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vegetarian substitute for beef in stir fry ... but not tofu?

Morningstar Farms also makes frozen beef strips, but they may be too similar to the TJ's type for your liking. I suggest picking up a box of your favorite non-mushy veggie burger (boca or morningstar grillers/prime are my faves), then chopping them up and throwing them in.

Or you can do the same with veggie chicken nuggets or pieces (Quorn has a few varieties) if you aren't set on "beef".

Lastly, TJ's carries baked tofu that you may like. It's much more firm and flavorful than standard tofu.

Mar 12, 2012
Varla in Home Cooking

Doomie's fried "chicken"

Does anyone know if Doomie's makes the vegetarian chicken for their fried chicken, or if it comes from a specific company?

The chicken legs seem likely to come from May Wah (, but I can't figure out where the chicken breasts (with that yuba "skin") come from. LA food blog has a good photo here:

I live in Maryland, and I'm trying to replicate the yumminess at home.

Thank you!

Oct 12, 2011
Varla in Los Angeles Area

Where can I get Schweppes Bitter Lemon?

I've been getting bitter lemon and dry orange at my local Weiss (Baltimore area), by "Polar". They're both delicious, bitter lemon tastes like schweppes (nice quinine bitterness), and the dry orange is like a pulp-less Orangina.

Sep 19, 2011
Varla in Pennsylvania

Vegetarian "ham" in Baltimore

For groceries, I would suggest Whole Foods, OK Natural Market (on preston), Roots Market (in Clarksville), and the Health Concern in Towson. Some of the smaller markets may also be willing to order things for you if there's nothing in stock.

Online, I would suggest May Wah, Cosmo's Vegan Shoppe (which carries May Wah ham), and Vegan Essentials. I've had good experiences with all three, and the minimum amount you have to spend varies.

And finally, for restaurants that may offer veggie ham, try Liquid Earth, One World Cafe, and the Yabba Pot.

Home that helps!

Liquid Earth
1626 Aliceanna St, Baltimore, MD 21231

Vegetarian "chicken" in US chains

Thanks for the tip! I'm hoping more places will follow the trend. Most of the people in my circle of family and friends are meat-eaters, yet almost all of them occasionally eat Morningstar Famrs chik'n nuggets or veggie sausage, Boca burgers, etc....because they're tasty and often have less fat than the alternatives.

Jun 29, 2010
Varla in Chains

Vegetarian "chicken" in US chains

Actually, this question comes up a lot. There is a long history of "processed"/"fake" meat (including tofu, yuba, tempeh) and seitan have been formed into blatantly meaty dishes for thousands of years in Buddhist cultures. These options are delicious and provide both nutrition and MUCH-needed variety for those of us sick of eating iceberg salad and fries in restaurants. I'd explain myself further, but it's semi-off topic and everyone else did a great job on my behalf...thanks fellow chowhounds! :)

Jun 29, 2010
Varla in Chains

Vegetarian Cuban sandwich

For those of you near UMMC/the Univ. of Md, Baltimore campus (a couple blocks North of Camden Yards)...The new campus center 's Bon App├ętit coffee shop just started serving a vegetarian Cuban sandwich that is amazingly tasty. Soft roll, some sort of mushroom-based burger (I think she said the brand is "Wildwood"), pickles, sauce, and cheese. Haven't found anything similar in the area. The chef promised me she'd order more burgers and teach her back-up chef how to make them. On Lombard St., next door to the medical library. 621 W. Lombard Street.

Where can I get Schweppes Bitter Lemon?

I was in a Mars grocery store in Perry Hall, MD a few weeks ago and found bottles of Dry Lemon!

May 29, 2010
Varla in Pennsylvania

Vegetarian "chicken" in US chains

Fast food places in some other countries started serving veggie burgers years ago, and eventually the USA caught up. So now, fast food chains in the UK, India, and Canada have started carrying vegetarian chicken patties and/or nuggets...and I'm really hoping the trend will carry over to the US. Apparently, even KFC in Canada serves veggie chicken sandwiches. Maybe KFC, Burger King, or Chick-Fil-A here will one day do the same?

There's so many vegetarians in the US, for health, ethical, or religious reasons. And as grateful as I am to have veggie burgers popping up all over the place (Red Robin, Burger King, Subway, etc.), sometimes I want something different. If anyone agrees, feel free to write the chains and companies like Boca and Morningstar Farms to let them know!

On a similar note, any veggies visiting Montreal should check out one of the LaFleur fast food joints. They have veggie dogs, veggie burgers, and even veggie gravy on their poutine! I so wish this chain was international.

May 29, 2010
Varla in Chains

Layered, steam-tray scrambled eggs at home?

I realize it sounds completely off to want to replicate institutional eggs at home. But the VA hospital cafeteria across from where I work makes these amazing scrambled eggs, not spongy or sulfury or dry, just all delicate layers folded together. Yes, they're horribly greasy. But I love them. The woman serving them answered my cooking questions with "I don't know, in a pan?", so I've given up trying to learn the secret recipe. Any ideas on how to get this at home? Maybe I should be using some weird bulk liquid eggs, vegetable oil and a huge griddle to get the texture right?

Apr 21, 2009
Varla in Home Cooking

Recent score: Almond Smash in small, individual serving bottles

It's hard enough finding the large, 2 liter bottles of cult-favorite Almond Smash (a *bright* red, marachino-tasting delight). I didn't even know they made them in 20 fl oz bottles, but found them in the 7-Eleven on Joppa, just after Fairmount. Any other places carry them?

Where can I get Schweppes Bitter Lemon?

I've been looking for this flavour too, as well as the "dry grape gingerale". I finally e-mailed the company, and apparently neither is sold anywhere near me (Maryland). But they gave me the following info, to sue the internal product-finder: To access the same sales database that we use internally, please call 1-800-696-5891. Select Option 1 for English, then Option 2 for availability questions. You can find your favorite product 24 hours a day 7 days a week!

Apr 16, 2009
Varla in Pennsylvania

Best cupcakes in Baltimore?

I love Spro in general, but my only warning about the Spro red velvet (cake, at least), is that the icing is extremely buttery. I love buttercream or cream cheese frosting with red velvet, but this was actually soft and greasy, like lightly sweetened butter. None of that heady, slightly crunchy, buttercream super-sweetness.

Bakeries selling lamb cakes?

More specifically, Easter lamb cakes who appear to be smoking cigarettes. All the kids on Cake Wrecks have been going crazy trying to find an explanation for this phenomenon, which seems to be based in NYC. At least one came from a bakery on the LES, on Houston. Thanks!

Apr 10, 2009
Varla in Manhattan