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Ottawa recs...eating out with picky friend

A few suggestions for you, in no particular order:

Ahora - great mexican food in a casual environment, in the Byward Market

222 Lyon Tapas Bar or A'Roma Meze (Greek small plate)
Both are downtown and would offer you some choices, while satisfying your friend's pickiness.

The Works for gourmet burgers - several locations They do a wide variety of toppings and have veggie or chicken or turkey burgers, as well as beef.

There are also numerous good Thai and Chinese restaurants in Ottawa.

Good luck. Hope your friend appreciates your efforts!

Boar's Head deli meats

Hello all

Does anyone know where I can get Boar's Head products in Alberta (or elsewhere in Canada for that matter)?


Boar's Head deli meats

Hello all

Does anyone know where I can get Boar's Head products in Ontario (or elsewhere in Canada for that matter)?


Anniversary Dinner - Ottawa / NCR

"... something maybe not so urban, something more rural / rustic, but still high quality, and of course, delicious"

On the Quebec side, about 1/2 hour from Ottawa the best choice is Les Fougeres. There are many comments about it on this Board and elsewhere. It is in an old house in the woods in Chelsea with a fantastic screened-in porch for eating outdoors if the temperature permits. Local ingredients cooked extremely well. Also, on the several occassions we have been there, we have been able to take a walk through the herb garden between courses.

ottawa: any iranian restaurants?

You can try Saffron on Rideau St., although I am not sure if they are open for breakfast.

Ottawa - The Diner/Zuni Grill

Has anyone tried this place that went in on Richmond Rd in the old Amber Garden spot? Also, does anyone have any recent experiences to share about Zuni Grill on Greenbank?

Solo dining near Palace Hotel

I will be visiting your beautiful city for a week in February, staying at the Palace. While most of my meals will be at the hotel, or with work colleagues at pre-determined locations, I do have a couple of nights where I will be alone. Any recommendations for a good place to dine solo near the hotel? Virtually any type of food would be good although I am always keen to try somewhere that is considered an "institution" in the city. Also, a wine list with a good selection by the glass would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Homestyle Italian in TO ? looking for new ideas

I really like Marinela's on Widmer Street in the Theatre district (which I first learned about from this Board about 3 years ago). It is family run and has a wonderful atmosphere. The food has always been very good with fresh ingredients and great sauces. I recently had a chance to take an Italian client there and he was very impressed. I have also suggested it as a locale for a group of business partners that I regularly dine with, and who have varied but exacting standards, and everyone enjoyed it.

Looking for the best steakhouse in Toronto

Any thoughts about Tom Jones (the steakhouse that is)?

Byward Market lunches

After over 10 years in the downtown "core" of Ottawa, our offices are moving to the Market which means that the hunt for good take-out lunches begins anew. So, any favourites for take-out Chinese, Indian, or sushi, or anything else of interest? Also, I will miss my Grace Ottawa jamaican patties so any suggestions for patties would be helpful.

3 dinners in Ottawa

Of your listed choices Beckta and Sweetgrass stand out for me, for different reasons. Domus is also very good. Beckta is currently the hot spot here so you should call to see whether you can get a reservation for while you are in town. The matching of the food and wine is excellent, and second to none. I love Sweetgrass for the selection of game meats, the service (which has always been friendly and enthusiastic, without being off-putting) and the popcorn to "nosh" on while browsing the menu.

Other options: 222 Lyon for tapas, Les Fougeres in Chelsea for fantastic regional cuisine in a great setting and and Sans Pareil (Belgian) in Gatineau for the best mussels and fries in town. Also, Sans Pareil was doing a tasting menu, which they used to call a "Surprise Table d'Hote", long before it was the norm.

Enjoy and be sure to report back.