, instead.

Aug 10, 2007
itsolivia in Recipes

CHOW Veggie Burger

hi Chow, how well do these freeze?

Rory, i think your comment is on the other page, atleast from what i can see?

Aug 07, 2007
itsolivia in Recipes

Buttermilk and Brown Butter Waffles

i was so desperate for these a week ago, i made pancakes out of them at my aunts house when i couldn't find the waffle grill.

so good cold, too.

Jul 18, 2007
itsolivia in Recipes

DIY Kitchen Fixes

i love this. and you can do what Julia Child did, and outline the pots and pans, so each had its own place in the pantheon of pegged pot and pans.

Jul 12, 2007
itsolivia in Features

Opening Night at the Eat-O-Plex

I already have problems paying 10 bucks for a movie filled with people who don't turn their cel phones off, who explain plotlines to their girlfriends etc. The thought of sitting through a movie next to someone eating dinner (probably loudly) bothers me.

I am patiently waiting for the day when movie theaters have headphone jacks to drown out people.

(Although I love the Parkway. That is different.)

Jun 25, 2007
itsolivia in Features

How the Other Half Cooks

CB: agreed!

Hilarious piece, by the way.

Apr 25, 2007
itsolivia in Features

Brains, Intestines, Pizzle

mmm....lillet and head cheer\se

Apr 17, 2007
itsolivia in Features

This Just In: Bourdain Hates the Food Network

I agree with NYchowcook...Don't lump him into the same dimwitted (imho) universe as Bill O'Reilly. atleast aim for someone in the vein of Keith Olbermann.

Apr 16, 2007
itsolivia in Features