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Casual brewpub or gastropub for party of 14 just before Christmas

I'm an east end Chow person (Chow-man?), The Borough on Danforth near Linsmoore is good (not a large space though so 14 people might be tough). I did try Louis Cifer last week and was pleasantly surprised by the food. The vibe is big and noisy so that might help your shy mate.

Just to throw a suggestion out there as I recently did exactly this, had a group of 10 out for dinner and we ended up at 7 Numbers Danforth and I know that some slag it, but we did their family style shared meal ($30 per head) and it was outstandingly tasty and amazing value, plus the vibe is so much fun. They'll take a reservation for a group of your size too.

Celia's Cottage at Queen/Leslie is also a good bet but you would again need to work out a deal with the place to accommodate your group since they don't take reservations but they now have their Yurt (Tibetan style tent I believe) over their patio and its great fun.

Anyone been to Cluny in the Distillery yet?

Yes, SO and I checked it out this past Saturday. Kids tucked away with the babysitter, we headed there for 7:45PM and even though they had only been open for 12 days, the place was jam packed (we had a res). The vibe is very white on white, be achy california vibe if that makes any sense. Our server was very attentive and she was so keen on making sure that we were enjoying ourselves (too keen probably) we ordered a couple of their signature cocktails and they weren't for us (foamy egg white style) but that was our bad for not realizing how much we just don't like sweet cocktails with eggwhites. Then we moved onto wine and their sommelier gave us a recommendation that I would never have considered to be honest but we LOVED it, it was a pinot gris from Oregon. Food was top notch, we started with oysters, kingfish crudo dish, and a spicy salmon tartar. All really great. then we had the BBQ sea bass with a side of asparagus frites (yummy) and the duck salad (with pickled rhubarb) very tasty. We tend to order too much as we like to try stuff. All in all, we would not hesitate to go back and once their patio is ready (end of the month) it will be even better I'm sure! The one snag was that the washrooms for the women ran out of towels and only one stall had TP. My SO figured that this was a growing pain thing for a new restaurant but it was still a pain.

Riverdale restaurant for tonight....

An oldie but a goodie in my book: Tomi Kro at Queen and Leslie or Fare Bistro also on Queen East near Carlaw. Totally reliable nice relaxed vibe. Batifole on Gerrard is also great but there isn't much else around there (so no pre- or post-dinner drink spot)

744 Gerrard St E, Toronto, ON M4M1Y3, CA

Fare Bistro
1097 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4M1K7, CA

Allen's on Danforth - will never go back

OH yes, thank you, there were other tables available as well when we were told to leave in 30 mins.

Allen's on Danforth - will never go back

Hello, I should clarify. Most of the group was there between 6 and 6:30PM and we had ordered two rounds of drinks and a full round of appetizers before ordering the mains. I admit that it took us a while to get our group together but my issue had more to do with the rude and hostile attitude more than anything else. I respect any business owner to maximize their profit , it's tough for restos, I get that and having a patio rule is not a bad thing per se, but I felt like we were being leaned on unfairly and rudely and had they been just a little sweet about it the next time we'd come back for the second patio seating (8:30PM) as oppose to rushing in for 6PM. I would have no issue if they said "hey, you need to eat to keep your seat" which is what most Toronto patios do when they don't take reservations. Life is too short to waste money and time stressing when all one wants to do is drink a little and enjoy some food and good company on a hot Toronto night. The silver lining was that GLOBE was perfect, the patio menu was great, cheaper than what we would have paid at Allen's and the staff were awesome and we spent the entire night and a lot of money there.

Allen's on Danforth - will never go back

This past Saturday, a group of friends (10 of us) wanted to hang out on a patio have dinner and catch up. When my friend arrived at 5, she was told that for the patio you were only allowed to stay for 2.5hours. So she opted to wait for the rest of us at the bar as to not eat in to our allotted 2.5 patio window. Friends started coming at about 6PM so they moved to the patio. We were a full group of 10 by 6:45PM, we started with drinks and apps and then another round of drinks. We tracked our waitress down and told her that we were ready to order our main meal at 7:45 to which she replied, “are you sure because you have to be out of here by 8:30PM at the latest. We couldn’t believe the attitude and asked if we could convince them to let us stay a little longer since we were about to spend some serious cash (it was Lobster fest by the way, which many of us were going to order) she wouldn’t let us speak to the manager instead insisted on being a go-between. She came back and said, sorry, 8:30PM and you have to leave by this point it was almost 8pm so I called Globe across the street and they said come on over we’ll take care of you. We paid our bill and left Allen’s and frankly based on the rude servers and bizarrely stringent rules we will never come back. I get the rule is there so someone doesn’t hog a table on the pretty patio while nursing one beer and a plate of fries but we were celebrating and I even tried to make reservations (which they don’t take) but told me to come for 6 and getting a table shouldn’t be a problem which is why we started so early. Anyway, I love food and good friends but I’ll never go back to Allen’s. There was a line up of folk waiting to get in so I guess they don’t care their customers more about turning over tables.

Wedding cake recommendations? TORONTO
I can't recommend Cakes by Natalie enough. She did a cake for a special birthday party for my wife (and two other birthdays) and it looked beautiful/one of a kind but more importantly it was hands down the best tasting cake I've ever had. She will work with you to ensure your budget/expectations are met. I wish I had know about her when I got married.

Special Birthday and cake at Papillon on the Park

Last weekend we celebrated THREE birthdays at once by booking a table for our group of 15 at LE PAPILLON ON THE PARK. My SO and I had been once before and I knew that it would perfect for a large group. It was perfect. the food, the vibe and we even had a special cake made for the event by a local cake maker that was recommended to me. The cake wowed our group and I should almost post a review of the cake alone.

I recommend Le Papillon's poutine or any of their crepes.

ISO Wapoos Cider - Wife loves it

Awesome, thank you for the advice, my wife will be very pleased.

ISO Wapoos Cider - Wife loves it


My wife and I have been going to Ceilli's cottage now on a semi-regular basis and she absolutely loves the wapoos cider that they have on tap. The LCBO in my area (and on their website) don't seem to carry it. Help.

Has anyone been to Batifole?

My wife and I just tried Batifole for the first time a couple of weeks ago. It had been on our "must try" list for some time. I have to say that we both loved it. Cute little space, great service and most importantly AMAZING food. For those on a budget they have a prix fixe menu as well which you can see on their website, the night we were there they had a special menu for $33 that included a welcome cocktail, app, main, dessert. I had their steak with blue cheese and dubonet reduction as my main, which was the best steak that I have had in years. My wife had the snails and then the petit farcis which was seasonal veggies stuffed with minced veal and spices topped with various toppings (cheese, roasted peppers, etc..) all really, really yummy. Our waiter recommended the perfect wine something French, and he referred to it as black wine or something but I don't recall what it was now which is killing me because it was both unique and matched perfectly with our meal. Sorry for winding on here, but basically, Batifole is a perfect little French Resto.

Going on a date, with my wife, need advice on resto

Thanks to all for responding and the suggestions. I was hoping to make my first choice L'Unita but unfortunately they were booked solid. That said, my second choice of Weezie's turned out to be just great. We both had a nice time and the food lived up the hype. We had the following:

Apps: Short Rib Poutine and Salt Cod Cakes (the cod cakes won this one, the pouting was good, but not mind blowing as I've heard)
Mains: Chicken Pailard and the Burger plus a side of braised Brussel sprouts.
All solid, I love the mustard sauce for the chicken and the burger was very good but the I would say that they need to figure out a better bun (they used a kaiser). The braised b. sprouts were yummy. We took the advice of the very friendly and fun waiter and had one of the last bottles of primitivo, which was excellent. Oh I almost forgot, we saved room for dessert, had a lovely pecan pie and a piece of chocolate cake with a bourbon caramel sauce--> all homemade and mind blowingly good. The vibe is relaxed and it's the perfect place to hang out and have a long meal with someone special or a group. I have only good things to say, Weezie's is a real find and a great bistro. I've heard some complaints about the bread, they must have listend because we were served fresh and warm sliced bagette. Am making myself hungry again...

Going on a date, with my wife, need advice on resto

Hello...because of baby, my wife and I do not get out on our own very often, BUT this Friday I've booked the babysitter and am planning on a nice dinner out somewhere funky (with a little romance thrown in) but not a a super pricey spot, ideally a $150 for two with a bottle of wine kind of place. Since we don't get to do this often I want to be sure to pick the right place. Here is what I was thinking about:


I know, sort of a mixed bag.... Any advice / additional suggestions?

The Un-Official "Go To" Restaurant Thread

Great Thread idea...

In the spirit of a go to place that I would miss and have to hit if I left Toronto: North Pole Bakery for their Canoli's, Danforth Pizza House for a pizza and Smokeless Joe's for a beer. And if I was feeling like something a litle more refined, I would hit FARE on Queen east.

Baby's First Birthday Party Venue Rec's

Hello...does anyone happen to have any recommendations for an afternoon spot where we can celebrate our baby foodie's first birthday? We are in the Leslieville/Danforth area.

Foodie Smith

Hand Pulled Chinese Noodles in Toronto?

My wife and I are dying to try hand pulled Chinese Noodles! But all of my research points us to Markham. But we are downtown dwellers, any suggetions?

Best empanadas in TO?

JUMBO EMPANADAS is amazing, fresh / homemade and their salsa completes the experience. El Gordo can be fun because of the onslaught of variosu kinds (one feels like they are in an Ice Cream parlor when looking at the various flavours on their menu). Still, even if only doing take out I do it from JUMBO, because IMHO they are significantly better.

Ethiopian Food - Recommendations Please

Thanks for all of your suggestions. I should have mentioned that we tried EH about 5 years ago when we were first dating. From I've read here it sounds like a trip to Dukem and Addis Ababa are in order. What she didn't like was that the bread seemed raw/wet and our toppings were very bland. Looking forward to hearing about the new spot near 3's Company....

Theatre District Dinner

Hello. I would recommend going for a 6PM dinner mainly because it's a Tuesday night and you may have a harder time finding a spot at that later hour. As for dinner suggestions, there are so many options, anything specific you or your group feel like eating? Are you looking for something fun? Fancy? Laid back?

Ethiopian Food - Recommendations Please

Hello. I took my wife to the Ethiopia House off of Yonge near Wellesley a long while back and she did not love it. I am looking for the best Ethiopian in Toronto as she has recently told me that she would like to give it another go.

Any recommendations? Anything in my neck of the woods (Greenwood/Danforth)?

Thank you,

Foodie Smith

Quick dinner options near Manulife Centre

The last time that I was at the Bloor Street Diner, they had a special going on where if you were planning on catching a movie at the Varsity, they have a movie ticket and a meal combo deal whereby you get a break on your ticket price. It was about 2 months ago so it may no longer be in effect.

Foodie moving to Danforth and Greenwood

These all all great, you are all so helpful. So happy that I'm a chowhounder! Paul's Spaghetti sounds interesting, have been to Pan's and enjoyed it very much. Since this posting, I have also tried Ten Feet Tall which was just OK, will give it another try as it may have been what I ordered...

Foodie moving to Danforth and Greenwood

Thank you all so much. I'm looking forward to trying all these suggestions. Maybe I should re-post, but what about a nice romantic to bring my wife to in the hood? Are any of the above what you would call "romantic"?

Brunoise or Les Chevres or Lemeac or La Chronique or Chez l'epicier

I have not been to Lemeac, but I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Chez L'Epcier. It's romantic and upscale yet still manages to be quaint and relaxing. The food is to die for and the service is excellent. A must for someone who enjoys wine.

Foodie moving to Danforth and Greenwood

Hello, my wife and I are moving to Danforth and Greenwood. We are not at all familiar with this area and would love some foodie suggestions.

- Good local bar to catch a drink
- Local in-the-know restaurants

I appreciate whatever suggestions you can offer. The site of the many cheap pizza joints along Danforth near my new place depresses me.