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Six weeks in Seattle with two little kids...

Wow - thanks for the great suggestion! Will definitely go check them out. Are any of the vendors at the front particularly exciting for any reason?

Oct 17, 2013
aguyindenver in Greater Seattle

The Walrus and the Carpenter or The Whale Wins?

I was wondering the same thing... In looking at The Whale Wins it seems like they're not offering oysters, which seems like one of the main items Renee Erickson is known for.

Anyone have comments about what the wait is like at Walrus if you get there early? How early? Is it lessening now that it's getting into Autumn or is demand not at all seasonal?

Oct 17, 2013
aguyindenver in Greater Seattle

Six weeks in Seattle with two little kids...

We're definitely heading to Bainbridge Island but haven't even begun to look into that. Thanks for the ice cream suggestion!

Oct 17, 2013
aguyindenver in Greater Seattle

Six weeks in Seattle with two little kids...

Is Starbucks really a must for non-touristy tourists? Isn't there always a huge line? I understand it played a part in the coffee revolution but I'm not a huge fan of Starbucks coffee. With so many other superb options around I'm not sure the coffee would be worth the wait. Can someone tell me if I'm mistaken?

Oct 17, 2013
aguyindenver in Greater Seattle

Six weeks in Seattle with two little kids...

Thanks for all your suggestions! We were in Ballard last weekend initially to check out the locks & fish ladder unaware that it was federally funded and therefore closed... Sounds like it should be reopening soon and we'll be heading back up that way. We only had coffee but were planning on going back!

Oct 17, 2013
aguyindenver in Greater Seattle

Six weeks in Seattle with two little kids...

Thanks Lee - we'll do some digging into these! Anything absolutely must not miss at these places? Going to go through our list again and all suggestions and figure out the one (or more) thing we have to get and then just let the menus speak to us for the remainder of the order.

Oct 14, 2013
aguyindenver in Greater Seattle

Six weeks in Seattle with two little kids...

Something you think I missed on my list?

Oct 14, 2013
aguyindenver in Greater Seattle

Six weeks in Seattle with two little kids...

Will check out Serious Biscuit and not Skillet - I must have been reading people who were falling for the hype!

Oct 14, 2013
aguyindenver in Greater Seattle

Six weeks in Seattle with two little kids...

Thanks macsak!

I just looked at serious biscuit and that was a bad idea because it sounds delicious!

Thanks for the rec to call Paseo first.

And why to skip Skillet? Just overrated?

Oct 14, 2013
aguyindenver in Greater Seattle

Six weeks in Seattle with two little kids...

First some backstory... "We" is my wife and I (thirtysomethings) and our 3 year old and 9 month old daughters. We always do lots of research before we go anywhere (combination of Chowhound and Yelp usually) and a few years ago we used to steer more towards finer dining but now we've realized that fantastic less expensive places offer just as amazing experiences.

We just spent 6 weeks in Portland (and loved it!) and are now in Seattle for 6 more weeks. We're sort of in vacation mode, because we're in new places, but it's different... I work from home part of the day, and we balance differing nap schedules with going out and at least doing something every day for a few hours. Different than the normal tourist thing. We try to cook at home a bunch to balance out all the eating out!

For some more backstory, in PDX we lived two blocks from the middle of Alberta and had an amazing time. Here's where we hit, in no particular order:
Bollywood Theatre
PDX 671
Ned Ludd
Tasty & Sons
Stumptown Dumplings
Chez Dodo
Potato Champion
Pine Street
The Big Egg
Las Primas
Salt & Straw
Year of the Fish
Viking Soul Food
Garden Monsters
La Bonita
Frying Scotsman
Tin Shed

That should give you a good idea of what we like. It was the four of us at all these places except Ned Ludd which was our one "date night". Not once did we have any issues having the girls with us but there are a lot of carts on the list so of course that wasn't a problem!

In Seattle we're living in Capitol Hill at the north end of Broadway (around the corner from Roy). We have a car and don't need to stay in Capitol Hill but looking in the general area from West Seattle/Beacon Hill/Columbia City in the south to Ballard/Greenlake/Northeast Seattle in the north. We like to go wander around different neighborhood commercial districts so we're flexible with location.

From our research so far, here's our Seattle list so far:
El Camion
Where ya at Matt?
Marination Station or Ma Kai
Fusion on the Run
Crumble & Flake and/or Bakery Noveau
Katsu burger
Honey Hole
Baguette Box
Pike Place Chowder
Jack's Fish Spot - salmon candy
Piroshky Piroshky
Le Pichet
La Teranga
Little Uncle

"Date nights":
Via Tribunali

We like good happy hours because the timing works well and we like a good value. We're still researching this but are open to suggestions. So far: Meiji; Quinn's

We're not huge fans of line-up places (unless we can line up just before they're opening to get seats) especially with two little kids and the weather turning.

We obviously need to add some more seafood to this list. Sort of the easiest and also the trickiest!

We're still researching (and probably will be until the day we depart Seattle!) but any suggestions on additions or replacements (or just comments) is appreciated.


Oct 13, 2013
aguyindenver in Greater Seattle

Best bagels in Denver?

It's been a few weeks but I just saw this.

I can't believe nobody has mentioned The Bagel Store (original name, huh?) near Monaco & Leetsdale. Just looked it up and it's 942 S Monaco - it's in the southeast corner of the strip mall with Hobby Lobby.

It's kosher, so you can't get a bagel with lox. This was a minor disappointment the first time I went but the bagels themselves more than made up for it. They're just like the good ones you get in New York, and they also have challah, hamentachen, rugelach, etc.

Now I go and get a dozen and stick all but a few in the freezer - they defrost pretty well in the toaster. Just make sure you cut them (or have them cut them for you) before you freeze them... I made that mistake the first time!

It's always kids working there and they're always very nice. Just be sure to bring cash only!

Bagel Store
942 S Monaco Pkwy, Denver, CO

Mar 22, 2011
aguyindenver in Mountain States

Denver - great food, young/hip scene, that wont break the bank

I have to chime in because I can't believe nobody has mentioned Beatrice & Woodsley. It's a little bit further south (at "0" & Broadway) and you'd probably want to take a taxi for a few bucks.

But if you were my friend that is the one place I would take you. I don't think there is another restaurant in Denver where you get as great of a combo of:
-food (amazing - delicious, innovative, fun!),
-atmosphere (totally un-Denver - something you'd find in a much more cosmopolitan/trendy city),
-service (always great for us - they're my favorite servers in town!), and
-value (for two people having a drink or two each you can get out well under $100 depending on how much you eat and what you drink)

It doesn't fit into your < $20 entrees requirement because for the two of you you'll probably get 4-6 things depending on what you want and hunger - but isn't that more fun than the normal 2-3 courses? And the food is really innovative and delicious as well.

It seems like some people on the web haven't been happy with B&W but we have never had anything but an excellent experience there and it's been our #1 in Denver for quite some time, beating out all the fancier & higher-end places in town.

No matter what let us know what you do!

Beatrice & Woodsley
38 S. Broadway, Denver, CO 80209

Mar 23, 2010
aguyindenver in Mountain States

Aspen - shoulder season?

Heading to Aspen this weekend and was wondering if anyone had advice?

Did a search and the only recent post is this one: and before that it was May:

Looking for excellent food but more of a fun place than a pretentious place - like in Denver Beatrice & Woodsley/Root Down/Bones/Z/etc.

Also happy with places that are divier but delicious nonetheless!

Seems like shoulder season places are either closed or if they're open they have prix fixe specials.

Any help? Cheers!

Oct 09, 2009
aguyindenver in Mountain States

comments on my Denver research please

Mexican (traditional, not gourmet) - Tacos y Salsas (El Taco was my old fav but TyS is my new one!). It's not walkable from there though.

Burger - I had a green chile burger at Steuben's recently and wasn't that impressed - across the street at Hamburger Mary's they're better (it's a primarily gay hangout but don't worry about that!). Cherry Cricket burgers are always raved about but it's more divey.

Brekkie - Lucille's and Snooze are both fantastic but very different

Fried Chicken - Tom's is good in the daytime but they're only open for lunch and not sure they have it every day. Steuben's was rated top 3 in Denver last year I think - it's really good!

Enjoy, and be sure to come back and let us know where you went and what you thought!

Apr 24, 2009
aguyindenver in Southwest

Dive loving Foodie coming to Denver - Need Recs!!

Wanted to second you on Benny's. Wasn't it the 5280 reader's choice mexican place? We went once and were utterly underwhelmed. It was a HUGE place filled (really!) with a bunch of drunks, and the food was completely unmemorable. Maybe you have to be wasted to appreciate it but that doesn't really make a good restaurant, does it?

Also re the Steuben's rec - especially since you're going to be in Capitol Hill - definitely check it out. It's not a dive but it's got a hipster old-time feel and everything there is delicious!

Apr 15, 2009
aguyindenver in Southwest

Looking for Sushi grade fish near Boulder/Denver

Pacific Mercantile is great but I don't get here often enough. I was there last week and I was wondering about the fish and seafood... Really you think it's the best around?

Apr 05, 2009
aguyindenver in Southwest